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Simple Guide on How to Prune Dusty Miller

We agree that pruning your dusty miller can be hard for you. Because you’ll need to know how you can do it and how much of the plant do you need to cut. 

When your dusty miller gets long and leggy, you might need the pruning. Also, it might be very confusing to you at the moment.

Well, that’s why we are here today. We researched and gathered all the information to bring you this guide on how to prune dusty miller

Today you’ll know about the dusty miller plants, how you can prune them properly, the methods and other cares you need for your dusty miller.

Let’s start, shall we?

What’s Dusty Miller?

If you’re an owner of a dusty miller plant or started landscaping business recently, you already know what it is. But those of you who don’t know yet, what’s the first thing that you imagined? 

Probably, you imagined some dusty plant or something like that. Well, let me assure you that it’s a plant which is perfect for decoration. 

Interestingly, it has another name. Jacobaea maritima. The plant is as attractive as it sounds. Moreover, it has gorgeous silver felted leaves and it’s voluptuously built. 

Do you want to know the best thing about them?

Well, even being so beautiful, they are pretty low maintenance plants. Moreover, the plant can give your flower garden a different pleasing look.

Now, let’s get you started with the pruning.

Pruning Your Dusty Miller

Here’s the thing.

You’ll notice that your dusty miller gets long and leggy over time. That’s when you’ll need to prune your plant.

There are two methods that you can follow when you prune your dusty millers. Pinching or using a pruner.

Let’s start by explaining the pinching.


For this method, you’ll just need to use your fingers. Yes, just your bare hands are enough to take care of your young dusty miller.

You see, pinching your young dusty miller plants early in the season, delays the blooming slightly. But the result of this is fascinating. You’ll get a bushy growth and a healthy compact plant.

So, how do you do it? 

You see, it’s pretty simple. You need to use your fingernails to remove ½ to 1 inch from each tip that’s growing. 

You might be wondering, what’s the result? Well, when your plants will be growing in the future, new stems will grow from each of the spots you pinched.

Using A Pruner

Well, you’ll need to use this method when your dusty miller is stocked up for a long time without maintenance. Moreover, you’ll only need a pruner to do this.

You see, dusty millers get huge and leggy when they aren’t in proper maintenance. So, you can’t just simply pinch them in that case. 

Mid-summer might be the best time for you to take care of your tired dusty miller plant. Because it’ll keep your plants looking full and healthy for the rest of the season. Also, it’ll give your plant more time before the first frost appears.

So, what’s the quickest way for you to prune?

Well, you’ll have to shear one-third of the entire plant’s length for that. But don’t worry. Because even though your plants blooming is delayed by a few weeks, your plant will come back healthier than ever.

You might say, that’s painful for the plant. Well, we got a less painful way for you. Now, you can use a pruner and prune one long stem often. You’ll notice the result yourself. However, don’t forget to sharpen the tool you’re using for pruning. 

What’ll be the result of this method you ask? Well, your beautiful dusty miller plant will have a more natural appearance like a fresh young one.

Now, just cut just above a leaf or leaf node with your pruner. Your plant will newly grow from each cut you made on the leaf. Simple but effective.

What Do You Do to the Flower?

You see, dusty miller is mainly grown for its striking foliage. However, you’ll often notice clusters of long-stemmed, creamy white or yellow followers. Mostly, they appear in summer on your plants.

Now, the question is that if flowers are good or harmful for your plant? Well, we hate to tell you this but it’s definitely harmful to your plant. 

What the flowers do is that they divert energy from the foliage. In other words, they suck nutrients from your plant and might be the cause that your plants grow up lanky in the future.

Nevertheless, something that might seem beautiful can be poisonous.

However, most of the gardeners remove the flowers as soon as they appear on the plants. So should you.

Any Other Care for Your Plant?

Well, just because dusty millers are low maintenance, doesn’t mean that they don’t need any care at all. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when you’re taking care of your dusty miller.

  • You must make sure that your plant gets proper sunlight. However, they can tolerate low light but they love to bask in the sun.
  • You should water them once a week. However, on warmer days (temperature above 32℃) you might need to dose them with water twice a week.
  • While watering make sure that you’re not over humidifying the environment. Use a humidity meter to keep things in check.
  • Remember to make a routine for applying your fertilizer. Well, if you’re using water-soluble fertilizer, you should apply once in two weeks for better results.
  • Also, you should check for extra weeds. Take out weeds if you see any.


By now you should know how to prune dusty miller plants and more about it. 

However, you can make your plant more beautiful if you take care of it regularly. 

Besides, the experts demotivate you to prune your dusty miller plants. So do we. You see, they are meant to be free. Moreover, they are background plants, they don’t need that much attention.

Well, if you want your plants to look more organized, you can prune them now. As you finished this article, we are certain that you’re ready to do it on your own. 

Now, follow the methods and we assure you that you’ll be a happy gardener in no time.