How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet? Complete 5-step Guide

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A little red wine won’t harm your belly but it’ll be quite disastrous for your carpet. Moreover, if you have an expensive carpet then it’s best to take measures quickly. If you fail to tend to your wounded carpet in time the wine stains will run deep into the carpet and it’ll never be the same again.

So, the question boils down to how to get red wine out of carpet without calling a professional cleaner.

The red stains will vanish with the help of some detergent and the right cleaning solution. And your job is to apply them on the carpet and scrub it to remove the stains. Once you’re done with that a clean sweep with the vacuum cleaner is going to finish things off.

Do you still have more questions about the process? Well, then sit back and relax because we’ll explain every bit so that you can understand it better.

What to use to get rid of red wine from your carpet?

Before starting the main parade let’s take a step back and look at the things that can clean red wine stains. You see, it’s better to know what works best in these kinds of situations.

Hence, without wasting any more time let’s start with the process.

Cleaning Red Wine From The Carpet using Salt

Yes, salt can be used to remove red wine from your carpet. The particles combine with the carpet and absorb every bit of red wine.

Moreover, you can find it in your kitchen just lying around. Not only that but it only takes 3 minutes to get the stains out.

The process of using salt to remove red wine stains is also super easy. All you have to do is sprinkle some salt on the unwanted marks. Then wait for 3 minutes to let it do its magic.

Then swoop in with a rub to blot off the salt and the stains. And our problem will be solved just like that.

Cleaning Red Wine From The Carpet using White Vinegar

Another cooking item that works wonders when it comes to removing stains is white vinegar. So, if you have a big pile of red wine over your priceless carpet then white vinegar can help you out.

All you have to do is pair it up with detergent to create a mixture and then apply it on the carpet. Afterwards, a few rigorous scrubs will make the stains disappear forever.

Don’t believe us? Then try it out yourself.

Cleaning Red Wine From The Carpet using Baking Soda

Baking soda has a lot of health benefits, but it’s a good cleaning agent as well. While removing loosen up stains, it’s as effective as using salt that we’ve discussed earlier. 

However, a couple of things need to be taken care of while cleaning wines out of carpet with baking soda. Firstly, it can not be used in powdery form. Making a paste(with water) and spreading it on the affected spot is a much better way. Secondly, using powdery baking soda can be hard to clean with both a broom and vacuum cleaner.

What not to use?

Now that you know about your options let us warn you about some products as well. So, you know what to avoid so that your carpet stays in top-notch cognition.


One of the most recommended products to get rid of stains from carpet is vinegar. However, in reality, it’s not that effective.

In most cases, it fails to remove the darker stains. And since red wine is famous for its dark trails it isn’t wise to use vinegar.

So, you might be thinking why we recommended white vinegar, right? You see, white vinegar contains a lot more acid than normal vinegar. 

Hence, white vinegar more qualified for the job.

Tools for the operation

It’s wise to know about all the things you’ll need beforehand. This way you can collect them and then kick start your work without a single worry.

So, to help you organize your work better here is a list of all the items you’ll need for this process.


How to get rid of red wine out of carpet professionally?

Spilling red wine on your carpet can make your carpet a bit sticky. And we all want to get rid of that sticky feeling. But more importantly, you have to remove the stains from your carpet.

And now we’re going to show you exactly how you can do this. So get ready because we’re about to start.

Step 1: Remove the excess wine

Whether it’s antifreeze that you want to remove or red wine, the first task is to always get rid of the excess. And to do this you need a rag.

Now, before you resort to your everyday use rags let us warn you about one thing. Once you use the rag to soak up the wine you won’t be able to use it again. Hence, it’s better to use an old rag.

Once you have your hands on that you can use it to blot over the excess red wine to remove it. This will ensure that more wine does not slip into the carpet.

Step 2: Use a cleaning solution

Secondly, you need to use a cleaning solution to clean up the carpet. By now you might have chosen your choice of the cleaning mixture. Let it be salt, baking soda or white vinegar, you have to apply it on the carpet.

However, be sure that you put in on the stains only. This will make sure that all the other carpet parts are spared from the troublesome process of being washed for no reason.

Step 3: Scrub it out

Once the cleaning mixture is applied on the carpet it’s time to scrub it out. For this, you need a scrub brush. You see, a good old scrub brush can remove stains from beer, red wines and many more items.

So, use this handy tool to gently scrub off all the stains from your carpet. Now, while doing so make sure you don’t put in a lot of pressure.

Otherwise, your carpet might get torn apart from your rigorous scrub session.

Step 4: Apply a detergent solution on the stains

The next step is to apply detergent. This will do the extra cleaning work. You see, starting from removing clay from carpet to red wines, there is nothing that this brush cannot remove.

To make the detergent solution use 1 cup of water and a few drops of detergent. Then apply it on the remaining marks and scrub it out for a final clean.

This second base of cleaning will remove all the stains from your carpet.

Step 5: Vacuum the carpet

Lastly, to wrap up everything takes out your vacuum cleaner. That’s because it’s time to clean up all of the mess.

Vacuuming your carpet will help you dry it out. Since it’s wet from all the detergent solution and cleaning mixture it’s best to wipe off all the sogginess from the carpet.

Additionally, all the dust and dirt will be removed from the carpet. So, one way or another it’s a very useful task.


Question: What will get that out red wine stains?
Answer: There are many products out there that can battle against red wine and become victorious. This includes- hydrogen peroxide, salt, white vinegar and many more. So, you have an endless option to choose from.

Question: Why does red wine stain turn blue?
Answer: If you leave the red wine stains for a long period of time you’ll see that the stain slowly turns blue. That’s actually normal. This is because red wine is made of the skin of grapes. So, like the way, your hand turns blue after eating a berry the same thing happens in the case of red wine stains.

Question: Are red wine stains permanent?
Answer: Yes, red wine stains are permanent. However, if you take some quick measures your clothes or carpet will be spared. Hence, as soon as you notice red wine stains make sure you rush over to take care of it at that point. Or else you’ll have to throw away anything that gets ruined by red wine.

Question: Do you wash red wine stains in how or cold water?
Answer: To remove red wine stains it’s recommended to use cold water. The hot water can damage your carpet at times. So, for its safety, it’s better to go for cold water.

Parting words

With that, we conclude our article on how to get rid of red wine out of carpet. Now, if you have an accident with the red wine and your carpet you’ll know what to do.

So, relax and carry out the process one step at a time. You got this under control. Good luck!

Richard Allen