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How to Remove Hem Tape Residue from Iron: 2 Easy Ways

Maybe you are a fashion designer and you work with hem tape often. Recently you saw that your iron became sticky. You discover that residue of hem tape stuck with your iron.

It might be quite frustrating to remove the residue from the iron.

How to remove hem tape residue from iron?

There are multiple ways you can remove sticky residue from your iron. To remove hem tape residue you can use water and baking soda. The iron can also be cleaned with white vinegar and regular salt. Keep in mind, this residue ultimately ruins your iron if not taken care of. So you should be careful.

There’s a lot more to discuss. Let’s jump into the following discussion to know more-

Hem Tape Residue on an Iron: What Causes It?

Over time, residue accumulates on the soleplate of an iron. The heated metal surface of an iron is known as the iron plate. Hem tape residue on your iron can be caused by melted hem tape and fabrics.

For an iron, the residue is a difficulty. There are two main causes behind this.

The first effect is that it causes friction. Which makes ironing more difficult and causes clothing to move about on the ironing surface. 

Second, the heated residue may transfer on your fabrics, which can create permanent spots.

Clean Hem Tape Residue from Iron – 2 Easy Ways

Now the question is how to clean this kinda residue from my iron? Don’t worry. I am describing  2 simple ways that you can try at home. 

Both are effective and easy to do. You can kind of relate one of the methods with the process of removing silicone from wood. These methods should remove residue and restore your iron to a nearly new look.

Can’t wait anymore to learn? Let’s move to a step-by-step guideline then. 

Clean with Water and Baking Soda – 5 Steps

In this way, you need to make a thick mixture of water and baking soda. This combination effectively removes adhesive compounds and other buildups such as mineral deposits and dirt. 

The steps for removing sticky residue are as follows:

Things You’ll be Needing

  • Warm Water
  • Baking Soda
  • Cotton Pad
  • Wooden Spatula

Step 1: Make a Mixture

In a bowl, mix warm water and baking soda to make a thick mixture. The ratio should be equal.

Step 2: Wipe It Applying the Mixture 

Wipe the iron plate using the baking soda mixture cleverly. Use a wooden spatula and ensure that it effectively distributes the mixture to the iron plate.

Step 3: Don’t Use Fabrics

The mixture of baking soda and water works like an abrasive. It removes the residue through friction. 

That’s why something like a wooden spatula is needed for wiping. Don’t use fabrics.

Step 4: Repeat the Whole Process 

Repeat the process again on the iron plate to eliminate all leftover adhesives on the iron. Keep doing it till the plate is entirely clear.

Step 5: Remove the Mixture from the Iron Plate

Use distilled water and a clean cotton pad to remove the mixture from the iron plate. If you’re using a steam iron, activate the steam function. The leftover mixture will be extracted from the vents.

Keep the iron in a dry place for some time and then give a trial. Hope you will be amazed after seeing the difference.

Well, the process of removing masking tape from wood or iron is different from it. Somehow don’t get confused.

Clean with Salt And White Vinegar – 3 Simple Steps

This is another procedure that you can try with. It’s also quite simple once you have the tools are given below-

Things You’ll be Needing

  • Regular Salt 
  • White vinegar
  • Cotton Pad/ Cotton wiping rag
  • Cloth

It can be tough for you to choose a perfect cotton wiping rag. These are some of the best cotton wiping rags you can use:

Product 1
Product 2

I used them both by myself. Both are excellent in my opinion due to their texture and longevity. You can use them several times.

Step 1: Make a Mixture

Take some regular salt and white vinegar. You need to mix them in a 1:1 ratio. Remember to mix it in a microwave-safe bowl.

Step 2: Microwave 

Microwave the mixture for roughly 30 seconds at high power. To ensure that the salt is completely dissolved, vigorously swirl the mixture.

Step 3: Rub the Iron Plate

Rub the bottom of your iron with a cotton wiping rag dipped in the liquid mixture. Put some more pressure than usual while rubbing. Rub until the adhesives are gone. Then use a cloth to clean the iron plate. 

This should remove residue and other dirt easily. A little warning. Sometimes people try to use an abrasive cleaner to do this task. I guess it’s not a good idea.

An Additional Method

You need to keep your iron stain-free. It will make your garments look clean and smart. 

I can suggest another method. You can try newspaper for cleaning the hem tape residue.

Put your iron to the highest temperature and fully switch off the steam. Now clean the hot dry iron by running it through a newspaper or paper towel. 

If the iron is still sticky then repeat with some salt on the newspaper or paper towel. You can also try a dry cotton towel instead of a newspaper. 

Another thing. Always use the iron when it is perfectly dry after cleaning the soleplate.


Question: How do you get marks off an iron?

Answer: Mix equal amounts of white vinegar and baking soda and make a paste. Wipe the soleplate in tiny circles with the paste using a clean microfiber cloth. After some minutes, clean the iron plate with distilled water. 

Question: How do you get sticky residue off of a Teflon iron?

Answer: Unlike baking soda, toothpaste is not abrasive enough to cause harm to the Teflon. After cleaning the baking soda off the iron plate, apply some toothpaste. Then, clean the toothpaste with a cotton rag.

Question: Does baking soda remove sticky residue from Iron?

Answer: Yes, baking soda removes sticky residue from Iron. You can use this procedure to get rid of sticky dirt. Simply mix baking soda and warm water and apply to the residue.


That’s all for this article. I hope now you know how to remove hem tape residue from iron.

A dirty iron can harm your fabrics. And if the dirt is hem tape residue, it is always a challenge. So, keep your iron clean regularly by using my methods. 

Good luck!