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How to Put a Screen Back in a Window [2 Alternative Methods]

Your window screen might’ve somehow come loose from a hard tug. Or maybe you’ve taken off the screen to clean your windows.

Either way, you’ll have to place the screen back, but find it difficult to do so.

How to put a screen back in a window?

Pick up the window screen and slide it up into the top of the window frame. Lift the screen upward to compress the tension springs.  After that, gently snap the bottom corners of the screen to the frames one by one. That’ll fit your screen back in the window.

Need a bit more elaboration? This content will help! I’ve prepared this article to help you put your window screen back in the window.

How to Pop a Screen Back in a Window?

Many believe that installing a window screen is the same for every type of window. You can fit the screen any way you want and it’ll fit eventually. But truth be told, it’s not that simple. 

But if you have put a screen door back on track then this will be simple for you.

You’ll be surprised to know that you’ve been doing it wrong all this time. Mainly because there are different methods required for different types of windows. One should also consider the two types of window screens; the exterior, and the interior screens.

Here’re two separate methods of putting back your screen for two different kinds of windows. I’ve tried my best to make them easily understandable as well as informative for you. Let’s begin-

Method 1: Window Screen Installation for Sliding Window

You just cleaned your cloudy window and want to fit the screen back in place. This method will help you to fit the window screens on sliding windows-

Step 1: Identify the Clip

Take the window screen and run your hands on the sides to find the clip. The clip should be on the top-right edge if you’re looking to place it from outside. The opposite is applicable for interior window screens.

Step 2: Adjust the Clip if Misplaced

The clip might be misplaced around the corner, jamming the screen from fitting in the frame. If you notice that the clip is hanging away from the window screen, nudge it straight.

Step 3: Adjust the Screen in the Groove

Lift the screen and face the clip to the top-right edge of the window panes. Shimmy the screen as you try to fit the screen inside the groove. Once it gets inside the groove, push it slightly harder to make it fit. 

Step 4: Fit All Four Edges

Start fitting the left-top edge once you’re finished adjusting the clip on the right-top edge. Align both edges to the top of the window frame before moving to the bottom half. Fit the bottom edges to their allotted grooves.

You’ll require to slightly compress the window pane to help the bottom edges to fit. Nudge the edges to the window screen. The windrow screen should click itself into the frame.

As it’s often too common with sliding windows, the window sills might collect debris. This will make it increasingly difficult for you to fit your window screens.

Brush off the debris using a cleaning brush before wiping the remaining dirt with microfiber cloths. Clean the window screens regularly to repel gnats from window screens.

Method 2: Screen Installation for Double-Hung Window

These windows are a bit tricky to deal with. They have two separate window glasses that are only vertically movable. You can only fit exterior window screens in these windows.

Here’s how you can install window screens on a double-hung window.

Step 1: Push the WIndows up

Grabbing the bottom panel of the windows, lift them up to the top of the frame. Hold the windows in place to fit the screen outside. If this step looks difficult for you alone, ask for an extra pair of hands.

Step 2: Place the Screen Outside

Your window screen should go in outside the window for double-hung windows.

While holding the windows on the top, slide the window screen outside through the window. You won’t be able to get the screen out horizontally. Try a diagonal approach to get the screen past the little space beneath the window. 

Make sure to have a firm grasp on the screen at the same time.

Step 3: Adjust the Clip

For exterior window screens, the clip should be on the top-left edge. It’ll let you fit the screen to the window. Move and tilt the left-top edge to its designated corner until it clicks into the spot. The ‘’click’’ will indicate that the screen has sat firmly on the groove.

Step 4: Bring The Windows Down in The Middle

Bring both the windows from the top to the middle of the frame. You’ve to do this to fit the top of the screen while holding it in place. If this process looks troublesome, you should ask someone to help you hold the window.

Step 5: Wriggle the Screen to Fit

Adjust the window screen to the window by wiggling it using inward and side-to-side motion. The screen will eventually set in.

And with that, our operation is finally over! Pick the method that best suits your window design.

Looking for easy-to-install, Fiberglass mesh window screens? We’ve got some recommendations for you-


These window screens provide effective visibility and screening. They are easy to install and can be used to screen other things as well.

If you need to pop the screen out, press the corner to trigger the hidden spring. Pull the screen to the opposite side of the clip. Do this for both the top and bottom corners to separate the screen. That should do the trick.

You can’t, however, use window screens for covering odd-shaped windows. That would require some tricky and permanent solutions.


When should window screens be replaced?

Answer: As soon as you notice a hold in the screen that is beyond mending. The screen should also be replaced once it gets old and doesn’t fit tightly anymore.

How much does replacing the window screen cost?

Answer: It mostly depends on the type of material you choose for your window screen. You’ll also have to consider the labor cost for the installation. The cost can round up all the way up to $100.

Do windows screens go inside or outside?

Answer: Exterior window screens are usually used for first-floor windows. These are placed on the window from the outside. The interior screens are installed from the inside and are accessible from the inside.


That’ll be all I can offer on how to put a screen back in a window.

Make sure to avoid applying excessive pressure while fitting the screen. Replace the window screen once it gets loose and tears down beyond repair.

Enjoy a bright and happy day!