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How to Remove the Front Cover of the Window Air Conditioner [5 Steps]

Air conditioners are really complicated these days. Sometimes taking the front cover off might seem really complicated. But still you can make it with a little mechanical knowledge.

How to remove the front cover of the window air conditioner?

Taking the front cover off might seem really complicated. But actually they are not. Even though the front cover doesn’t have any electrical parts. You must turn it off first. Most of the time they are attached with notches or screws. The one and only tool you’ll be needing is a screwdriver. 

The above information might not serve you the fullest. We have a detailed guide here on this topic. So, read on!

5 Step to Remove Front Cover of Window Air Conditioner

At the first glance, it might seem there’s no way to open it. But there are, the ways are not visible. There are a lot of reasons why you might need to remove the front panel. Maybe you need to clean it. Or there is gas leakage. 

Compared to a central AC, regular air conditioners cost less to repair. Still the amount is high. 

So be careful while removing the front cover. A little mistake while removing the part can make your wallet suffer for a few days.

Now let’s head on to the steps.

Step 1: Taking safety measures 

First, you have to turn the AC off. This might seem like a nonsense step. But this is the most important one.

When you are working with electronics, following safety measures are essential. By turning off the ac you’ll be cutting the power flow to it. Window AC can contain wires for 220 air conditioners. Which can carry a lot of power. 

Also, disconnect the plug from the socket if possible. This will make sure there is no connection to the power. 

Step 2: Taking the Knobs and Notches Off 

Take the knobs of the AC. Usually, there are screws under the knobs. And you need to remove the screw in order to remove the front panel. 

Also, glide your hand on the sides of the AC front panel. Cause if the front panel is attached with notches. Then there they will be. 

Notches are easy to take off. They are basically holding the front cover to the air conditioner. You just need to pull them hard so that they slide off their place. 

Step 3: Take the Screws Off

But if it’s attached with screws. Then take all the screws out first. The screws should be around the frame of the AC. There you might find 1 or 2 screws.

The middle screw is for stability. So at the time of putting them back together, don’t forget about it. 

Also, remember how many screws you took out and their sizes. If all of them are of the same sizes, don’t bother remembering them. But if they are in different sizes, it’s better if you keep them separate. 

You also must remember which size screw goes where.

Sometimes there are both methods of attachment on the AC. There might be screws and notches at the same time. In that case, remove both of the attachments. 

Step 4: Pull on the Front Panel 

After taking the screws off or pulling notches. The front cover must come loose. If it does not, most probably it has stuck due to dirt. You should clean your AC after every winter. 

If your AC hasn’t been clean in many years. It must have got stuck with the rest of the body. In that case, look for where it is stuck.

Then pull with more strength or tap gently with the butt of the screwdriver. Don’t use a hammer. You don’t want to break the notches. Or otherwise, you won’t be able to put it back.

If you’ve been thinking of purchasing a screw drive. Here are some screwdrivers that might suit you best for the job:


These are good at lasting for a long time. Also made with durable materials.

Step 5: Be aware of Dirt Inside the Panel 

Finally, by now, you should be able to take the front cover of your AC. to beware of dirt particles. So do wear a mask. 

The front panel is made out of hard plastic. So keep it a safe place. If it falls from a height, it ends up having a crack. 

Things to Remember While Removing Front Cover of the AC

You see, removing the front cover of the AC is not as difficult as we think. The front cover of the AC contains the filer and It makes the AC look better. So be careful while removing the front cover, especially, while pulling. By pulling in the wrong direction can cause tears in the filer. 

Remember to use the right screwdriver. Or otherwise, the screws will be stripped off

Don’t put a wet filter inside. The water will drip and sit inside the front cover. It might damage the AC. 


Question: Does the AC cover contain any wiring?

Answer: No. The front cover is just a protector for the AC.

Question: Do I need to take the front cover off when installing the AC?

Answer: Generally, you don’t have to remove it. But if you are installing the AC in a narrow space, then you should. 

Question: Can I clean the front cover with water?

Answer: Yes. the front cover is just a protector of the front panel. There is no electrical wiring in it. So you can clean it with water directly. 


So that’s all from our end. I hope we were able to clear your confusion about how to remove the front cover of the window air conditioner.

Must follow safety measures when you are working with electronics. And remember the process might be slightly different for different types of AC.

I hope now you won’t face any trouble while removing the front cover.