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How to Reattach Vinyl Shutters: 4 Necessary Steps

Many modern homes have vinyl shutters as a decorative accent. But they can get detached and stop functioning. This situation also ruins the beauty of the shutters.

How to reattach vinyl shutters?

There is a series of steps to reattach vinyl shutters. First and foremost, you must repair the shutter. It should be well cleaned. Examine the holes in the home where the shutter will be installed. The shutter needs to be held aligned with the screw holes. Finally, fix the shutter using weatherproof deck screws.

To complete these steps you will need detailed procedures. Let’s go through our discussion to know all about it!

How to Reattach Vinyl Shutters?

Vinyl shutters are very prone to detachments. They can get detached for various reasons like hanging heavy things on the slide. So often you have to reattach them. Reattaching them is easy if you have the correct instructions.

Below I have prepared a 4-step guideline for you. Go through the discussion to make your work easy.

Step 1: Repair the Shutter

In the event of bad weather, the shutters may be blown off the home. After that, you examined it before reattaching it to the window. You’ll have to replace a broken vinyl shutter because it’s typically irreparable.

The vinyl shutter can go out of order after long use. So always check if they can still be used or not. Using an unusable shutter can cause accidents. They are also not so good-looking for the house. So you have to change the shutters after long use.

Step 2: Cleaning the Shutter

A thorough cleaning is all that is required if there are no apparent cracks or tears. Use dish soap, a scrub brush, and a garden hose to clean the shutter. Clean all the dust in this step. Also, get rid of air bubbles out of vinyl too.

After cleaning, dry the shutters carefully. You can also apply lubricants to the shutter hinges to maintain smoothness. Also, oiling will increase the longevity of the shutters.

Step 3: Inspecting the Holes

Examine the holes where the shutter will be screwed into the house. The holes in the shutter may have been stripped if it was ripped from the house. In that case, you will have to fill the hole.

Screw a two-inch weatherproof deck screw into each hole. Do it to ensure the hole still has “bite.” Then fill the hole with wood filler if the screw fits perfectly. 

Insert the filler into the hole with a Phillips head screwdriver. Allow 24 hours for drying before proceeding. After that, I’ll start reattaching the shutter to its position. 

Step 4: Reattaching the Shutter

While the shutter is being reattached, get someone to assist you in holding it in place. The shutter should be held by one person. The screw holes in the shutter should be aligned with the screw holes in the house.

For the shutters’ security, use two-inch weatherproof deck screws. These screws comply with the shutters perfectly. Also, make sure that the screws are tight in their position.

I can suggest the type of screwdriver you need for reattachment. Check them out!

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Use these products for reattaching the shutters easily.

Follow our guidelines to reattach the vinyl shutter in no time. To avoid any sort of hassle you have to go through the given steps serially. 

How to Prevent Vinyl Shutters from Separation or Breaking

Proper care is needed for any type of shutter. May it be a wooden or vinyl shutter, without proper care it will break.

Once vinyl shutters are installed it has the risk of separation or breaking. Simply reattaching them is not enough. We need to take measures so that it does not break down or get separated frequently.

I have some advice that you can follow to prevent the future breakdown of vinyl shutters:

  • Use your shutter gently. The vinyl shutters are very prone to massive shocks and forces. If you handle the shutter coarsely, it will get damaged easily.
  • Hold the middle portion to move the shutter. This method distributes the force equally. As a result, the shutter lasts longer. If you operate holding an end the overall structure gets weakened. 
  • Shutter hinges should be cleaned at least once a month. Specks of Dirt can get accumulated there and cause hindrance in the movement. This can also result in a damaged vinyl shutter. So always clean the vinyl siding stains.
  • To keep the movement smooth use lubricants in the hinges. A drop of oil is enough to take care of them. Make sure that there is no dust during the application of oil

By following our advice you can increase the lifespan of the vinyl shutters. The shutter performs well if proper care is given regularly. 


Question: How much does it cost to replace exterior shutters?

Answer: The cost of replacing the shutter varies with the material. You can replace the shutters with $25 to $1,200. Then there is also the labor cost. This cost is between $65 to $100.

Question: What are shutter spikes?

Answer: Shutter spikes are very essential parts of the vinyl shutter construction. They fix the vinyl shutter with the exterior wall. The spikes are made with the same materials as the vinyl shutter.

Question: Are shutters outdated?

Answer: Shutters used to be an integral element of the windows in the past. They were essential for protection against storms. But now they are used only for beautification. Shutters are still in use for aesthetic looks.


This is all you need to know about how to reattach vinyl shutters. Follow my guidelines properly to fix your shutter in the shortest time.

Regular care is very much essential for vinyl shutters. As they are now more of decorating material, regularly clean and oil them.