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How to Remove Asphalt Sealer from Concrete [7 Easy Steps]

The primary motive of an asphalt sealer is to protect your concrete from getting damaged. But as time passes, the asphalt sealer starts to flake in spots.

It causes the driveway or the concrete to look atrocious. Also, before applying a new sealer, you will need to remove the previous ones first. 

How to remove asphalt sealer from concrete? 

In order to remove the asphalt sealer, you need some tools first. Those tools are; a simple floor stripper or paint and epoxy remover. A caveat, though: Epoxy remover cannot be used on everything rather on concrete, metal, wood, and masonry. It’s better if you do not use it on vehicles or walls. These products could strip the clear coat or remove the paints. 

Sounds interesting? This is only the shorthand answer of what you are actually looking for. There is a brief discussion waiting for you to dive in. 

Then why wait? Hop on to know thoroughly about this!

Removing Asphalt Sealers from Concrete 

Although the main concept of asphalt sealer is to protect the concrete from suffering any damage, it is essential to change it after wearing out after a certain period. 

So, here are the ways to change it!

Tools Needed to remove Asphalt Sealer from Concrete 

There are some essentials that are required in order to remove asphalt sealer from concrete:

  • Chemical Stripper 
  • Gloves 
  • Broom 
  • Cloth 
  • Bucket 
  • Boots 
  • Safety Goggles 
  • Nose Mask 
  • Squeegee 
  • Paint Scraper 
  • Pressure Washer 
  • Garden Hose 
  • Cleaning Detergent or All-purpose Cleaner 

You will be sorted for removing your asphalt sealer if you gather these tools. 

Make sure to use good quality chemical strippers. And do ensure that you are getting the right one. If not, it might get harmful for you while you try to use it.

Product 1
Product 2

You do need to put special emphasis on protecting yourself while doing it. The chemical stripper can be hazardous and will lead to severe physical damage in the long run. 

Steps to Remove Asphalt Sealer from Concrete 

Now we move on to what steps need to be followed to remove asphalt sealers: 

Step 1

Arranging the right tool is the first thing that you will need to do. You will need to prepare the space afterwards. 

Small areas take less time to prepare. But it is a large space, so it might take more than a day to remove the sealer. 

Start the process by putting on protective gears properly. They will protect you from acidic properties

Sweep the area with a broom. Try to get rid of as much dust as possible.

Use a damp cloth for a cleaner concrete. You will need to make your space as clean as possible before you start the process.

Step 2 

After cleaning the area, apply the chemical stripper. Take the proper amount of chemical stripper and mix with water. 

Then apply the stripper on your concrete working area. 

Start from uphill and progressively go downwards. Also, use a squeegee to spread the chemical mixture throughout the entire area. 

Step 3

Left the chemical stripper for 15 minutes. The chemicals allow the sealer to weaken and it will be easier to remove. 

If you don’t let it set enough, then it will not be easy to remove. An evenly spread stripper will help you with that. 

It will be helpful if the concrete patio is even as well. 

Step 4 

After you let the chemical stripper weaken the sealers. A paint scraper is required to remove the strippers and remainder of the paints. 

As the sealer peels off, the rough-looking concrete will appear. 

Step 5 

After you have removed the sealer completely, rinse the concrete with a pressure washer and garden hose. 

Mix any cleaning solution or detergent to the water. 

Apply that mixture on the concrete with a sprayer. 

Use a powerful pressure washer with a PIS of about 2700 for a perfect job.. 

Step 6

Now, take warm water and soap solution or detergent. Mix it with 50 percent proportion each. Pour the mixture on the concrete. 

Scrub until all the loose ends of the paint and sealer are removed. Scrub it for at least 15 to 20 minutes in order to have optimum results. 

You are required to remove all the sealer and chemical strippers from the concrete. Rinse multiple times in order to have paint-free cleaner concrete

Step 7 

Allow the concrete to be dried properly.  After the concrete has dried thoroughly, then it will be the right time to apply another sealer on it. 

The concrete will dry faster in warm weather and a little slower in rainy or wintery weather, depending on the weather condition. 

So, follow these processes if you want to remove asphalt sealers from your concrete perfectly.

Follow them accordingly to have a cleaner and ready concrete to have another sealer applied to them. 

Be careful to dispose of the waste in a safe discarding area. Do not throw it away in places which might cause pollution. 


Question: What removes Tar from concrete?

Answer: Muriatic Acid is the best tar remover from concrete. But this acid can be very lethal to use and needs some serious attention to precautions while handling. This chemical is a cousin to hydrochloric acid which can kill anyone instantly. 

Question: How do you remove water-based sealant from a driveway?

Answer: You can remove water-based sealant with a flat blade scraper. This is arguably one of the better tools for the job that you will find. Firstly, Scrape the stripper and sealer residue. Then put the residues into a nonreactive bag or container. Followed by repeating the process until the concrete is free of any solid materials. 

Question: Will vinegar remove concrete sealer?

Answer: It is possible to remove asphalt sealers using vinegar. Keep in mind that, It will be less effective than. acrylic sealer Made for purpose chemical strippers are much more useful in that case. 


Here is my discussion on how to remove asphalt sealer from concrete. Follow the above-mentioned steps to successfully remove asphalt sealers from concrete. 

Do contact a professional if you are unable to clean it by yourself. 

Until next time, have a wonderful day!