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How To Put Pictures On Glass Windows [Step-By-Step Guideline]

Throwing away the old vintage glass windows is such a waste, don’t you think? You can put your best memories on it just with some simple tricks. Not to mention it’s totally DIY friendly.

How to put pictures on glass windows?

When putting pictures on a glass window you have two options. You can simply set the picture with invisible tapes from behind. Another option is to transfer it to the window glass using a matte medium. You’ll have to use the matte medium on the surface. Later apply a clear finish on it.

Clearly need a little demonstration here, don’t we? So why not spend a few minutes and read this piece of mine?

Let’s get started!

Putting Pictures On A Glass Window

Setting a picture on a glass window is an easy DIY job. At least it won’t be harder than putting a picture on a concrete wall.

All you’re gonna need is some ingredients for the craftwork. We will get to it. Before that let’s talk about the methods of putting pictures on a glass window.

Method-1: Using Invisible Tape

This method would be rather easy as it won’t require many tools. You’ll be able to put your family photos in a window using this method. 

No need to go through the hassle of brushing the papers underneath. So how do we do it? Let’s begin!

Step-1: Preparations

Choose the photo you wanna hang out with. Also, determine the position of the glass window for putting the picture. Old vintage windows will be the best choice for this job. 

Not sure which one to get? Try these tapes for putting pictures on:

Product 1
Product 2

These tapes can stick really well to old vintage windows. 

Once you decide on the location and picture it’s time to do the measurement.

Step-2 Measurements

Measure the surface of each window pane. Try to make your photo fit onto the exact area size of the pane. That way it’ll look more like a window photo frame. 

If you wanna get a floating vibe then size the picture to a shape smaller. Cut the borderline of the photo carefully so that it doesn’t get misshapen.

Step-3 Attaching The Picture

Fit the photo on the glass window cell. Now secure the border with some invisible tapes from behind the window frame. 

When I say invisible it means transparent tapes. Nothing like Teflon or Delrin tapes.

If you don’t wanna use tape then go for a spray mount. Spray them on the edges of the photo to make it secure. Let it dry and then work is done. 

You can add a back frame with plain cardboard. But it’s totally optional.

Method-2: Transfer Picture On Glass Window

Another great method of putting pictures on a glass window is using a matte medium. The best part of this method is that it’s applicable on various surfaces. 

You can apply the same method on wood, cardboard, plastic, and canvas. You’d need only two ingredients for this:

  • Matte medium
  • And clear spray finish

So let’s get to our DIY work!

Step-1 Preparations

Just like method-1, choose your picture and the glass location. Now apply some tape over the border. So that the color doesn’t reach the window frame. 

Cut the picture into a fitting shape.

Step-2 Apply Matte Medium

Now, take a brush and apply some matte medium over the glass. You can use a small-sized Purdy or Wooster brush as well.

 Do it from the side you’re going to put the picture surface on. Apply it evenly over the whole surface. 

Make sure it covers the whole area in a generous amount. Otherwise, the picture won’t transfer properly.

Step-3 Attaching The Picture

Take the picture and put down the front side on the matter-applied surface. Press the picture to make it attach to the glass. There shouldn’t be any air bubble beneath.

You can use a card to brush over the picture. This will ensure that no air is left inside. Now let it dry for only 3 minutes.

Step-4 Detaching The Paper

In 3 minutes the matte medium won’t completely dry off. And yes, that’s how it has to be. Now, try to rub off the paper from one edge of the picture. 

You’ll see the paper start to peel off as you pull on it. This is the reason why you shouldn’t completely dry it. Because if it dries off completely the paper won’t peel off.

But don’t worry, I have a remedy for that too. Just spray some water on the paper side of the picture. Now, rub the paper surface with your finger to peel off the paper.

Nothing to worry about, see?

Step-5 Finishing

Last step is to apply the clear spray finish. Now, remember that when applying the spray the picture surface has to be dry. 

Scrub the picture’s back with a scrubbing foam to remove any extra paper. Now spray a clear finish on the backside of the picture. 

Let it dry completely and peel off the border tapes. Hopefully, you’re satisfied with the outcome. Don’t use any rubbing alcohol to clean the window glass after you have pasted the pictures.


Question: Can I use a gloss spray finish instead of a clear spray finish?

Answer: Yes, you can. Gloss spray finish will give a glossy vibe to your transferred picture. So it’s a good option to consider. The applying process is also the same.

Question: What to do if the paper is not peeling off properly?

Answer: People sometimes face problems with peeling off the papers. For that, you can use an artist knife to scrub off the paper. Firstly, wet the surface in a generous amount then start scrubbing.

Question: Can I transfer an inkjet-printed picture to glass?

Answer: Of course, you can. In fact, printed papers are easy to transfer on any surface including glass. But the picture must be printed on a standard printer paper. Using regular paper won’t give a good outcome.


That is all from me about how to put pictures on glass windows. Hopefully, the given information was useful to you.

Now you can decorate your old glass windows with family pictures by yourself. 

That’s it for today. See you on another DIY craftwork!