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Can I Plug My TV into An Extension Cord?

Modern TV is scientific magic. But TVs require other devices for a complete experience. They all need separate outlets. And the extension cords provide separate outlets in no time. 

Can I plug my TV into an extension cord?

It’s not ideal to plug the TV into an extension cord. The best way to supply power is through power outlets. But if you must use an extension cord you have to be careful. First, the cord can’t be overloaded. Then it should be plugged properly. The cord placement should be in a safe place too. 

This is only the gist of the entire story. For safe use of the extension cord, you’ve to know the details. We’ll assist you in every way here. 

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Can I Plug My TV into An Extension Cord? 

Yes, you can. Extension cords are very useful in our everyday life. However, plugging in the house outlet is always the better option. Outlets are designed to protect you and your family from the electric power they are connected to. If you have outlets available you should plug in them. 

Avoiding extension cords is one of the best things you can do for your electrical appliances. They can damage your TV by overflowing the current and other electrical accidents. If you run out of outlets the correct thing to do is to hire a professional and install new outlets. 

In case you have to use an extension cord you have to maintain the safety of the cord. There are specific rules for indoor extension cords as there are specific rules for outdoor ones. In our next portion of the article, we will discuss these rules.

How to Ensure Safe Use of Extension Cord?

Extension cords are safe if they are used appropriately. We’ve made a checklist that you can follow to prevent accidents. Check the below-given points and make sure you comply with them.

Don’t Overload 

One of the most important aspects is to make sure that the extension cable isn’t loaded. If you connect too many high-powered devices in a single cord it might get broken. Besides that, devices like the TV can be affected too. So if you use your TV with the extension cord, it’s alright. 

Plug-in Properly 

If you have to use an extension cord, make sure you plug it in properly. Push all the pins of the plug entirely in the outlet point. 

A loose connection will cause an imperfect flow of electric current. As a result, the TV connected with the cord will be affected. So use a tight outlet that adjusts with the extension cord.

Use Cord in Proper Place 

This is another stuff you have to check out. Place the extension cord in a safe space. Make sure no one gets tripped over on the cable. If extension cords are fitted in a public place, accidents are a matter of time. And when someone trips the TV can fall from its position too.

The cable should be away from any source of water and heat. Tangling of the cable is also an issue. As you prevent phone cords from tangling, the same should be done for extension cords. 

Use with Accurate Gauge Rating

Every extension cord comes with a gauge rating. This rating is also known as American Wire Gauge(AWG) Rating. A cord with a lower gauge is thicker and carries more power. So the vice versa happens for a cord with a higher rating. 

You can calculate the gauge rating you need. For that make the sum of the total wattage of your devices. Then divide it by 110. Rounding the result to the nearest whole number will give you your necessary gauge rating.

While calculating also take the wattages of other devices you might plug in besides your TV. Then you will get the correct rating.

Don’t Plug One in Another 

This is a common mistake everyone makes while using extension cords. Plugging a second extension cord in the first one is a big mistake. 

This can create an overload on the first extension cord. And the cord can burn and damage your TV connected to it. So don’t make this mistake anymore. Plugging one extension cord into another is also known as Daisy Chain.

Now you know about all the safety measures of using your extension cord. Follow these rules and you can protect your TV from damage. 

What Are The Risks Of Plugging TV in Extension Cord?

Even after using extension cords in the best manner, you can face consequences. For this reason, extension cords are granted as temporary solutions. Installing new outlets is the permanent solution. We’ve discussed some risks of the extension cord below.


Long-term use of extension cords damages its cables. As a result, the resistance of the wire gets varied at different points. And thus the flow of electricity gets messed up. This incident is called a short circuit. 

The cables inside the house of the outlets don’t get damaged. Because the cables are much stable and protected inside the walls. On the other hand, the extension cord always moves and tangles. So the possibility of the short-circuit increases.

A short circuit is more than enough to completely break your TV.

Fire Accident 

Whenever an extension cord gets overloaded it burns out. Connecting heavy appliances is prohibited to extension cords. They overload the cords. Fire from the extension cord can spread rapidly as the fire is outside. Besides heavy appliances connecting too many devices can cause fire too.

It’s always better to keep some fire-stopping instruments at the house. We’ve made some suggestions that you can use in case of an accident.


Use these products to get the best help in a fire incident. 

Tripping Incident

There are very few people who have not tripped over a cable. Tripping over cables is very common in households. The situation gets much worse with kids in the house. If a TV is connected to the other side, the amount of damage will increase a lot. While using an extension cord you have to consider this possibility too.

You can see that the extension cord can damage your TV in several ways. So before using an extension cord for a long time think about it. Try to keep an ideal circumstance around the TV if you must have to use the extension cord. 

What Are The Alternatives of Extension Cord? 

As extension cords are risky you might want to know about some alternatives. Here we have some discussed alternatives for you.

Surge Protectors 

The main function of a surge protector is to protect your device from thunder strikes. They also act as extension cords as they sometimes have long cables. Using a surge protector with your TV is very good for its longevity. 

In fact surge protectors should be used with any expensive electrical device.

More Wall Outlets

This is the best solution for outlet shortage. This is a permanent solution with utmost safety. A professional electrician can install new outlets easily. While interior designing keep more outlets near the TV stand. 

If you feel uncomfortable with extension cords, get the alternatives. These will be safe for both you and your TV.


Question: What can you not plug into an extension cord?

Answer: Any heavy machinery or appliance should not be plugged into an extension cord. Some of them are fridges, blenders, coffee makers, air coolers, etc. Avoid anything with high power consumption from plugging into the extension cord.

Question: Should a TV be plugged into a surge protector?

Answer: Yes, a surge protector is very good for your TV. You don’t have to use surge protectors for light or fans. But it is always better to use protectors for expensive devices like the TV, fridge, computer CPU, etc. Using surge protectors will save you from high economical losses.

Question: Is it OK to plug UPS into the extension cord?

Answer: UPS is a high-powered device. It stores energy for emergencies. It should not be connected to the power through an extension cord. The UPS must be powered directly from the outlet.


We hope now you know the answer to – can I plug my tv into an extension cord. We have tried our best to provide all the information on this matter.

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