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Porter Paints vs Sherwin Williams: Handy Comparison

When it comes to choosing the paint for your home, many thoughts cross your mind. Factors like coverage, price maintenance, and more may puzzle you.

The struggle gets real when you can’t decide between two well-known brands like Porter Paints and Sherwin Williams.

If that’s your case then you might be worried about which one to pick – Porter Paints vs Sherwin Williams?

If you’re considering affordability, then go for Porter Paints. But if you’re into low maintenance paint, just pick Sherwin Williams. Again if you are looking for an option that dries up quickly then Porter wins the race. It’s even easier to apply.

So here’s a sneak peek of what we have for you. But for our broad overview, we suggest you scroll down below.

Porter Paints vs Sherwin Williams: Sneak Peek

Before going to the broad outlook on how different both of the paints can be. Let’s just have a quick look at what we will discuss later.

Brand Coverage Maintenance Price Time to dry
Porter Paint Full High Low 2 hours
Sherwin Williams Full to Low Medium High 4 hours

So, we’ve presented the basic differences for you. But now for the detailed overview, keep reading till the end.

Porter Paints vs Sherwin Williams: Brief Outlook

After going through the trailer, it’s time to move you forward with the in-depth analysis. Just like when you were confused about picking Cerro Wire or Romex, it’s difficult to choose between two paints.

For your better understanding, we’ve divided the evaluation into four different criteria. So carry on scrolling.


When it comes to coverage, most of the Porter Paints offer full coverage. But you need to decide on how much paint is required. This depends on the space you’ve chosen to paint.

For your ease, we’ve curated the table where you’ll know how much paint is needed to cover your area.

Paint Name Coverage Gallons Sq. Ft. Coat Room size
Porter Full 1 400 1 Small room or bathroom
Porter Full 2 600-800 2 Average sized room
Porter Full 3 1200 1/2 One large room/ three small rooms

Now that you know how much paint is needed to cover your room, apply accordingly.

Unlike Porter Paints, Sherwin Williams has divided its product line into three criteria depending on the coverage limit. Which is as follows: high coverage, medium coverage, low coverage. So depending on the coverage, we’ve listed below how many gallons you’ll need.

Paint Name Coverage Gallons Sq. Ft. Coat Room size
Sherwin Williams Full 1 300 1 Small room or bathroom
Sherwin Williams Medium 2-2.5 400-800 2-3 Average sized room
Sherwin Williams Low 3-3.5 1100 3 One large room/ three small rooms

Depending on the coverage rate, the Porter is winning the race. However, this is just the first criteria so don’t just make your decision yet.

Application Process

So the application process is the main concern when the clash is between paints. For some of you, it might be the only concern. 

So, without further delay let’s see how these two differ in the application process.

Porter Paints

It is quite easy to apply Porter Paints. And to your surprise, if you’re using the paint on the inside walls of your home, you can use it without a primer. But in this case, you have to apply a base color first.

This base color will ensure that the main color sits on top of it. But before you start applying the paint, just use a regular brush to cut in. Now that you marked the borders, you can just roll the base paint and wait for 2 hours. And then apply the main paint or second layer.

Pretty quick isn’t it? Well yes. It is quick absorbent and dries out really fast. So you won’t get too bored watching the paint dry.

Sherwin Williams

Comparatively the application process of Sherwin Williams is a bit lengthy. The walls need to be primed and smoothened for this paint to sit and be absorbent.

Here, the first step is to tape the borders and then cut them in with a regular brush. This will make sure that the paint doesn’t get too messy. 

Then just like Porter Paints, apply the paint with a roller. But here you’ll need to wait for at least 4 hours to apply the second coat. 

So, considering the application process, Porter Paints scores higher. Both in terms of easy application and quick drying process. 


Now you must know that it’s not like that you’re done painting the walls and your job is done. Because there’s something called maintenance. And when it comes to high-end paints like Porter Paints and Sherwin Williams, the maintenance is quite high.

Still comparing the maintenance, let’s suppose that you have painted the inner walls of your house with Porter Paints. So the next thing that you’ll need to do is apply a topcoat for protecting it against dirt, water, and household chemicals.

Now, what if the paint is used for the outer walls? Well, in this case, you will also need to apply timber oil on top of the topcoat. So that the paint doesn’t get damaged by UV rays and fights mildews.

A lot of maintenance work, right? If this looks like a lot then you might be want to hear about the maintenance of Sherwin Williams. They just need one protective topcoat. Yup, that’s it.

You’ll also just have to clean it from time to time to fight against mildew. However, you have to use a specific cleaner for that.

Though there’s a lot of options for mildew cleaners, we prefer the following-

Mildew cleaner 1
Mildew cleaner 2

So regular usage of mildew and the normal cleaner will be enough to keep your paint clean and mildew proof. Regularly cleaning your painted walls will even keep them good as new.

Now considering the maintenance for both paints, you might want to choose Sherwin Williams for being comparatively low-cost. 


No matter whether it’s a clash between twin hammer vs twin-clutch or between Porter Paints vs Sherwin Williams, affordability is always an issue. If this is the case for you, then know that both paints are pricey as they are high end.

The price of Porter Paints ranges between $15-$30 per gallon. This is more or less the price range for all ceiling and wall paints of the Porter. 

And the price of Sherwin Williams ranges between $40-$50 per gallon. But the semi coverage ones range between $30-$40 per gallon. 

Do remember that the prices can be changed according to availability and time frame. 

So by judging on the price range, Porter Paints seems more affordable than Sherwin Williams.

The Choice

Both of these paints are high-end strong competitors in similar price brackets.  

Choosing any one of these for painting your wooden basement stairs would be recommended.

Yet we think if you consider how exhausting it’ll be to maintain walls with Porter Paints. We’d suggest you choose Sherwin Williams.

For a quicker and simpler application process overall, go with the Porter Paints. 

Since we have used both, we thought we’d list out our favorites of both collections:

Porter paints 1 Sherwin Williams paint 1
Porter paints 2 Sherwin Williams paint 2

Just pick the one you want and get your brushes ready! You’re ready to paint your wall or whatever you desire. 


Are PPG and Porter Paints the same?

Yes, PPG and Porter Paints’ are the same. Porter Paints has been renamed by PPG but the quality remained the same.

Do the calculators per gallon and sq. ft. work?

Well both PPG and Sherwin Williams have their own website calculators where you can mention the height and weight. And they’ll calculate the number of gallons you need. So they can be considered reliable.

Which has better shades Porter Paints and Sherwin Williams?

Both have a variety of colors. Though comparatively, Porter has a huge variety of colors which to some extent is greater than Williams.

Bottom Line

Looks like you’ve managed to bear with us till the end. And we’re assuming that you’ve got a clear idea on which to pick between Porter Paints vs Sherwin Williams

Hope you can find the best one that suits you. And do let us know which one you end up choosing by commenting.

Good luck and have a good day!