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How To Reglaze Kitchen Sink? All You Need To Know

Have an old stained sink in the kitchen and thinking of reglazing it? Well, that could be tricky for some! But don’t worry we have you covered.

How to reglaze kitchen sink?

You can easily reglaze your sink following 4 simple steps. Starting from removing the faucet then cleaning the sink properly. And, at the end finishing it using sand and epoxy properly. The timing must be kept in mind.

Now, this might not be clear enough for you to do it yourself. We’ve explained all the steps in detail in our article. 

Keep on reading to know more!

How To Reglaze Kitchen Sink?

Reglazing your kitchen sink is not as difficult as it seems. Many people reach out to professionals in order to avoid inconvenience. But we have curated a 4 step guide to making it easier for you to do this yourself. 

Tools Required

Before you start reglazing your kitchen sink, gather the materials you’d need. Here’s what you need-

  • Disposable Gloves
  • Plastic Sheets
  • Masking Tapes
  • Dish Soap
  • Palm Sander
  • Epoxy Paint
  • Acrylic Topcoat

These are all you need before getting down to work. Now let’s show you the steps that you must go through.

Step 1: Remove The Faucets

Start with removing the faucets. You don’t want to glaze the other places on the sink. Unlike dissembling Price Pfister faucets, dissembling kitchen faucets are easy.

After that, place the plastic sheet and tape over the surrounding area you don’t want to glaze over. 

Step 2: Clean The Sink Properly

You will be adding layers of epoxy paint into the sink. To do that, you’ll have to clean the sink thoroughly. 

Start cleaning the sink with dish soap, you may also have to scrub it properly. Some of the stains might not be removed by scrubbing. You can consider removing them with an acid cleaner. 

Before you use acid cleaner, make sure you have your gloves and masks on for precaution. Then use the acid and remove the stains. 

After cleaning the sink thoroughly, dry it with paper towels.

Step 3: Sand Down Your Sink

For this step, use good sandpaper and a palm sander for sanding all over the sink. 

In case you’re looking for good sandpaper, here are some of our suggestions-

Product 1
Product 2

These are quite durable and good for use. You can pick one from here if you wish.

Now you might wonder why you need to sand? Well, it’s because it’ll help you get a rough surface. If the surface is rough, the new glaze will adhere properly. You’ll be using epoxy paint in the next step, so you need the surface rough.

Sand down every bit of the sink. Once you’re done, wipe them with a damp cloth and leave no kinds of dust there.

Step 4: Time to Reglaze The Sink

Finally, it’s time to reglaze your sink. First, open the windows and turn on the ventilation fan in the kitchen. You have to ventilate the place to apply the new glaze.

Use a paint roller or sponge, pick whatever you’re comfortable with to use epoxy paint. Use them when you’re putting the layer of epoxy paint into the sink.

If you choose a paint roller, make sure you blend the streaks. Also, blend the other areas that received too much paint. 

Apply epoxy paint to the entire sink and leave it there for a while till it dries out. It might take more than one hour. When the epoxy glaze dries out, seal it with an acrylic topcoat. Use a small brush to apply the topcoat.

This process has to be repeated 3 times. Make sure each coat gets a sufficient amount of time for drying. 

After completing all the processes, leave the final coat to dry for a night. When the acrylic topcoat gets dried, remove the plastic sheeting and the masking tapes. 

Do not forget about your faucet too! It can be reattached as well. You can install faucets without using a sprayer.

Once the sink is reglazed, you can use it as you did before.

When Should You Reglaze Your Kitchen Sink?

There are times when we find our sink looking nasty. That is the moment when we get confused about whether to reglaze it or replace it. But we’ve explained when to reglaze your kitchen sink. So keep on reading!

Reglazing your sink is completely worth it. As it saves you from spending quite the money. Replacing the sink is quite expensive than reglazing so you might consider reglazing it.

The sink looks nasty due to stains and lots of colors. There’s also a possibility of cracking or chipping in the sink. These are normal problems that we usually find in old kitchen sinks.  

Loss of Color

If the sink is working properly but has lots of stains, which aren’t coming out by washing it away, reglaze it.

When the sink is reglazed, the original appearance that the sink had before would be restored. Reglazing would minimize the damages that were done due to staining. 

When it comes to the term of loss of color, just reglaze the sink. Don’t fool yourself by buying a new one. Because when you are reglazing the sink, you will be adding paints too.

Cracks in The Sink

The sink gets chipping and cracks after using the sink for a long period. The cracks develop over time, so you don’t have to bother looking for a new sink.

All you have to do is get the sink dry and add adhesive there. When the epoxy dries out, just paint over it and wait till it gets dry. 

These are also a part of the reglazing process. So you don’t have to bother replacing a new sink.

Why Should You Reglaze Your Kitchen Sink?

Reglazing sinks are cheaper than getting a new one. And also, reglazing the sink increases the lifespan of the sink. Through reglazing the sink, it will get cleaner. As you would be cleaning the sink properly before adding coats.

When you reglaze the sink on your own, you can easily customize the sink as you prefer. 

You can put on decorations and other colors if you want to. Painting your kitchen sink according to you will make things easier for you. Reglazing the sink can make the kitchen friendlier to the environment. 

Replacing the sink takes a bit of time to adjust to its features. And also replacing the kitchen sink would cost you a fortune. 

On other hand, reglazing will not just save you money but also time. It doesn’t take much time to reglaze the sink. As the materials don’t cost much, it’s also feasible.

What Is The Cost of Reglazing The Kitchen Sink?

If you’re doing it on your own, reglazing the sink would cost less. It can be covered up within the range of 25 to 30 dollars. 

Now if you want to hire a professional, you’ll have to add up the labor and material cost together. The labor and the material cost would be in the range of 700 – 1000 US Dollars. 

The national average cost of reglazing is around 26.27 US Dollars. The national average cost including labor and material is around 685.03 US Dollars.

But the actual price depends on the size and the location.

When Should You Replace Your Kitchen Sink?

If you find your sink is not working properly, it has malfunctioned. For example, it’s physically damaged, or the water drain is blocked. Then you might need to replace it. 

If you see a leakage in the kitchen sink, you may need to replace it. But you can also fix it on your own if it’s not too bad.

We’ve come to the very end of our discussion. We hope we were able to help you with reglazing your kitchen sink. And also provide you with enough information regarding reglazing the sink.


Question: How do you remove the glaze from the bathroom sink?

Answer: You have to consider buying a cleaning product so you can get a proper cleanse. When the sink doesn’t have grime and grease left, sand it with 400 to 600 grit sandpaper. That would remove the old glaze from the sink.

Question: How much time does it take to refinish a sink?

Answer: It takes around one to two days to refinish a sink. As you have to clean the sink, fix the cracks and chips. Also, sand down to remove the glaze and repair it.

Question: Why are porcelain sinks more popular than stainless steel?

Answer: Porcelain sinks have been around for a long time. They are still popular due to the non-porous, easy-to-clean nature of the material. Porcelain offers many advantages over cast iron as a sink material.

Final Verdicts

That was everything we had to offer to help you. We hope now you know how to reglaze kitchen sink

Make sure to follow our instructions thoroughly. Contact a professional if it gets too difficult for you. 

Good luck, see you later!