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How To Keep Phone Cords From Tangling? [7 Different Techniques]

Imagine picking up your phone and noticing that the cords are all tangled. Worst of all, they can’t be untangled. You must be pretty annoyed by this. 

But don’t cry over this anymore because we have exactly what you’re searching for!

How to keep phone cords from tangling?

You can keep your phone cords from tangling following different methods. The most effective solution is to use a detangler. You can also try straightening up the twisted phone cords.It can be a little complex, but it is still effective. You can also use finger wrappers, clips, copper wires, etc. 

Merely knowing how to do this may not be enough for you. We have all the details about these 7 methods in our article.

Keep reading along if you wish to find out about them!

7 Easy Ways To Keep Phone Cords From Tangling

Nowadays life is full of wires and cords. The more we try to detangle it, the more it gets tangled. Detangling phone cords can be just as annoying as detangling aprons while washing. Maybe you have had to go through that too. 

But not anymore! We’ve brought you 7 easy, tried, and tested methods to keep your phone cords from tangling. One of these 7 methods will definitely work for you, so give it a read!

Method 1 of 7: Using A Detangler

The easiest way to keep your phone cords untangled is by installing a detangler. There are mainly two types of detangler available for phone cords. These are extended lead detanglers and twist stop detanglers.

Both of these detanglers are used for removing the frustrating tangles of phone cords. To effectively install a detangler, you must follow specific procedures. Don’t fret, we’ve divided the process into 3 easy steps for you!

Step 1: Select A Cord Detangler 

Purchase a detangler for your phone cable. Phone cord detanglers are gadgets that help you connect your cable to your phone. In response to the energy contained in knotted phone cables, the detangler will rotate or spin.

This will stop the phone cords from tangling as you move them about.

Step 2: Untangle The Cords

Remove the phone cord from the tangle. Disconnect the phone’s cable and place the handset on your desk or on the floor. Then, with your thumb and the first 2 fingers, take a firm grasp on the cable.

Pull the cable as much as you can, sliding your fingers along it. And pushing through the knots as you go.

Step 3: Installing

Connect the detangler to the phone after plugging the cord into it. Try out the detangler. It should be sensitive to light pressure. If it doesn’t, you might try a different model.

Now, it’s ready to use. You can have tangle-free phone cords without any jumble. 

Here we have mentioned some good quality detanglers for phone handsets below:

Product 1
Product 2

You certainly won’t be disappointed by these detanglers.

Method 2 of 7: Straighten The Phone Cords

The twisted phone cords work as an extension of the handset. So that we can move while talking. But twisted cords often get tangled. Another effective way to keep the phone cords from tangling is to straighten the cords. 

First, observe the twisted cords and their direction. You have to note the design and direction very keenly. Then start straightening up the tangles. 

Be careful, so that the receiver doesn’t get damaged while straightening up. You have to frequently rotate the cord clockwise or anticlockwise. 

You can add an extension to the handset as well. It will help to manage the cord from maximum distance. But make sure that the extension is not loose. This can create problems like ones that arise due to backstabbed wires

Method 3 of 7: Wrapping The Cords 

If any of these two methods don’t work, you can wrap or cover the phone cords. This is the easiest solution to keep the phone cords from tangling. The best wrapping cover for a phone cord is 3 fingers wrap. 

You have to wrap the cable clockwise with the fingers wrapped for 8 inches. Then again do the same thing anticlockwise. It will save your phone cords from tangling.

Method 4 of 7: Using Foam Pipe Insulations

Purchase some foam pipe insulation from a repair shop. If it doesn’t have a longitudinal slit, cut one yourself.  

Allow the cables to come up through the incision wherever needed after running them through the tube. You won’t have to look at ugly wires again if you put the whole thing behind your desk!

Method 5 of 7: Using Clips

We’ve found a simple solution to keep your cords from tangling that involves binder clips. You’d be overwhelmed to know how useful binder clips can be

Untangle your cords and gather (or coil) them into orderly bunches. Then, to keep the wires orderly, clip them together.

Now, this may not be as much as effective for everyone because different wires have different thicknesses. But you can certainly give it a try.

Method 6 of 7: Using Wires Made from Copper

Another hack to untangle phone cords is using copper wires. Wrap each bundle with a length of leftover copper wire. After you’ve disentangled the net and corralled the cables into separate groups.

To keep your bundled cord together, just twist the wire ends together.

Method 7 of 7: Using Empty Tissue Rolls

Though it might seem a little crazy, used toilet paper or towel rolls can be used! They may be used to store the many wires that run behind your entertainment unit. It is like using a junction box for extended wires

The cables are kept untangled by the rolls. And, later you can use these stored wires as an extension to your phone cords. And it will also assist you to maintain the stability of the phone cords. Also, the empty rolls will help you to untangle the cords.

These simple methods can save your hectic life of tangled phone cords. Use these hacks to make your work easier. 


Question: How to keep the charger from getting tangled up?

Answer: Using a detangler is the best way to keep the charger from tangling. It allows you to connect the phone cord to the phone. Instead of letting the phone tangle as you move it, the detangler will spin or rotate in reaction to the energy created by the knotted phone cable.

Question: What’s the best way to keep cords out of the way?

Answer: A magnetic board on your desk can solve the problem if you put some loop magnets near them. These loop magnets will corral them out of the way in a specific technique. It helps keep the wires in place. 

Question: What’s the best way to keep headphones untangled?

Answer: Sometimes, our headphones get tangled. Put it on, wind your cables up, then slide the other side of the headset over the socket to secure it. The headphone is particularly useful because it remains attached to the cord and may be detached as needed.


These were the methods we had regarding how to keep phone cords from tangling. We hope it helped you solve your problem. 

Also remember, if you keep it in the same place, it won’t be tangled up that much. 

All the best for these new techniques!