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How To Unlock Schlage Lock? [2 Possible Ways]

If you’re a forgetful person, you may have faced this problem. Many times, we end up forgetting our Schlage lock key codes or leaving our keys at home. This can be quite frustrating. And during desperate times like such, the only way to unlock it is to pick it.

How to pick Schlage lock?

There are only a few possible ways to do it. The first one is to recover the key codes. The second one is to use different tools like pins, paper clips, and screwdrivers. You can also use a drill if you want to make it quick to unlock. 

Let’s see how this can be done in detail. Hoping that by the end of the article we can finish unlocking the Schlage Lock.

How to Unlock a Schlage Lock? 2 Different Methods

There are mainly two ways we can consider unlocking the Schlage locks. These kinds of locks have a much better locking mechanism. As a result, there are not many scopes for picking them. 

We have provided 2 methods for picking these locks, so let’s take a look at them-

To Open Avoiding the Combination Code

If you’re dealing with passwords, keycodes, or electrical codes, you’ll have to go a long way around. You have several options for entering the proper code on the keypad. The keypad will lock after four to six unsuccessful tries. 

You can also look for and use the door’s bypass key. You can collect the relevant evidence to contact the manufacturing firm to get a new code. The door may open after you have entered the newly collected code.

You can also look for bump keys to open mechanical locks. But you need to be aware of the process.

Using Tools to Open the Lock

Different types of tools can be used in order to unlock this kind of lock. Let’s see how it can be unlocked using these specific tools. 


A pin can be used to pick a Schlage door lock. To begin, you can use a nail file to remove the sharp point of the pin. You’ll get hurt if you don’t do this before starting to pick the lock on painted metal lockers. Try to open it with the pin inserted into the keyhole.

You can also use a metal safety pin to pick a Schlage door lock. But sand the sharp part of it just like you did with the pin. Next, you should push the safety pin back and forth in the Schlage lock. This is done until the door opens.

Paper Clip

Paper clips are small but handy materials. Both for clipping papers and also lock-picking. First, you should take a metal paper clip and try to make it as straight as possible. Make a little wave shape with the top of the paper clip. 

You should ensure it fits through the keyhole.

Now, adjust the curvature till it’s fit for the job. Then insert the key into the keyhole. Turn it clockwise until the door opens. Wait for the click to finalize that the lock has been picked.


Look for a screwdriver or ask a neighbor to lend you one to pick a Schlage door lock. It’s recommended to use a decent screwdriver. The condition is that it doesn’t contact either side of the Schlage door lock.

To unlock the door, place the screwdriver into the keyhole. While gently pushing it, make sure to move it up and down to unlock the lock.

Drilling Machine

When all the other options fail, try using a drill machine to open the lock. You must know the vulnerable position of the screw plate and the container. That way you can easily drill it through to open the lock. 

This might cost you to buy a new lock and make an intense amount of sound. You may need to install a new lock in your bedroom or wherever this lock was. Here are some of our suggestions for the Schlage locks-

Product 1
Product 2

Well, now you know how to pick a Schlage lock. We hope this was helpful. But wait, there’s something you need to know. Since you’re picking your lock, it’s essential to know some vulnerable features of this lock. You’ll need to consider these while working with it.

Vulnerable Features of a Schlage Lock

Before we talk about the lock picking the Schlage lock, we’ve to address the lackings. You should be aware of how to actually lock pick to successfully unlock it. 

Usually, the strong points of the locks are the drilling resistant points, the screws, and bolts. They also have a thick metal covering and also many security codes. But it’s much easier to break into than keypad door locks or automated locks. 

We’ll not be paying attention to these aspects but the other aspects of it.

Screw Size

As the bolt size is big and strong, the screw should be too. If screws are good enough, fitting perfectly to the bolt, it works fine. This is so crucial for the lock, as it has to fit perfectly with the lock too.

In that case, Schlage locks have good screws, They can be penetrated through the plate. The screw can be invaded through the metal plate to unlock it. The metal plate of the screw is a more vulnerable part.

Cylinder Tolerance

The cylinder tolerance for locks is basically the room for rotation of the cylinders in the lock. There is little to no space for the cylinder to move. As a result, the locks get picked. The cylinder rotates more, which means the resistance for lock picking is more.

But for Schlage locks, as they can be picked, they don’t have a good cylinder tolerance. The cylinder tolerance is low due to having more compact space and less area for movement. 

Well, that was all about picking a Schlage lock. This information should be more than enough to help you unlock your door or locker.


Question: What type of lock is impossible to pick?

Answer:  The Bowley Lock is a specifically constructed key that can angle its way to the shielded pin system. This has a distinctive shape that shields the pins from lock picks.

Question: What are the easiest locks to pick?

Answer: The pin-and-tumbler, a type of cylinder lock, is one of the easiest locks to pick. The majority of deadbolts use cylinder locks. Put the tension wrench in the keyhole and turn it like a key when picking a pin-and-tumbler lock.

Question: Are bumping keys illegal?

Answer: It is not unlawful to learn how to pick locks. Picking any lock that you shouldn’t open is, however, against the law.


Now, you know how to pick Schlage Lock. We tried to include the easiest methods to help you through this situation.

Just make sure to go through all the methods. And then try one by one if one doesn’t work for you.

Until your next query, we wish you the best of luck. Hoping to see you again soon!