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How to Get Putty Out of Carpet

No matter how old you are, silly putty is addictive fun to play with. From stress relief to dealing with boredom, putty does it all. But what about when you drop some on your carpet? Things turn dark in a flash. 

Stuck in this nasty situation? Let’s see how to get putty out of carpet then.

Scrape the loose putty off the carpet and then apply a remover of your choice. This could be ice, acetone or some detergent. Then scrape off the remaining putty and then wash the carpet. Lastly, don’t forget to let the carpet dry completely.

That was just a glimpse of what we have in store for you. If you want to know more, then keep on reading.

List of essentials

Before we start telling you how to remove putty out of your carpet, why don’t we take a look at the things you might need? That way, you’ll save a lot of time and effort.

For your ease of access, we’ve placed this part at the beginning of the guide. 

So just skim through the list so that you can head out and get your hands on whatever you need.

  • Dull knife
  • Cotton pads
  • Bag of ice / Acetone / Rubbing alcohol
  • Towels
  • Detergent
  • Water
  • Sponge
  • Vacuum cleaner

How to get putty out of carpet?

If you or your kids accidentally smeared putty on your carpet, there’s no need to panic. Even if you want to cry tears of anger at how much the carpet cost, we’d advise you to take a chill pill.

After all, it’s so simple to remove putty out of carpet. All you need to do is follow 5 simple steps and kaboom! The carpet looks as good as new.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you have all the essentials you’ll need at hand, we can jump into the real deal.

Step 1: Scrape off the loose putty

Now the number one rule of removing putty is to minimize the damage. Not just in this scenario, the same goes for removing taffy from carpet. 

So take a blunt knife and scrape off as much putty as you can. Make sure it’s a butter knife so that you don’t risk injuring yourself.

While you’re doing this, try being as precise as you can. After all, you don’t want to spread the putty to a clean area and increase your workload. 

Just be careful and clean the knife with a wet paper towel before scooping it again. This way, you’ll be able to remove the excess with minimal fuss.

Step 2: Use ice, Acetone or Detergent

Now you’ve reached a crossroads. After you’ve cleaned off as putty as you can, you can use any of the three common household ingredients to remove that annoying putty. Let’s see how. 

#Ice cubes

The first and easiest removal method requires a bag of ice. To do this, just take a few ice cubes in a zip-lock back. The number of ice cubes will depend on how big of a mess you’re trying to fix.

Next, place the bag on the surface of the putty. Meanwhile, you can sit and relax while sipping on a can of beer. If you spill that too, you can use some simple steps to take out beer stain from the carpet.

After a while when the ice cubes have melted, check if the putty has hardened. This will take some time, depending on where you live. Colder rooms will help harden the putty faster and vice versa. 

If the putty hasn’t fully hardened, then repeat the process.


This method will achieve great results but works opposite of the ice method. You see, the ice hardens the putty so it comes off as one chunk. 

With detergent, it’ll soften the putty so it can come off easily. To make this mixture, just take a cup of warm water and mix 2 tablespoons of detergent in it. 

Use a cotton pad and apply it to the putty. Then, leave it on for 20-30 minutes and the putty will definitely soften.


Acetone is another great remedy for getting putty out of carpets. Apart from removing putty, there are also many uses of acetone

If you don’t have acetone, then you can also use some rubbing alcohol. Simply soak a cotton pad in it and let the putty soak in it. Do this for around 30 minutes and the putty will become soft. 

Step 3: Scrape off the remaining silly putty

Now whether you used ice, detergent, or acetone, this step remains the same. 

The reason why putty is so hard to remove from any surface is because of its gooey and sticky consistency. 

It gets everywhere and just doesn’t come off. You may face the same problem when getting rid of caramel from carpets

So the trick is to change the consistency of the putty. We did this by either hardening or softening it.

Now comes the part where we remove the putty altogether from the carpet. To do this, take the same butter knife and scrape the remaining putty off. You’ll find it much easier to remove now.

But in case you aren’t able to remove the putty completely in the first try, repeat step 2 and try again.

All you’ll need is a little bit of patience and you’re guaranteed to remove the stubborn putty.

Step 4: Clean the carpet

Even after you remove the putty, a little bit will be stuck to the carpet. This will give you an annoying sticky feeling on your carpet. Nobody wants that, right?

If this a problem you face then there’s no need to worry. There are many easy ways you can get rid of sticky feelings from carpet at home.

In this scenario, all you need to do is give the area a final wash with some detergent and water. Before that, we want to soften and remove any leftover putty.

So take a mix of two spoons of laundry detergent to a cup of warm water. Make sure that the detergent doesn’t have any bleach added to it since this can change the color of your carpet.

Mix the solution well and use a cotton pad to damp any area that feels a little tacky. Leave the cotton pads on for another 30 minutes.

Then remove the cotton pads and scrub the area really well with a sponge and the same soapy liquid. When you scrub, make sure to do so gently and in circular motions.

You don’t want to use excessive force, as this may damage the delicate fibers of the carpet. After you scrub the area well, dip a towel in some warm water and wring it.

Then clean the area so that all the detergent and acetone is removed. Repeat this until the carpet is squeaky clean. 

Step 5: Dry the carpet

Last but not the least, make sure that your carpet is completely dry. No matter how well you clean your carpet, if it doesn’t dry properly then you’re in some trouble.

Wet carpets can cause mold and fungus to grow. Moreover, it reduces the lifespan of your carpet. If you have wooden floors underneath, it can make them rot.

So save yourself from a lot of headaches by drying the carpet properly. You could use a vacuum to do this. Or leave a fan and the windows open so that there’s enough ventilation. Just like you do while cleaning antifreeze from your carpet.

If the carpet is small in size, then you can dry it under sunlight for a few hours. 

This will dry the carpet fast and ensure that it stays as good as new.


Question: Does Silly putty dissolve in water?
Answer: No. If you want to dissolve silly putty, you must use rubbing alcohol. However, putty will harden or soften according to the temperature. That’s why it’s consistency changes when you put it in the freezer. So warm water will make the putty softer, which will make it easier to remove.

Question: How do you remove silly putty from hair?
Answer: If you find silly putty stuck to your hair then don’t panic. Find some coconut oil and apply it to your hair strands where the putty is stuck. Let it soak in oil for a while and then gently remove the putty. Wash your hair well with shampoo and condition it.

Question: Is silly putty toxic?
Answer: No. Silly putty is not toxic so it’s safe to play for children. Moreover, it’s not irritating for your skin and it isn’t toxic for your pets either. But if it’s swallowed, it can pose some other health problems like choking.

Bottom Line

And we’ve come to the end of the post, folks. We hope that you found these tips helpful and will try them in the future.

If you have any residual doubts on how to get putty out of carpet, make sure to comment down below. 

Also, let us know which tip you loved and which one you didn’t. We’re always looking to hear from you. Until next time, friend.