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How to Plug an Air Mattress Without the Plug [3 Simplified Steps]

You just bought an air mattress for some relaxed time. But suddenly, you notice you have no electric air plug with you.

Don’t worry. Many people like you faced the same situation.

How to plug an air mattress without the plug?

First, grab a straight stick at a gradual point. Cut the stick to a proper length and round it. You can round it by blunting the sharp edge of that stick. After that, fold the stick with duct tape for a primary test. Lastly, wrap up the edge of the plug using duct tape.

You’ve got a brief knowledge by now. But we’ve covered all the details in the coming part. 

Come in! See what we got for you!

3 Easy Steps to Plug Your Air Mattress Manually

Inflating your air mattress manually might seem a challenging task. But trust me, it’s not! If you have basic technical knowledge, inflating manually won’t be a big deal for you. 

Let’s start!

Step 1: Grab a Straight Stick

At the beginning, you’ll need a straight stick. Ensure that the sticks are sturdy enough to tolerate a lot of weight. You can collect sticks with conical edges just similar to kebab sticks.

Additionally, you can also turn the sharp point into a round shape. Or else, the sharp point will poke into your mattress and damage its outer layer.

Step 2: Addle the Sharp End with Duct Tape

Now, I’ll try to make the edgy point addle, as much as possible. There are several ways to blunt sticks. Among those duct tape works best to wrap the edge. Because this tape has a thick and strong adhesive that covers sharp points effortlessly.

Anyways, looking for the best duct tapes in the market? Have a look at my suggestions:

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They can tape down any hard materials to any solid substance. With them, you get a durable hold over other objects. Hope this list helps!

Now, focus on the blunting process.

You should wrap up the sharp edge multiple times. So that the brink is fully covered with the tape. It will compress the stick and will prevent the mattress from being poked. 

This method is way simpler than repairing falling off bed slats.

Step 3: Examine the Plug by Inserting It in the Hole 

It’s time to examine the plug. For that, you need the plug to insert into the hole of the air mattress. Inserting the plug will help you to determine the depth of the hole.

If it’s not deep enough, you have to use the straight stick once again. Follow the method until the plug fits in. The inserting process will take a few tries. 

I will suggest avoiding forceful attempts. Rather, be gentle and slow while plugging in. 

Meanwhile, found a leak? Repair that first. Repairing holes will help you to get rid of pesky water. Also, it will save the bed from any further damage.

Further, inflate the bed and insert the plug once again. It has to use duct tape in this process. The hole will be fully sealed out if the process is correctly maintained. 

Thus, you will notice no further air leaking from the mattress.

In this very last step, you can apply the duct tape in two different ways. Either use another strip of tape or just stick to the same piece used earlier. Any of these techniques works undoubtedly.

Plugging an air mattress without a real plug initially seems tough. Even though it’s as simple as converting your daybed into a couch.

How to Plug an Air Mattress Hole?

While using a mattress for a long time, pop or leakage may take place. 

But you don’t have to worry about it, I got your back!

You can repair the leakage by using some basic household items. We guess those items are already present at your home. 

Anyways, let’s get started!

Process 1: Apply Thick Adhesive

First, you must clean out the hole thoroughly. Make sure there remains no debris inside the mattress. You can use compressed air from an electronic compressor to suck off the dirt.

Now, use adhesive-backed vinyl to cover up the popped areas. You must apply the adhesive all around the patches so that the hole is fully covered and blocked.

Process 2: Apply Duct Tape

If you don’t find any adhesive in your nearest store, duct tape is your forever buddy. You can repair the leakage through duct tape as well. 

Firstly, all you need is to lay the mattress flat. Then gradually block each and every pop with tape. But make sure there’s no more leakage. You can blow up the mattress as well to check if there’s any leakage left. 

Accidentally cutting a foam mattress can leave a larger hole. In that case, you will need a special patch kit to repair that hole. 


Question: What can I use to plug an air mattress?

Answer: There are two topmost options available for you to plug your air mattress. The first one would be an electric pump. It is known as a standard plugin with a 12v plug for your vehicle. Secondly, you can try a manual pump like a bike pump or ball pump. 

Question: Can I fill my air bed with water?

Answer: No! You can never ever fill your air mattress with water. The air mattress is manufactured to hold air and the built material is air-proof. Watery substitutes can damage the bed as well as crack open if you try. 

Question: On which side should I sleep on an air mattress?

Answer: Well, there is no certain rule to maintain a particular side to sleep on your mattress. Yet, manufacturers suggest sleeping on the side is beneficial for the customers. It will give you spine relief and comfort.

Final Verdict

That was all I have regarding how to plug an air mattress without the plug

To escape from all kinds of problems, you must use all of the strategies I’ve mentioned above. 

Goodbye and best of luck!