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How To Remove Orange Glo Wax From Hardwood Floors In 4 Steps

Hardwood floors are quite sustainable and warm to use in Nordic countries. But orange Glo wax damages its shiny surfaces. Also, it makes the texture grimy and sticky that diminishes the natural appearance. 

How to remove orange Glo wax from hardwood floors?

Firstly prepare your cleaning solution with ammonia. Maintain a proper ratio of water and ammonia to make the perfect mixture. Immerse a dry rag into the solution and place the damp rag over the wax. Wait for a few minutes to loosen the wax. Then rub through the sticky wax until it’s cleared off. Rinse several times to clear off any existing traces of ammonia. 

That’s not the end. There’s a lot more to explain. For that keep reading the rest of our article and learn about the details. 

Let’s spill the beans!

Reasons to Use Glo Wax on The Wooden Floors

We know wooden floors are made from natural resources. So they have a distinctive beauty other than any artificial floorings. 

To sustain this unique beauty we need to keep them neat and clean. That’s why we use numerous types of cleaners to clear the odds over the wooden floors. 

Orange Glo Hardwood floor cleaner is quite handy in cleaning wooden floors. But the issue arises when it uses much more than usual.

Due to the unusual and extravagant usage of this cleaner the floor loses its natural hue. Soon some sticky and grimy buildup is noticed over the surface. 

These sticky stains are a kind of glo wax that diminishes the natural outlook of the floor. Also if you leave your floor crummy for too long it gets the same as this one.

As soon as you encounter such unusual stuff over the floor you should clean it at once.

Steps to Remove Wax From Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are quite good and comfortable to use. But due to improper care, it turns pale and loses its natural appearance. 

Sometimes they produce orange glo wax that’s very nasty and grimy. So people are very interested in removing such odds from their wood surfaces. 

In the following steps, we’ll try to elucidate the way to clean your dirty or waxed wooden floor. This method is quite similar to cleaning unfinished wood

Read till the end so that you don’t miss any points. So, without any delay let’s start our expedited-

Step 1: Gather Necessary Tools 

Commonly, you’ll surely need some tools to clean your floors. And that’s why we feel the urge to inform you about the required equipment. 

Follow the list below to learn more:

  • Ammonia-based Cleaner or Solution Rags
  • Rags
  • Water
  • Paper Towel
  • Measuring cup
  • Wood floor cleaner
  • Hand gloves
  • Safety goggles (Optional)
  • Bucket

These are the tools to be used in our cleaning mission. If you’ve already stacked them up, you can go for the next. 

Step 2: Prepare The Cleaning Solution 

Now as you’ve got your tools in hand it’s time to get into work. We’ll start by preparing our cleaning mixture. 

Our cleaning solution will be made from water and ammonia. Avoid abrasive cleaners as they are not suitable for that case.

To make the solution, fill the bucket with 1 gallon of water first. Here’s one point to remember. And it’s that the water should be a bit warmer than usual. 

Warm water will help the ammonia to mix properly and make a better cleaning solution. Now add 1 cup of ammonia to the water bucket. 

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After you mix water and ammonia properly, place the bucket over a piece of dry cloth. It’ll prevent the ammonia mixture from dripping onto the floor. 

A while later, put on your rubber hand gloves and safety goggles. Now take a fresh rang and whirl the ammonia solution for proper mixing. 

Step 3: Apply Cleaning Mixture over The Surface 

After you’ve prepared the mixture perfectly, pull out the rag and squeeze. When the extra water dripped off from the rag, place it over the surface.

Keep the rag on the orange glo for a few minutes. It’ll loosen the glo wax and make it easy to remove. 

Later on, rinse this area with an ammonia solution. Scour the area with the rag and clean the spot properly. Rinse several times to ensure a better finish. 

Sometimes the glo wax might not be removed. Don’t worry, it happens. You’ll just continue washing until the wax is pulled off. 

You can spray ammonia-based cleaner over it and polish it with a paper towel. Took off the paper towel after it had properly soaked the sprayed solution. 

After several turns, the wax will surely be removed. So keep trying and don’t stop rubbing.

Step 4: Add the Finishing Touches

As you’ve finished cleaning your floor with ammonia solution it’s time to give it a final touch. 

Ammonia is an acid-based cleaner. So long contact of the cleansing solution might leave a trace on the floor. 

That’s why you should now mop the floor with a wood floor cleaner. It’ll remove any kind of remaining traces after your cleaning is finished. 

After cleaning your house you might smell like bleaching. Therefore you can spray any air freshener to get rid of odor smells. 

Quick Tips  

While cleaning the surface, you can use tips and tricks to get a better outcome-

  • Make sure the working area is properly ventilated.
  • Wearing a face mask as ammonia can produce fumes that can be overpowering. 
  • Change ammonia and water mixture after every four sections. 

Our cleaning process ends here. Hope you’ve successfully cleared all the traces out of the surfaces. Your wooden floor should look as new as before. 


Question: Which chemical dissolves wooden floor wax?

Answer: A mixture of hot water, ammonia, and dishwashing soap help to dissolve floor wax. While making the solution add 2 gallons of water, 2 cups of ammonia, and 1 cup powder soap. A proper ratio is mandatory to make it work perfectly. 

Question: Can we use orange glo on wooden floors?

Answer: Yes. You can use orange glo as an oil-free cleaner before you apply the refinisher. It makes the floor prepared before using the refinisher. 

Question: Does vinegar strip floor wax?

Answer: Yes. Vinegar helps to liquefy wax and shouldn’t be used on waxed furniture. However, it’s good for removing old wax coats over floors. 


That’s all we’ve for today. Hope you understood how to remove orange glo wax from hardwood floors.

We recommend following every step we’ve explained to get the best output. 

Good luck!