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How to Refinish Cultured Marble Vanity Top: A DIY Guideline

Are you noticing some dark stain marks on your vanity top? Cultured marble can also originate cracks around the drain. 

Most people get stuck at refinishing their vanity top. We’re here to help you out on that.

How to refinish cultured marble vanity top?

You need to prepare the vanity top before starting to refinish. Just disconnect the water supply and clean the top. You need to follow through four steps including sanding, rinsing, and coating. If you desire you can choose to prime after coating. Fortunately, these steps are easy to do.

As long as the scratches are not too deep the vanity top will look as new.  This simple guideline will enlighten you about the ways to do it.

Still, feeling puzzled about it? Let’s just jump right in!

Preparation to Refinish the Vanity Top

You need to go through a few steps to start refinishing the cultured marble. But first, let’s gather some equipment you will need in the whole process:

  • Rag
  • Paintbrush
  • Sponge
  • Sandpaper
  • Adjustable Wrench 
  • Clean & Soft Cloth
  • A Marble Countertop Cleaner

You need to keep in mind that we are refinishing the vanity top. It requires you to turn off the water supply and prepare the sink for this project. 

Here are a few easy steps for you to prepare the vanity top!

Step 1: Disconnect The Water Supply

Take the adjustable wrench and detach the water supply lines. There should not be any way for the water to go to the sink.

You can turn off the taps and run them for a few minutes. It will clear all of the water inside the pipe. 

Take some time and make sure the sink and the pipes are fully dry. 

Now, you need to remove the sink faucets. Remove the nuts first for your ease.  

Step 2: Clean The Vanity Top

Hold your horses! There’s just another step for you to start refinishing.

Do you see some scratches or marks on the vanity top? Take the sponges and dip them into the marble countertop cleaner.

Now patiently wipe all the dirt, marks, and rust. 

Use some water after cleaning. And then dry the vanity top with a piece of clean cloth. You can also easily clean grout among marble tiles if it bothers you.

We can suggest some marble cleaners to clean your vanity top. Check them out!


Refinishing Cultured Marble Vanity Top

Get your hand gloves because we are starting the main process.

If you have prepared your vanity top for the refinishing you’re halfway done! Now follow these simple steps to get the appearance of the beautiful expensive stone.

Step 1: Sanding the Vanity Top

Using sandpaper to sanding might be a little complicated for you but we’re here to show you an easy way.

But before using the sandpaper make sure to clean the marble with an automotive finishing compound. Allow the surface to be a little moisture. Give it time so that it can dry itself.

You don’t need different grit sandpaper for this step. You can just use a 1,000 grit or a 400 grit sandpaper.

Let’s go with the 1,000 grits one. You can use your hand to sand. 

Keep in mind not to sand too deeply. If you do that it will remove the coat from inside.

Make sure the sanding is even on all the surfaces. Sanding the countertop is easier than sanding plywood.

You can also choose to sand with respectively 200, 400, 600, and 1000 grit sandpaper. The process is the same for all the grits but you need to take a few minutes off between sanding.

Step 2: Rinsing

After giving enough time for sanding you need to rinse all the extra particles on the vanity top. Take a clean cloth. Wipe the vanity top from end to end. 

The cloth needs to be soft. Therefore, it doesn’t make any bruises on the sand. After cleaning it completely, let it sit for a while.

Step 3: Applying the Coating

Don’t paint the vanity top before this step. After this step, you can do it with your desired color.

Take a bucket or a pot to put the glossy polyurethane varnish. Now dip your paintbrush into it.

Use soft strokes to apply the coating on the vanity top. You can try using long strokes which go from one end to another. 

Using these kinds of strokes to the top will make sure the coat is even.

After the coating waits for 2 or 3 hours to dry off the paint.

If you desire, you can go through the next step.

Step 4: Priming the Vanity Top

You can use the coat of epoxy primer. This primer will complement the paint and fill up any flaws of the previous coating. You can choose to prime before or after the coating process.

You can use the paintbrush for the primer coating. 

Allow the coating to sit overnight. 

In the morning, you will see your cultured marble vanity top fully refinished. 


Question: Is it possible to paint over my cultured marble vanity top?

Answer: Yes. If you don’t like the look of the surface you can paint it over in good conscience. Cultured marble is not a natural stone. You can relate them closer to fiberglass or resin. The surface can get discolored, scratched, or yellowed. 

Question: How do you repair cultured marble vanity tops?

Answer: Having one or two scratches are pretty normal when it comes to cultured marble. You can remove these scratches by using sandpaper. For this use extremely fine sandpaper (1000 or 1200 grit) to refinish the surface. Keep in mind not to sand through the clear topcoat.

Question: What kind of paint should I use for cultured marble?

Answer: It is advisable to use acrylic paint on the surface. These paints are for heavy use. Acrylic paints are also low on odors so you don’t need to have a smelly bathroom


I hope you have followed our instructions properly on how to refinish cultured marble. If you have, you will see the finest cultured marble refinishing. Acquire your gears and finish this amazing makeover.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments! 

Have a good day!