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How to Remove Kwikset Deadbolt [Step-by-Step Process]

Kwikset locks are a reliable door locking device.

But, there’s a good possibility you’ll run into deadbolt scenarios like this one.

How to remove the Kwikset deadbolt?

To remove or open the Kwikset deadbolt, first, try opening it. If it fails then try unscrewing it. If that even fails, try removing the cylinder. Now you may also know how to do it without the help of screws. If these fail, then call a locksmith to the rescue.

This is just a brief, I’ve skipped a few details here. But hey! If you want to get more insights, read till the end.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get right down to business!

Why Does Deadbolt Get Stuck?

To be able to remove the Kwikset deadbolt, you need to know why it gets stuck in the first place.

If the bolt is not properly oriented, it may become stuck in the strike plate. Stuck bolts can be caused by a variety of elements inside the lock jamming. Or if the parts are becoming disengaged. 

How to Open Kwikset Deadbolt Lock [5-Step Solution]

First, use a key. If it fails, let us see how to open a deadbolt lock. Although the process will vary for a push and twist lock.

Step 1: Apply Some Grease

An age-old idea of pouring the grease into the lock may often regain its functionality. So why not try this technique first?

To begin, lubricate the lock inside the key passage with graphite spray.After that, re-insert your key and twist it around. If the jam is caused by rust or corrosion.

Step 2: Tap and Apply Force

After this, strike the body surrounding the keyhole with a tiny hammer. Then twist the key back and forth. 

It will take some time. But it will soon fall back into position. The parts have to work to unlock the lock, so be patient.

Step 3: Try to Unscrew It

If the lock is securely fastened, tap it with the back of a screwdriver repeatedly to separate it. 

Examine the inner deadbolt rod once it’s been removed from the door surface. Check to see if it’s correctly aligned with the lock’s slot.

Place the rod where it belongs and slide it back. Replace the lock and try to unlock it once more.

Step 4: Open Cylinder of the Deadbolt

Hold the lock-cylinder to the side with the interior of the lock facing you. Remove the side-by-side clip from the plug. 

For this, you’ll need a flat-head screwdriver or a plug-removal tool.

As you move the clip from side to side, it will detach from the plug. After placing the key into the lock cylinder, turn it 14 times clockwise.

Place a plug follower on the cylinder’s end. Try using the plug follower to slowly pull the cylinder out of the lock. Plug follower has the same diameter as the cylinder. 

Step 5: Try Testing It

Hopefully, your stuck deadbolt has been unlocked by this stage. But don’t rush to shut the door. While the door is still open, give it a try. 

Check to determine if the deadbolt is working properly by locking. 

When a lock begins to malfunction, unlike magnetic doors, it is time to replace it. But it may become stuck again, so it’s best to have it replaced. 

An alternative can be to get it repaired by a professional locksmith.

How to Open a Double-Sided Kwikset Deadbolt

To keep the door stable while removing the deadbolt, prop it open. Then do the following-

Locating Screws

Use both a flat-head and a screwdriver on hand. Both types of screws are used in some locksets. A hex socket or Allen-wrench style mounting screw may be used on older locks.

To loosen the screws, use the appropriate screwdriver. Remove the two mounting screws at this time. The one that secures the internal lock to the mounting plate is the one you’re looking for. 

Then place loose bits in a container for safety.

Open the Mounting Plate

Begin removing the two mounting screws from the door’s mounting plate on the inside.These plates are used for lock-mounting methods

Hold the outside side of the deadbolt. Then pull it out and away from the door. 

Remove Striker Assembly

Pull the striker assembly out and away from the door to remove it. Remove the two screws that hold the striker in place. Attach the plate to the doorjamb with a screwdriver.

Cutting Perimeter

You must avoid peeling or harming the door’s finish during lock removal. You should try using a sharp utility knife for this.

This is used to cut around the perimeter of the lock on both sides.

Here is a kit recommendation for picking locks so that much effort is not needed:

Product 1
Product 2

This kit will help keep the tools required all together and make them easy to use. But remember that the same technique cannot be used to wind a clock without keys.


Question: What is the Kwikset lock master code?

Answer: 0-0-0-0 is the default Master code. But you must replace it with your code. This is done for maintaining safety and security.

Question: How do I change my Kwikset master code?

Answer: Make sure the door is open and the lock is unlocked. Enter your Master code instead of 0-0-0-0. Lock the door by pressing the lock button after a beep sound. Replace the Master code with a fresh one. Again press the lock button.

Question: What is the process of removing a smart lock from a door?

Answer: Pull up on the side latches. Disconnect the Smart Lock from the mounting plate to remove it. Then replace the existing mounting plate with the one that came with your Smart Lock. Open the App of the lock and go to the side menu and pick Set Up a New Device.


This is pretty much all you need for knowing how to remove Kwikset deadbolts. Let’s say as this lock is now pretty dated, there is no need to worry. 

I hope you have already noted how to remove the deadbolts.

Keep your calm. Don’t lose your focus and pay close attention. 

Good luck with removing your lock!