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How to Remove Paint from Porcelain Tub [3 Easy Ways]

It’s really annoying to see drips of paint on your porcelain tub. It destroys the complete beauty of your porcelain tub. 

How to remove paint from a porcelain tub?

It’s really easy to remove the paint. The removal process depends on the paint you’re removing. If you are removing water-based paint, use solvent to remove it. But if the paint is oil-based, you need to use a paint stripper in order to remove it. Using a paint scraper can be an option. 

Each of the methods has multiple steps involved. We have given detailed information about each step. So why don’t you dive down below-

3 Easy Ways of Paint Removal

There are a lot of ways you can remove paint from a porcelain tub. We have listed a few of the best ways to remove the paint. 

Usually, paint falls in the tub while painting the ceiling or walls. When we compared ceiling and wall paint, we saw both are different and hard to remove. 

Each of the methods requires minimal tools. All of the methods are easy to follow as well. But before you jump into the removal method, know what kind of paint you’re dealing with. 

Test What Kind of Paint It is

Each type of paint reacts to different chemicals differently. Such as, water-based areas can be removed just by solvent. But, oil paints and plastic paints require turpentine. 

Also, removing paint from different surfaces has different methods. Such as removing paint from a porcelain tub will be different from removing paint from a mirror. So don’t use the same paint removal method everywhere.

The test is really simple to perform. We have given the description of the test in 3 steps. 

Step 1: Soak a Cloth with Rubbing Alcohol

To know which kind of paint you are dealing with, you need alcohol. Using denatured alcohol is the best. But if you have rubbing alcohol lying around, you can use it as well. 

Soak a cloth or cotton ball with alcohol. 

Step 2: Rub the Painted Area

Rub the cotton or cloth to see if the paint removes. You might need to run it with a bit of force and for a minute.

Paint hardens over time. And no matter what paint it is, it has to soften first, in order to remove.

Step 3: Observe the Cleaning Cloth

Now that the paint is removed it’s time to see what kind of paint it is. If the color has come onto the cloth or cotton, it is water-based. If it is clean, the paint is oil-based. 

This is how you will know if the paint is oil-based or water. Now let’s get to the removal methods

Solvent Method

If the paint is water-based, you have to use solvent. Oil-based paints are not as affected by solvents. So make sure you know the paint you’ll remove. 

The steps of removal are given below-

Step 1: Soak a Rag with Solvent

Do you know about cleaning solvents? You need to soak a rag with solvent in order to use it. 

Dripping solvent all over the area is not necessary. Add more solvent later if you need to. 

Step 2: Rub the Painted Area

Take the solvent-soaked cloth or rag, and rub it on the painted area. In order to remove the paint, you need to make the paint soft first. 

If the paint is rock hard, you need to make it lenient. Using warm water on hard paint can help. Use a bit of force and rub it for a minute to remove the paint. 

Step 3: Rinse the Remaining Paint with Water

When most of the paint is removed, rinse the area with water to clean. Using warm water can remove the remaining bits of paint altogether. 

And here you go, your water-based paint is removed.

Paint Stripper Method

If you have oil-based paint over your porcelain tub, using a paint stripper is the best option. The paint stripper is made to remove paints from surfaces. 

There are a lot of different paint strippers in the market. If you are thinking to buy a paint stripper, you can consider the below two products:


These paint strippers are really strong and work fast. Follow the package instructions to use effectively. 

The methods of removing oil paint from hair and from the porcelain tub are different. So, don’t use a paint stripper on your hair. 

Using gloves and goggles while using paint strippers is recommended. It can burn your skin in the long run. 

Let’s dive into the process:

Step 1: Spread the Stripper

While using a paint stripper, using a paintbrush is very effective. Spread the paint stripper with a paintbrush. Layer a coat of the substance and let it sit. 

Step 2: Leave it for 10 Minutes

When the paint stripper is sitting on the oil-based paint. It is sipping through and making the paint soft. 

Even though every paint stripper is different. Leaving it for 10 minutes or more will do the job. The best thing to do is follow the package instructions.

Step 3: Scrape it off and Rinse the Surface

Now that the paint is soft you can scrape it off with a paint scraper. Use the pain scraper gently, otherwise, it will leave scratches on the tub. 

After you use the scraper, clean the place with cold water, and your paint removal is done!


Questions: Is there any toolless method of paint removal?

Answers: You can use a paint scraper to scrape the paints off. But make sure to soften the paint first, and not to scratch the tub. 

Question: Can I leave the solvent on the paint like a paint stripper?

Answer: Solvent will evaporate if you leave it on the surface. Rubbing it off is better than leaving it on the surface. 

Question: Is solvent harmful to skins?

Answer: In the long run, the solvent can be harmful to the skin. It might burn your skin if you leave it too long. 


Well, now you know how to remove paint from a porcelain tub. It was described in 3 steps and hopefully you got them all.

Make sure that you’re putting gloves and goggles when you are removing paint. 

Happy scrapping!