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How to Remove Paint from Linoleum: Explained in Detail

Linoleum floors are really good-looking and increase the charm of the house. But a drop of paint falling on Linoleum can destroy its beautiful look. And it’s almost impossible to keep the Linoleum neat during a painting job.

How to remove paint from linoleum?

There are specific sets of instructions for different paints. First, you’ve to find the type of paint. Then gather the necessary instruments for removing it. Water and detergent mixture helps a lot to remove the stain. Besides, scrapping, rubbing alcohol, and mineral spirits are good solutions too.

To clean the paint completely you have to know the techniques in detail. Scroll through our discussion and get your work done in no time!

How to Remove Paint from Linoleum? 

The Linoleum can get ruined during any painting procedure like painting metal lockers. By following specific procedures you can clean the paint easily. We will guide you through the whole process. But before that let’s gather all the tools needed for the operation. 

Required Materials

It’s very important to acquire all the necessary apparatus before starting the removal procedure. Because any hamper during the operation can make the paint mark stiffer. So check the list of materials and collect them:

  • Dish detergent (powdered or liquid)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cleaning eraser
  • Sponge
  • Razor 
  • Blade 
  • Rubber gloves
  • Bucket

All these materials are a must for the success of paint removal. Once you have gathered the items, we can start our work.

But different types of paints are used in coloring various things. The removal process is different too. Don’t get tense! We have discussed all the procedures for you below.

Removing Oil Paint 

Oil paints have more grip strength than latex paints. So oil paints are used for coloring exterior things. These paints also take more time to dry. 

There are specific techniques to clean oil paints from Linoleum. Go through our set of instructions to remove oil paints most simply.

Wipe the Paint 

The easiest way to clean the paint is by wiping it. But for doing that the paint must be wet. So wipe the paint as fast as possible after it has dropped on Linoleum.

Use a sponge to do it. Wet the sponge in water before wiping the paint. But don’t make the sponge too wet. 

A too wet sponge will spill the paint. To clean more easily, a small amount of dishwasher liquid can be mixed with water. You can get a cent-percent success rate by doing this procedure immediately. 

Apply Rubbing Alcohol 

There are several uses of rubbing alcohol. Removing paint stains is one of them. If the paint dries on the Linoleum, apply some alcohol over it. To avoid skin contact wear a pair of gloves. This will save your hand from the corrosive properties of alcohol. 

Soak the sponge with some alcohol. Then rub over the paint. This should do the work.

Use Cleaning Eraser 

If the oil paint doesn’t go off the Linoleum after applying alcohol,  try cleaning the eraser. There are different brands of cleaning erasers available in the market. These erasers are manufactured for the sole purpose of removing stains. So try this without hesitation.

We have some suggestions for cleaning erasers that will come in handy. Try these products for the best result:


We are sure that you will be satisfied after trying our suggested products.

These methods will be enough to remove the oil paints from Linoleum. Now check out the techniques of removing latex paints from the Linoleum. 

Removing Latex Paint

Latex paints are also known as water-based paints. These paints dry very quickly. They are used to paint interiors like painting inside kitchen cabinets. Latex paints are not as strong as oil paints. But some spots can get messy and we have solutions for that!

Use Mixture of Soap & Water 

A mixture of soap and water can be enough for removing latex paints from Linoleum. Use a little amount of detergent with water to prepare the mixture. Apply the mixture with a sponge on the spot. This should do the job if you are in luck.

Use Mineral Spirit  

The next step is to use mineral spirit. Mineral spirits do an excellent job in removing latex paints. You can also use alcohol instead of mineral spirit. The application method is the same as removing the oil paint using alcohol. 

Apply Latex Paint Removals

If both detergent mixture and mineral spirits fail, you have to go for paint removers. There are specific latex paint removals available in the market.

These removals are water-based so they can remove the paint stain easily. Get one from your nearest market and apply on the spot as soon as possible. 

Scrape off

The last method is to scrape off the latex paint from the Linoleum. You have to do scraping if a hard stain remains on the Linoleum after all the work. Use a razor blade to scrape off the paint.

But be careful while using the blade. Because you can damage the Linoleum and cut it by giving too much pressure on the blade. Slip the blade under the paint at first. Then slowly cut it off. This will remove the tiniest stain of paint from your Linoleum. 

These are all the required procedures for removing paint from the Linoleum. You can see that these techniques are quite different from removing spray paints from concrete. Follow our guidelines to clean the paint without damaging your Linoleum. 


Question: How do you remove dried paint from vinyl?

Answer: To remove dried paint from vinyl you have to scrape it first. Then apply mineral spirits and alcohol on the stain spot. Lukewarm water can do the magic of removing too.

Question: Does paint thinner hurt linoleum?

Answer: Yes, paint thinner can hurt Linoleum. Paint thinner is very abrasive and cleaner. The Linoleum is a very sensitive thing. So it possesses the risk of damage from the paint thinner. 

Question: Does vinegar remove paint?

Answer: Yes, vinegar removes paint. Vinegar dissolves the paint and helps in removing paint stains. Vinegar is a natural paint removal. So it is very safe for use too. You can apply vinegar without any hesitation. 


We did our best to tell you how to remove paint from linoleum.

Before starting the work, determine the type of paint you will be removing. Then follow the respective set of instructions. This will make your work easy and the paint will be removed in a short time. 

We wish you complete success. Happy Cleaning!