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How to Remove Dried Latex Paint From Concrete [3 Alternative Methods]

It’s effortless to remove wet latex paint from concrete. But what about the dried latex paint? You’re stressing over how to remove it. I understand it can be quite frustrating. 

How to remove dried latex paint from concrete?

First, rub the area with a rag soaked in alcohol or ammonia or a chemical paint stripper for a few minutes. Remove the rag, scrape the site, then scrub it with water. Once you remove the paint, carefully wipe the concrete with clean water. Wear gloves as you’re working with chemical solutions.

To complete the process, you’ll need detailed instructions. There’s also this whole article that will lead you through the entire process.

Are you curious? Then continue reading!

Know the Difference Between Acrylic Paint And Latex Paint

The fundamental distinction between the two paints is that acrylic is chemically based.

Whereas latex is water-based. Acrylic paint has a higher elasticity than latex paint because it is chemically based.

Easiest Ways To Get Rid Of Dried Latex Paint From Concrete: 3 Easy Methods

Removing paint from mirrors or wooden furniture isn’t a tough job anymore. Because you already know the solution. 

But you’re worried because of the dried latex paint on your concrete floor. Don’t panic that dried latex paint on a concrete surface must be an everlasting stain.

Although it’s simpler to remove latex paint while it’s still wet, it can also be removed after it has dried. 

Use the correct products and methods to safely and successfully remove paint splatters on your concrete surface or paint droplets on your concrete floor while using latex paint.

Method 1 of 3: With Ammonia [3 Easy Steps]

Suppose you are painting your kitchen cabinets. You accidentally put the latex paint on your concrete. 

You wanted to do it on your own because painting kitchen cabinets might cost you a higher price. But you messed up a bit now. 

In times like this, you require household items like ammonia. 

Using ammonia to remove latex paint is one of the cleverest methods. Probably the easiest way to use because you can find household ammonia easily.

Step 1 of 3: Clean

Using a mop, vacuum the affected area to remove any loose dirt.

Wipe off as much of the latex paint as you can use a craft knife. When using the craft knife to remove the paint off the surface, use some force.

Step 2 of 3: Apply

Using a rag, saturate it with household ammonia. 

You need to place the cloth on top of the latex paint stain. It’s a must thing to follow. 

Allow 20 minutes for the ammonia-soaked rag to settle on the spot.

Sometimes it can take more than 20 minutes. Don’t worry about that.

Step 3 of 3: Wash

Remove the rag and gently wipe with a scratchy scrubber. 

Use hot water, preferably soapy. Using paper towels, absorb any excess moisture.

And you’re done removing the dried latex paint from the concrete, which was quite frustrating. 

If your affected portion is smaller, you can use it without hesitation.

Method 2 of 3: Using Alcohol

You already tried household ammonia but it didn’t work perfectly?  And you’re stressing again over it. 

Wait, here’s another method for you.

You can use alcohol when ammonia can’t fight with the stubborn dried latex paint. You can remove the dried latex paint stain from the concrete by following these steps.

Step 1 of 2: Apply 

If the paint is still visible, dampen a rag with rubbing or distilled alcohol. Place the cloth on the affected area and leave it for 20 minutes. 

Step 2 of 2: Clean

Remove the cloth, scratch the area with a craft knife, then clean away any leftover paint with the mop and rinse water. Using paper towels, absorb the wetness.

While following this procedure, you’ll need some alcohol. And here’s some products recommended for you: 

Product 1
Product 2

These products are widespread in the market. 

Method 3 of 3: Removing Dried Latex Paint With Paint Thinner

If you want to spend some money on it, you can go for a thinner paint. There’re lots of paint thinner available in the market. For obstinate paint that won’t budge, use a stronger solvent.

Apply an acetone-soaked rog or commercial paint thinner to the affected area for about 20 minutes. 

Take the cloth out of it, exfoliate the area, and brush it with warm and soapy water. 

Once you remove the paint, carefully wipe the concrete with clean water to eliminate any solvent residue. Otherwise, water stains cost you a lot to fix your floor.

That’s it! You already got rid of the stubborn dried latex paint from concrete by this time. Are you happy now seeing your well-decorated concrete?


Question: Is it better to use latex or water-based paint?

Answer: Because it incorporates a plastic resin produced of acrylics to help it adhere better, latex paint is commonly referred to as “acrylic latex.” It creates a smoother surface than water-based paint and provides a protective covering.

Question: Is it possible to remove paint from concrete using vinegar?

Answer: Vinegar paint can be removed by heating it on the furnace or in the microwave until it is warm but not boiling. The paint will bubble when it is scraped from the concrete surface. If the paint spot is still tenacious after 15 minutes, apply more warm vinegar and soak for the same length of time. 

Question: Can we re-wet dried latex paint?

Answer: Latex paint cannot be revived; therefore, if you have a dried-up can, it should be disposed of properly. Water-based paint can be mended with water, and acrylic paint can also be reclaimed with water, only if you’re in a hurry.


That’s everything on how to remove dried latex paint from concrete. I’ve tried to gather all the information together. 

Follow one of the methods which are appropriate for you. It depends on how large your affected area is.

Don’t forget to wear gloves when you’re dealing with chemical products. After all, more potent safety first.

Take care until the next time!