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Here’s How to Protect Carpet Stairs From Dirt

Carpet stairs add a nice touch to your home. But the problem is they catch a lot of dirt. Many people suggest using plastic protectors. However, you shouldn’t use those as they are a health hazard.

How to protect carpet stairs from dirt?

You can protect your carpet from dirt using a few different methods. The first one is using a vacuum cleaner. However, you have to get the right size for your carpet stairs. Second, stiff brooms are also great. If you think that’s too much work for you, you can get yourself a steam cleaner. Finally, hand scrubbing is also great. This way the stains will be gone too.

But that’s not all. We’ve prepared a detailed guide on this topic. If you can spare a few minutes, take a look. 

How to Protect Carpet Stairs from Dirt?

Carpet stairs have to face a battle with dirt every single day. They are one of the most stepped on places in any house. That’s why protecting carpet stairs from dirt is something that should be done every once in a while.

If you’re not planning on removing your glued on carpets, you should never avoid carpet maintenance. The good news is, there are a few methods that you can follow. Let’s see which one suits you the best-

Method 1: Vacuum Cleaner (the right one)

Vacuum cleaners are absolutely great. You can use them for cleaning both your carpet and carpet stairs. The best thing you can do is to clean your carpet stairs whenever you’re cleaning your carpet.

This way you’ll save some time. But most importantly, it’ll get your carpet stairs cleaned in a constant routine.

Vacuum cleaners remove all kinds of dirt, little gravel pieces, and debris from your carpet stairs. However, it can only do it when you have the right size for your carpet cleaner. 

You won’t be able to clean your carpet stairs efficiently with a large vacuum cleaner. Standard sized vacuum cleaners aren’t really made for cleaning carpet stairs. You’ll see that they are way too heavy and big for cleaning carpet stairs, which are usually not so big.

That’s why you should buy a small, light model that can be carried easily. Most light-weight models include different types of attachments. 

Don’t buy a model that doesn’t have a few attachments. Trust us on this. Having attachments can be quite useful. You’ll be able to hold the main unit in one hand and the attachment with your other hand. 

A word of advice, when you’re vacuuming your carpet stairs, make sure that you start at the top and finish at the bottom. You’ll know what we’re talking about when you try this out.

Now we know that you’re wondering, what’s the best vacuum cleaner attachment for cleaning carpet stairs? 

The answer will always be a brush roller attachment. A brush roller attachment will always bring out the dirt from the deepest parts of your carpet stairs. Cleaning out these loose dirt and debris will make your carpet last a lot longer. 

Method 2: Stiff Broom 

This is a rather old method. But no matter what you say, this was the only tool people had before vacuum cleaners. So, if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner lying around in your house, a stiff broom is a great alternative. 

Moreover, it’s way lighter than any other vacuum cleaner in the market. However, at the end of the day, it’s good but not so good as a vacuum cleaner. 

Regular cleaning is a must if you choose to use this. Also, you can’t really deep clean with a stiff broom, can you? Nonetheless, it’ll make your carpet look nice and clean. 

Like before, always start at the top and work your way to the bottom. And try vacuuming after sweeping the carpet stairs. That’ll give the carpet a nice touch.

Method 3: Steam Clean

Steam cleaning is like the best thing you can give to your carpet stairs. Once your carpet is steam cleaned, you’ll be in doubt if it’s a new carpet or your old one. 

But there’s a catch. Steam cleaning is not that cheap. Even though you can rent a steam cleaner from your local grocery stores or home improvement shops, it’s not really possible to do it every day. 

However, you can always buy one for yourself. It may seem a bit too expensive at first but after a while, you’ll realize that it’s worth it. 

Method 4: Hand Scrub

Hand scrubbing may seem like hard work for cleaning carpet stairs. But it is the best method for cleaning out spots or stains. 

Well, shampooing the carpet stairs won’t really get rid of the stains. But you can always buy stain removers online. There are boatloads of stain removers online. So, make sure you buy a good one. 

Now, if you just want to protect it from dirt, you won’t need any stain removers. Buy a carpet shampoo and mix it with water until you get a light foam. Then, you can start scrubbing it with a scrub brush. 

After a while, you’ll see that the carpet stairs are good as new again. However, you’ll see better results if you wet vacuum the carpet stairs. 


Question: How do you protect your carpet stairs from dirt?

Answer: Vacuuming the carpet stairs is the way to go. But you can try other methods such as using a stiff broom, steam cleaning, or hand scrubbing.

Question: How many times in a year should I clean my carpet stairs?

Answer: You should deep clean your carpet stairs every 3 months.

Question: Can I use vinegar to clean my carpet stairs?

Answer: You shouldn’t use vinegar when there are better options. Using vinegar will make the job harder.

Bottom Line

Cleaning carpet stairs is not hard, it just needs regularity. And with our guide, we hope now you know how to protect carpet stairs from dirt

The best thing you can do for your carpet stairs is to develop a no-shoe policy.

Good luck!