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How To Remove Mold From Leather Car Seats: 5 Easy Steps

I know it feels disgusting to see mold on the car seat. And with the awful smell of mold is also another concern. On top of that, it can be dangerous to breathe in mold spores. You might be wondering how to get out of this situation.

How to remove mold from leather car seats? 

You can remove mold with some easy steps. First, you need to apply rubbing alcohol to the seats. Then you need to let it dry and then wipe it out. To get rid of the smell you can apply breaking powder, let it dry for a day.  And finally, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the car interior. 

This matter must still be very blurry to you. Don’t worry. I have prepared the article to clear your head out. 

Let’s head in there and remove that car seat mold!

Why Do I Have Mold on My Car Seat? 

Well, there can be many reasons for growing mold on your car seat. Generally, mold grows in moist and dark environments. And a car seat can be the best option for that.

Mold needs three materials to grow. Moisture, warmth, and especially they like to grow on organic matter. And leather perfectly suits these conditions.

You can say that a leather seat is perfect for mold growth. You must be wondering how come there is moisture on your car seat.

Well on that note it can be because you have spilled a drink and didn’t take immediate action. Or maybe your sunroof was open during the rain. And these can be enough reasons for growing mold in your car seat. 

To prevent mold growing on your car seat or interior you need to moisture lock your car. And you need to take immediate action if your kids spilled any drink in the car. 

But however, you can notice this mold on your car seat. If your car seat is black then you maybe can’t see them but surely their foul odor will notify you.  

Unless intentionally, you won’t be able to drive your car with mold. Their awful odor will make you sick. And there is no other way but to clean them from your car seat. Here, below I have discussed how to clean mold from your car seat. 

Tools you need to clean the mold 

Luckily you won’t need to buy any expensive tools or expensive ingredients to remove the mold. In that case, some handy home tools and your DIY energy will do the work. 

Here are some tools and parts you need to gather before cleaning mold from the seat:

  • White distilled vinegar 
  • Automotive cleaning wipe
  • Spray carpet 
  • Vehicle interior cleaner 
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Spray bottle 
  • Towel or rags 
  • Scrub brush 
  • Gloves or eye protection 
  • Mask 

Got everything ready? Now, let’s start!

5 Steps To Remove Car Seat Mold! 

Before you tie up your gear and start to clean your seats. Here’s the thing, if you give your car a nice sunbath, removing mold would be much easier. Also, it can also be a hassle full like removing black spots

Because the sun plays the opposite role against moisture. Moisture helps to grow mold on the other hand sun kills mold. 

If you take your car to an open spot under the sun. And let the windows and sunroof open. The hot sun will kill the mold spores. And it would be very easy to clean the mold after that.

Here are some steps you need to follow to clean up mold from your car seat. 

Step 01: Prepare Rubbing Alcohol with Water

Rubbing alcohol can be the best solution for removing mold from your car seat. It’s handy, mostly you will find it in every household. And it doesn’t hamper the surface of your leather seat. 

You need to mix rubbing alcohol with water. The ratio can be 50/50. That means if you take 250 ml of rubbing alcohol. Then you need to add 250 ml of water. Take a bucket or pot to mix up rubbing alcohol and water. 

Before mixing alcohol keep in mind how much alcohol you will need. If there are one or two molds then you may need even a little cup of solution.


If you don’t have any rubbing alcohol you may use vinegar for cleaning that is stored in your fridge. Vinegar can be useful. You can put vinegar in a spray to use. It would do just fine like rubbing alcohol. 

Step 02: Spray and Scrub the Affected Area

Rubbing the alcohol as described above can be useful. This will kill the mold fungus and its spore. 

You need to wipe or spray-on rubbing alcohol on the affected area. You need to spray a little bit more to kill the spore. Also, you may need to do this process one or two times. If you get a lot of mold in your seat then try one spot at a time, it’s more like removing candle wax.

Step 03: Hand-dry or Air-dry the Leather 

After spraying alcohol, obviously the leather won’t get mold-free in a second. You need to let the rubbing alcohol rest. 

Also, you can’t keep your seat wet for a long time. You can use a hand wiper, or microfiber cloth to wipe the extra alcohol out. Or you may use any air-dry to dry your seat. 

You may need to do this one or two times in a row to kill the mold spores completely. 

Step 04: Use Baking Soda to Remove Odor

After wiping your car, you can say you are saved from the mold. But are you saved from the awful smell of mold? No, there may still be a smell left in your car. 

Removing mold’s awful odor is the same thing as removing the vomiting smell from the bed or couch. To remove the smell from your seat, spray baking soda solution on your car seat. You need to let it rest for a long time. 

You can park your car in the garage and let it rest for 1 day. It will successfully take out the awful odor from your car seat. 

There are some easy handy solutions for removing car odors. Here, I have some nice smell removal solutions for you:

Product 01 
Product 02 

These solutions have a nice fragrance. And you can also use them to remove the everyday moist smell. 

Step 05: Clean the Interior

Finally, take a vacuum cleaner and clean up your car interior. You should check for any other spots that are affected by mold. 

If other areas are affected with mold then you need to do the same step accordingly. You should check under the seat and also AC and other sights of the interior. 


Question: Does bleach ruin leather? 

Answer: Yes, bleach can ruin the leather. Leather is a natural material. And harsh material of bleach can ruin its color or its constricting materials. 

Question: What causes green mold on leather? 

Answer: If your car is exposed to specific moisture,  warmth, and dark conditions. That means if you left your car outside with windows open. And your car interior gets moist. It may cause green mold on leather. 

Question: Is vaseline good for leather? 

Answer: Yes, Vaseline is good for leather. It has petroleum in it. That cleans and softens the leather surface if you use it on leather. 

Bottom Line 

Thank you for reading the whole article. That’s all from us. Hope now you are clear about how to remove mold from leather car seats

Even if there are still some issues you are facing about the mold. Before throwing the seat in the trash, it’s best if you console a professional. 

Best of luck with your car!