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How to Put Screen Door Back on Track [6-Step Guide]

Seeing your screen door out of track can be quite stressful. Especially when you need to close the doors and you face this situation. But it’s not that hard to put it back on track. Just a few simple steps and it’s done.

How to put screen door back on track?

First, you need to remove the door. Then clean the track thoroughly so that your door can run smoothly on the track. Detect bends or dents on the track. Check the wheels if they are cracked or broken. If they are then replace them. Lubricate the wheels and put the door back in its place.

Interested to know these steps in detail? Read along for more information!

Putting Your Screen Door Back on Track

Putting your screen door back on track can be an easy task if done correctly. In this guide, the steps are given in an elaborate manner.

Follow these steps and you should be able to fix it by yourself. But if you still face a problem then do contact a professional.

Now, let’s go check out the steps one by one to put your screen door back on track.

Step 1: Remove the Door

Stand a bit far away from the door. Keep the screen door open enough for you to grab it from both sides. Try to lift the door and pull it out of the track. If the door doesn’t come out, you will need to raise the wheels.

Raising the wheels will lower the door for you to be able to take it out. To raise the wheels you need to locate the adjustment screws. You will need a hex screwdriver in case they are hex screws.

Typically the screws are on the bottom side of the door. Turn the screws counterclockwise to raise the wheels and lower the door. Once the door is lowered, lift the door and pull it out.

But if you can’t find any screw you will need to raise the wheels manually. Ask for someone’s help to lift the door. Take a flat screwdriver and insert it between the wheels and the track. Use it as a lever to push the wheel out of the track.

Do it for all the wheels and the door will automatically come out.

Step 2: Clean the Track

The screen door getting out of the track may have several reasons. One of the very common reasons is debris and dirt. Clean the track with a vacuum.

You can also use a heavy cleaner if there is heavy dirt on the track. A clean track will help the door to run smoothly. 

After the track is clean, now you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Detecting Bends or Dents

Check the track carefully for bends or dents. If the track isn’t straight and smooth the door can get dislocated from the track.

If you find any bents or dents then straighten it with the help of tools. You can use a plus or a hammer depending on the bent.

But be careful not to damage the track, even more, trying to fix it.

Step 4: Check the Wheels

Wheels play a big role in keeping your doors running smoothly on the track. If any wheel is broken or has lost its temper, you need to change it. Check every wheel under the screen door and see if they’re all in good shape.

If any wheel is cracked or broken then change that wheel. You can find these wheels in any online store or hardware store.

Step 5: Lubricating the Wheels

Check if the wheels spin freely. Even though you’ve changed the wheels, they may still not spin freely. In this situation lubricating the wheels can solve the problem.

Lubricate the wheels and see if it gets better. You should prefer using a durable lubricant so that rain or dust doesn’t affect it.

Done with all these steps? If yes then it’s time to put the door back where it belongs.

Step 6: Putting the Screen Door Back on Track

Take the door and press it against the top of its frame. If the door has adjustment screws, then the wheels are already raised. So put the bottom side on the track and turn the screws clockwise this time. It will lower the wheel and put the door back on its track.

If the door doesn’t have adjustment screws, then you need to use a flat screwdriver. Press the door against the top of its frame again. Gently press the wheels with a flat screwdriver and put it on the track. It’s just the opposite of how you have removed the door.

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Question: Can I adjust the wheel level for better performance?

Answer: Yes. You certainly can. An improper wheel level can prevent your screen door from running smoothly on the track. Adjusting it may solve this problem.

Question: How to remove the wheels from the screen door?

Answer: On the side of the door, you can find a screw, loosen up the screw. It’s attached with the help of a clipping mechanism. Unclip it and you have your wheel removed.

Question: Should I lubricate the door track as well?

Answer: You definitely can. Though it’s not needed, if your door doesn’t run smoothly you can try it. Spray a bit of lubricant on the track and it can make your door run smoother.


That’s a wrap from our side. Let’s hope that now you know how to put screen door back on track.

If you have any further queries do let us know in the comment section. Also, be careful to maintain your safety.

On that note, we wish you all the best! Goodbye!