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Portable Dishwasher Faucet Adapter Doesn’t Fit: Solution in 4 Simple Steps

This article is for informational purposes. Always seek the advice of qualified professionals.

The portable dishwasher contains a standard faucet adapter for attaching properly. Are you having trouble with the faucet adapter fitting part? You have to be ready for such cases, with a solution.

Is your portable dishwasher faucet adapter not fit?

If your answer is positive then don’t worry, here is your solution. You can decide on two options. Either replace it with a new faucet or make a custom adapter. For going to any one of them, you can follow the four easiest steps. Examine the faucet thread and dishwasher, then replace them with the right-sized one.

Still confused? Well, we have got a dedicated segment mentioning all four steps in detail. Stay tuned. 

Why Does a Portable Dishwasher Faucet Adapter Not Fit?

There are some obvious reasons for which your portable dishwasher faucet adapter might not work. First, you should check if you have removed the sink’s faucet aerator. The aerator might prevent the faucet adapter from fitting properly.

If you still find it not fitting in, then the problem could be something else. The size of the faucet adapter is another reason. Maybe it is a right-sized faucet head or adapter. 

In that case, you might need to find a perfect-sized faucet adapter to fit in properly.

What is the Purpose of A Faucet Adapter for A Dishwasher?

People who have shortages in their kitchen space, know about the portable dishwasher. It is also familiar for people who have no place for accommodating water connection to a new appliance. 

It is a great substitute for the built-in water setup of apartments. And the best facility is, these are easily portable wherever required. 

It has no specific water line for attaching it permanently. In fact, it can be hooked to a faucet along with a drain, with a sink. The ideal size for it is 18 to 24 inches in width. 

If you are worried about the performance, then let me tell you it works great. There are only construction and setup differences. Other than that it works just like the built-in ones. 

Portable Dishwasher Faucet Adapter Fitting: 4 Steps

If you are planning for a new faucet adapter, make sure you try with the older one for fitting in. Also, check if you have removed the faucet aerator or not. If you have done it properly then the problem might be somewhere else.

To fit the adapter in the right place, you have to abide by a few simple steps. To know about it in detail, follow along.

Step 1: Determine the Actual Size of the Faucet Thread

First, it is very important to know the standard faucet size. It is different for men and women. The standard size is 55/64″-27 for females and 15/16″-27 for males.

If you want to determine the size easily, you have to remove the faucet aerator. After that measure its diameter. For the male faucets, you have to measure the outside, and for women measure the inside.

One important thing is, that your faucet and faucet adapter thread won’t be of the same size. If both the faucet adapter and faucet are the same and standard in size, then you need another thread. It will help to bind them together.

Step 2: Determine the Thread Size

The step to determine the thread size is pretty simple. All you have to do is to observe the position of the thread. 

If the thread is located outside of the faucet, then it’s a male one. In reverse, if it is located inside, it is the female one. 

If both the faucets are of the same thread type, even if they are standard size, they still won’t fit. The pair always has to be male-female type. Male-male or female-female type faucets won’t work.

Step 3: Examine the Portable Dishwasher

After determining the source of the fitting issue, it’s time for examining the dishwasher size. You should go through the manual and check what your dishwasher type is. You will also get faucet adapter options there. 

If you are facing difficulties in finding the tread size, just take help. Call someone from the company. Because you have to be specific and precise about this part. 

Step 4: Setting Custom Fit Faucet

If you have searched for help and still couldn’t find it then there is a final step to follow. If your faucet is unique in size then it would be difficult to make a perfect fit. Unfortunately for that case, you have to go for a more standard one. 

If you are not ready to replace them you have to go for the custom-sized faucet adapter. It’s better to get professional help for precise measurements in the case of the unique faucet. 

You can purchase the switches and circuits which you might need from the following suggestion box. 

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These are the best ones on the market. And you can use this without any worries!

Alternative of Faucet Adapter Hook up

Are you too tired of this issue and couldn’t find any better solution to it? Here is the last one. You can still use a portable dishwasher without attaching it to a sink faucet

For doing this, you need to connect the machine with a water feed. You can also attach to the direct line. In that case, you can also attach it to the hot water line too. 

In fact, there are also kits available to let the machine hook with some alternative source.

Pros and Cons of Portable Dishwasher


A portable dishwasher is not so different from the conventional one. In fact, it comes with portability which makes it more convenient. It also offers multiple types of benefits. The significant ones are-

  • Space-Saving: if your kitchen is a small cozy place, it is difficult to accommodate the built-in dishwasher. Thus it will save your space.
  • Easy Fitting: The portable ones are suitable for kitchens that are not facilitated for setting up the built-in washer. This is also a budget-friendly solution.
  • Efficiency: portable ones are much easier to operate and convenient for any kind of setup. So it will definitely offer you both cost and space efficiency. 

That’s all about pros.


With every pro, there come some cons. There are a few drawbacks of having a portable dishwasher too. Those are-

  • Limited Option: if we have to pick up the portable dishwasher, there are a few options for it. You have to choose anything from those limited options. So the features are not very versatile. 
  • Noice: Usually the dishwasher makes a certain noise while operating. If it is the portable one, then the noise is a bit high.
  • Stability: Since we move the portable ones from here, the connecting and disconnecting phase might cause problems. So every time you have to be very careful with these. 

That’s everything about the cons.


Does the portable dishwasher have a special faucet?

Yes, a portable dishwasher requires a perfectly-sized faucet thread to get connected. Temporary dishwashers have to be connected to your kitchen sink through hoes. So, to get connected you need a specialized faucet thread for your dishwasher. Otherwise, it will be troublesome for you to work for a portable machine. 

How to find which faucet adapter is suitable for me? 

To find the perfect match, first, you have to figure out whether your faucet spout is male or female. Female faucet threads have their sprouts inside and the male is found on the outside of the thread. So first you have to figure out which type of thread you own, and then find the opposite one for getting connected. 

How to figure the tap is male or female?

It is quite simple and hassle-free to figure out whether your faucet spout is male or female. Female faucet threads have their sprouts inside and the male is found on the outside of the thread. To find the faucet perfectly matched with the faucet thread, it is very important to know which is your thread type.

Is it possible to permanently connect a portable dishwasher?

A permanent water source and drain connectivity can be made with any portable dishwasher. Depending upon whether the dishwasher is upper or the front, and where the knobs are positioned – top, front, or side – some can be typically mounted as a counter space dishwasher.

Final Words

And that was it about the portable dishwasher faucet adapter doesn’t fit. Hope we could provide you with each and every detail of the solution. 

One added tip for you, the portable threads are sensitive to examine and handle. So it’s always better to ask for an expert’s help. 

Until next time, have a great time!