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How to Put Up Chicken Wire [7 Simple Steps]

It’s very frustrating when a small animal like a rat messes up your precious garden. That’s why you need to put up the chicken wire. 

How to put up chicken wire? 

Putting up a chicken wire can be an easy job for you. Firstly you need to build a frame. Then you need to unroll the chicken wire and stick it with the frame. Then if you may you can color the wooden frame. Also, you have to attach some extra support to keep the chicken wire frame standing. 

You must be still dizzy and blurry about this matter. Don’t worry! I have prepared a detailed article to clear your head out.

Read the detailed article!

Put Up Chicken Wire: 7 Easy Steps

Chicken wire can be a useful tool if you want to keep small animals out of your garden. Or if you want a quick trellis for your vining plants. 

Chicken wire is commonly used in every household for achieving many purposes. But mostly its use because it’s not that much expensive and it can easily be set to use. 

Also, chicken wire is super available. You can find them in every hardware store or home requirement store.  

It’s best if you know how to put up a chicken wire. Because it’s that much easier and can be so useful for your household. 

You can ensure the safety of your livestock and also you can ensure the security of your plants. It can also give your gardening proper support. 

The technique is not that much hard work or not that complicated like measuring asphalt. You can put up a chicken wire with your DIY manner and patience. 

You will need some basic ingredients to put up a chicken wire:

  • Nails 
  • Shovel 
  • Work gloves 
  • Measuring tape
  • Wire cutters 
  • Chicken wire rolls 
  • Pliers 
  • Heavy-duty staples
  • Staple gun 
  • Hinges 
  • Screw 
  • Brush 
  • Wood colors

But you need to follow some step-by-step guidelines. Here are some of the easy steps that you can follow to put up a chicken wire. 

Step 1:  Build A-Frame 

You need to build an appropriate wood frame to stick the chicken wire to. You need to build the frame keeping in mind the space you would like to cover with chicken wire. 

If you want to put the chicken wire for your livestock. Then you should keep that in mind in order to feed or let out your should build a door also. 

The door will be smaller than the mainframe structure. You need a measurement tool to measure the proper area and the woodpiles. 

Here we have collected some top-class measurement tools for you:

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These tools are chosen from customer reviews. And they can be a great help to you.

Mark the woodpiles with a pencil or wood marker then cut them accurately. And by stapling them with Niles you can easily create a frame for your chicken wire. 

Step 2: Unroll The Chicken Wire 

The edge of the chicken wire rolls can be sharp. And it can harm your finger if you try to unroll it with your bare hand. That’s why you need to wear gloves. 

Unroll the chicken wire in 3 to 4 feet at a time. It can be a little hard to keep it straight but you can use the piles to do so. 

Cut the chicken wire according to the size of the expected area you would cover. 

Measure the size of the area and also measure the frame size that you would stick the wire to. 

Step 3: Attaching The Wire to The Wood Frame

You need to attach the chicken wire to the frame. In order to do so, you need to pick up the starting edge of the chicken wire. Then attach it to the starting edge of the frame. 

You can use heavy-duty staples to attach the chicken wire to the frame. Also, you can use nails and a hammer. 

You may need extra help to stick the chicken wire to the frame. Because the chicken wire netting is not that much study you will need some to grab it to the frame. 

Step 4: Attaching The Frame Together 

After attaching the chicken netting with the frame you need to attach the 4 frames together to create a box. 

You can use the steel wire to attach the frames but it would be better if you use hinges and screws. It will look perfect this way. 

You need to make ground support to keep the total frame together and standing. You also need your level ground otherwise the small animal will cross the chicken wire underneath. 

Step 5: Attaching The Door 

After you have done the rectangular-shaped frame. Then you can say your work is done. But remember you need to put a door to further uses. 

That’s why you need to cut an exact door sire between the netting. 

Then you need to attach the door. And your framing will be perfect. Attached is the door the same way you attached the frames. 

Step 6: Attaching Extra Support 

If you create a bigger panel then you may need to add some supporting plies to strengthen the base. 

It’s best if you use a woodpile horizontally to support the frame. If the height is too big then you can use 2 wood piles for support. 

Apart from in a  medium-size frame, you can use a single pile in the middle. 

Step 7: Color Your Chicken Wireframe

If you want to make your garden welcoming you may color your chicken netting like painting light bulbs. It’s best to choose some of the bright colors to put up in the netting. 

Or you can just color the wood frame and it will add summer vibes to your garden. 


Question: How do you make chicken wire lay flat? 

Answer: Unroll the chicken wire upside down so that the end bites into the ground. And put something heavy on it. 

Question: Is chicken wire safe for gardening? 

Answer: Yes, Chicken wire is safe for gardening and it can be the best fencing option. Also, it ensures the safety of the plants. 

Question: What are the best tools to cut the chicken wire? 

Answer: The snips can be the best tools for cutting the chicken wire. Also, it can be used to cut delicate curves also.

Bottom Line 

Hope now you know how to put up chicken wire. That’s all from us. Thank you for reading the whole article. 

Before doing anything with your DIY methods you need to ensure your safety. That’s why I remember to wear gloves before cutting the chicken wire. 

Best of luck with your gardening!