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How To Get Rid Of Rats In The Ceiling? [Tips & Tricks]

The infestation of one rat can get very hazardous. As this can invite a swarm of rats into the houses. Ceilings can often be one of the most attractive places for rats to live. If you’ve got them in your ceiling, you must be irritated and want to get rid of them.

How to get rid of rats in the ceiling?

There are many effective and cheap ways to get rid of rats. These include traps, baits, poisons, natural deterrents and pest controls. But you can also take precautionary steps even before any infestation. These may include a lot of cleaning, rearrangements and trimming around your houses and gardens.

We know how vague this information may seem to you. Hence we’ve brought you a whole article regarding this matter.

Let’s see how these methods could actually work like magic!

How to Get Rid of Rats in the Ceiling? 4 Different Methods To Follow

Sometimes you may hear weird chatters, squeaks and noises. There might be some random holes popping in different locations. You may find droppings, nets and mesh being cut out. Clothing materials and furniture sets like one cushion sofas being torn and cut out. 

If things get worse, rice, flour, vegetables and fruits that are stored in open areas can be eaten. These are the indicators of rats being in your house. 

These might often get annoying and you may not be able to tolerate them much longer.  These little creatures can harm you even more. As they may bring birds, snakes, moles etc. to your home and even destroy your storage. 

But there are ways to get rid of them. We have 4 different methods which you can apply to get rid of these clever little creatures. Let’s get straight to the methods, shall we?

Method 1: Using Different Types of Baiting Methods and Traps

We can get rid of rats using the baiting process. It tempts the rats in the position of the traps. Or attracts the rats to the bait to nibble away any type of poisonous substances. This will lead the rat to the poisonous or trapped baits.

The things that can be used as baits can be fruits like dried fruits, nuts, berries, etc. You can  also use various other nesting materials like dental floss. It also can include prey to the tiny predators like insects and snail shells. Food like peanut butter and cheese can attract them too. 

Basically anything that catches the curious eyes of these rodents will be sufficient enough for killing them.

There are different types of traps as well. These include Wooden traps, Mechanical traps, Electronic traps, Snap Traps, Glue Mats, Ultrasonic devices. Let’s explore some options for these traps at an agreeable price range and efficiency-

Product 1
Product 2

These options will help you choose cheap, better and ever-lasting traps for catching and trapping rats. 

Method 2: Using Poison and Various Rat Removal Toxicant

Poisons and rodenticides can be a very efficient way to get rid of the rats from the ceiling. But oftentimes the smell of such poisonous substances cannot be tolerated by any human. The rodenticides may be anticoagulants. That is the blood may clot on consumption of the poison. These include Bromadiolone, chlorophacinone, difethialone, brodifacoum, and warfarin. These can be used as pastes or grains and often as chalks.

There are many other poisonous toxicants that have different functionality. These include zinc phosphide, bromethalin, cholecalciferol, and strychnine.

Method 3: Using Natural Deterrent

The natural deterrents usually mean the organic and available home ingredients. These also can be used as natural rodenticides to get rid of rats. They can be lured outside or kept away from the ceiling if we apply these. 

Some of the natural deterrents includes-

  • Dry ice 
  • Mothballs
  • Peppermint oil 
  • Ammonia 
  • Pepper flakes
  • Sliced onions and garlic
  • Potato powder

These natural deterrents will help the rats to go away. The rats cannot get near these substances. The smell makes them feel threatened thus saving the roof infestation.

Method 4: Taking Help from Pest Control

When there is no other way of getting rid of these uninvited guests, Pest Control is there to help. They will help you get rid of rats. Just knowing the exact hotline and company names for these Pest Control, you are one call away. 

They have an eco-friendly way of getting rid of rats at the right time. 

How To Prevent Rats? 6 Prevention Tips

The rats can be prevented with the help of some basic steps if taken in time. These are nothing but your personal awareness that needs to be paid attention to. Look at the following tips we’ve provided for you. These will help you avoid the rats from entering your house in the first place.

Tip 1: Sealing the Gap

With the help of concealing gaps, holes and other open areas, it will prevent rats. It will also prevent rat carrying animals like birds, snakes, raccoons and others in general from entering. 

Find the different holes and gaps and seal them with a covering, pudding and other sealing materials. This will keep your house ceilings or rooms free from infestation.

Tip 2: Exclusion of Rat Attracting Objects

The rat attracting objects like mesh wires, nets, nesting objects like dental floss etc needs to be avoided. These either have to stop coming home or thrown away entirely. These tend to attract rats for staying and putting up rat holes to reside into. 

Using various wooden or steel materials for cupboards, electrical wires or fences etc. may help. These may prevent rats from entering and nesting at home. 

Fix or adjust old cabinets with loose hinges and ensure a locking system in them. It can help to prevent rats from entering into them.

Tip 3: Cleaning up the Spaces

Clumsy and enclosed spaces need to be cleaned. The ceiling area of the house can get easily ignored. This has to be done to keep the areas clean. So that these can stay untouched and no infestation can take place.

The rats only nest when they see clumsy, congested hidey holes in the houses. They also stay in a very narrow area. Keeping the spaces clean will not give them a chance to make homes.

Tip 4: Getting a Shed or Garage Update

It would be high time for garage or shed updates if it has stayed untouched for long. Constant rearrangement of tools, equipment and other necessities in these areas is a must. These will definitely keep the area rat free and more easy to use. These will have more air ventilations and breathing spaces in these areas.

Getting a do over may often require furnishing for your house too. You can look into the cost of furnishing your house before actually doing it.

Tip 5: Fixing and Organizing the Attic

The attic attached to the roof needs to stay tidy too. Otherwise, these may also be a case of rat infestations. The attic needs fixing and organizing of the furniture. And if used as storage, it needs to be cleaned and reshuffled every month. 

These can get the rats not to stay in such particular cluttered areas of the house.

Tip 6: Trimming Bushes and Hedges

Larger hedges and bushes may attract a variety of animals and rats too. These have to be watered, cleaned, trimmed. 

You might also want to remove weeds and other plants growing near the bushes. This way it stays clean and keeps a very tidy area around the garden.

These are the ways you can prevent rats from entering your home. Now you know the methods to get rid of the rats, apply them as per your requirements.


Question:Is Vicks VapoRub effective at keeping rats away?

Answer: Vicks VapoRub, a common cold medicine, reduces rat’s natural immune systems. It makes them more susceptible to bacterial pneumonia and other lung diseases, according to Harvard researchers.

Question: When do rats come out of their nests?

Answer: Rats are mainly active at night. They can be seen to roam around around dusk till dawn. These are mainly night crawlers so mostly active at the dark hours of the day. 

Question: Can sleeping with the lights on actually prevent rats?

Answer: The lights inside your house are ineffective as a rodent deterrent. This is because they can easily find dark locations within houses to hide until all lights have been turned off.


That’s all on how to get rid of rats in the ceiling. We hope these tips and tricks were able to get you a goodnight sleep. You see, the main aim is the effectiveness of the method being applied. 

We hope that these processes come to use in time. 

Until any further query, see you next time!