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How To Remove Gutters? [Step-by-Step Guidelines]

Removing gutters may sound like solving some Rubik’s cube. But to remove and replace it from time to time is important. You need to do so that water doesn’t enter your homes and ruin your stuff. 

How to remove gutters?

Start with using a power drill in reverse or a screwdriver to remove the screws. That from underneath the roof or in the covering. During this procedure, hold the gutter in place. Do not let the gutter fall on the ground for safety procedures. Instead, let someone hold it for you. For personal safety wear gloves and a helmet.

Are you still confused? Then fret not! We have an entire article dedicated just to this.

Enjoy and keep reading for more!

Can You Remove Gutters By Yourself?

It might be a little intimidating to remove a gutter by yourself. Let’s say it is easier than changing the toilet flush but harder than flushing toilets manually.

But once you get the hang of it, you will become a gutter-maestro. Well, if not a maestro, at least you will be able to learn something educational.

But, before anything, we would need tools both for safety and removal procedures. Let’s go see what it is.

Tool For Safety Measures

When working on a ladder, keep in mind that safety precautions must always be followed. When working with gutters, keep the following tips in mind:

Work Gloves

Because there may be pointy or harsh edges or things on or in the gutters, wear appropriate work gloves.

Safety Helmet

Consider wearing a helmet and using a ladder that can reach the appropriate height when using a ladder outdoors.


A ladder that is too short or narrow adds to the tension and is potentially dangerous. Some of the preferred ladders that we’d definitely recommend would be:

Ladder 1
Ladder 2

When using power tools, make sure you follow all rules governing electricity, safe wiring or battery observation, and so on.

Other Tools Needed During The Procedure

Now, it’s time for the tools needed during the changing procedure. They are:

  • Ladder without shallow stairs or narrow railings.
  • Pry bar or hammer, (reminds us of twin hammer vs twin-clutch debate)
  • Power screwdriver or drill machine
  • Caulk or wood putty
  • Caulking gun or putty knife
  • Work gloves

Removing A Gutter: 9 Steps To Follow

After we have covered the tool issues, it’s finally time for the main deal. This moment will determine your capability and house safety. So, take a deep breath, and let’s go into it.

Step 1: Examine The Gutters

First, start by examining the gutters to see if any screws, nails, or rivets need to be removed. To pull nails, use a pry bar or a hammer. Use the screwdriver to remove screws.

If rivets are discovered, drill them out.

Step 2: Taking Off Downspouts

Downspouts should be removed first. After you disconnect gutter parts from your property, you never want their weight to pull on gutter pieces.

Step 3: Detach the Downspouts from the Curve

Now, you’d have to remove the downspout from the curve. It stays below the drop outlet. 

Step 4: Pulling Down the Downspouts

Now, you have to pull the downspout from your home. It is done by loosening the downspout wall straps.

Step 5: Detaching Hardware

Next, you would have to detach both the mounts and the alternative mounting hardware. For this, you should use a screwdriver or hammer.

It’s helpful to have someone who can keep the parts stable while you concentrate on these.

Step 6: Repairing Holes

Now, you must repair any holes left behind after removing brackets.

Step 7: Caulking 

You need to squirt caulk into holes in vinyl surfaces and then smooth out with your finger. You’d have to follow this step properly. Otherwise, you might have to redo the whole process. Sufferers said it feels like caulking over sealed grout. And we don’t want that.

Step 8: Sealing

For wooden surfaces, you must use wood putty with putty knife holes.

Step 9: Paint

Finally, if you desire, you may paint over the mended areas.

Gutter Preservation: Necessary Steps

Now that you have removed and installed a new gutter, what should you do next? Well, not taking proper care of it should not be on your list. 

Because the gutter holds so much garbage, they deserve a little spa time. As in, a self-care moment unless you are willing to remove the gutter every year. Here’s a list of ways you can do so:

Cleaning the Gutters Twice a Year

After installation, the second best thing for your gutter would be your half-yearly attention. Through this, the gutters will function as brand new and your home ceiling won’t be damaged or dirty.

Taking Care of Your Safety while Cleaning

We highly recommend this step for you to stay alive. Personal safety is necessary while cleaning the gutter. As you will be working with heights and dirt, make sure to use a strong ladder, and rubber gloves for protection.

Using the Right Tools

Using the right tool for the right purpose is important for safe guttering. In other words, do not use one tool for another to save money or energy.

Do Not Neglect the Accessories

Accessories as in the safety gears should not be avoided. At any cost, they should be with you. No matter how uncomfortable, unruly or ugly may you feel. Add flower stickers for the aesthetics for all we care about, but have them on you.

Prevent Everything You Get

Because you’ll be climbing on the roof, use your explosives to complete all of the tasks essential to improve the performance of your sewers. Prevention is a fantastic endeavor.

Prepare Yourself for the Work

First and foremost, you must recognize that if you are afraid of heights, this work is not for you, nor should you do it; it is potentially dangerous. Begin by putting all of your essentials in a specific ladder that you will use to climb.

Start from the Corners

When you climb to the top of the building, you’ll be able to observe how your gutters are doing. Start from a corner, close to where the water pours down, and push the trash to the other side; this will prevent it from being covered even more. Start with the large trash (always wearing gloves to avoid injuries) and work your way down to the smaller items.

Rinse Well When You Finish

After you’ve removed all of the leaves, seeds, roots, and other debris from your gutters, rinse them with a hose to get rid of any dust or other minute particles that you couldn’t get out with your hands.

Don’t Forget to Check Periodically

You clean your gutters someday, and the time passes, and you never return. Cleaning should be one of the major parts of your regular chores. Clean whenever it’s necessary.


Question: Can I remove and reinstall the gutter?

Answer: yes, of course. You remove and replace gutters with proper guidelines to follow. 

Question: How do I fix clogged gutters?

Answer: By regularly cleaning you can fix clogged gutters. To keep the gutter clean, wash it every 6-8 months.

Question: How do I keep leaves out of gutters?

Answer: you have to clean the filters of the gutter every day to keep out leaves and debris. Regular cleaning is necessary to keep the hygiene dynamics of the gutter.


If you have read this far, you have officially become a gutter-master. We are proud of you!

But if you haven’t been able to follow the steps, that’s ok too. You don’t have to overdo it to prove some point.

Professionals exist to lend you a hand. Make sure to contact them for further queries.

Best of luck!