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How to Remove A Samsung Ice Maker [4 Simple Steps]

Samsung freezers are currently one of the best top freezers in the market.

It leaves almost no space to be condemned about the features.

But one thing you may have already come up with.

That is the ice maker issue, and you need to get rid of it then.

How to remove a Samsung ice maker?

First of all, defrost the ice maker. Then disconnect it and take off its ice bucket. After that, you will have to take out the tray of ice. Finally, you can take off your ice maker from the Samsung fridge properly. You need to go stepwise to complete the task safely.

This is not enough for your concern. For the required information, you need to dig further. You’d get to know about the steps and a few drills too.

Get started now!

Why Do You Need to Remove Samsung Ice Maker

Samsung ice makers having issues dumping ice are not that complex of a problem. Because these happen due to simple and common reasons.

And fixing them is simple too. You can try resetting the ice maker yourself. But it does not always work.

In that case, you may need an alternative to fix this issue.

The first reason is a lack of freezer water pressure. The production of ice by the ice maker necessitates the use of water pressure. 

You can check the pressure quickly if you want. There might be some inadequate pressure if less than 75% of the water is discharged. 

A blocked filter might be another frequent cause of this. Freezers with blocked filters might not even make ice due to insufficient water pressure. 

Filter replacements that aren’t done regularly may aggravate the situation. When you replace the filter, you must wash the ice machine. 

In some cases, the remaining water in the pipeline freezes. For this reason, the Samsung fridge is unable to make ice. 

The reason is it’s either too small or has a unique shape. 

Besides these reasons, the ice maker can also get bad for rough usage. Letting your fridge door open for a long time can also affect your ice maker.

Factors like over-voltage might also affect your ice maker. Thus, there could be many factors hampering your ice maker. I just tried to cover most factors here.

Remove The Samsung Ice Maker By Following 5 Steps

Removing an icemaker may sound quite complex for an amateur like us. But you can be a pro at it. 

Just follow my steps to be one! Take a look here:

Step 1: Defrost Your Ice Maker

Defrost your freezer yourself to eliminate the ice. Let the ice melt quickly by keeping the door open. Now, turn the unit off. 

This method can be used to clear ice from an ice machine. You could also defrost the fridge using the forced defrost option. 

Pull the lights and refrigerator buttons for 10 seconds to activate this function. After a while, the screen would turn black. 

To defrost the gadget, click the Lighting button four times. When this defrosts, the machine will beep every half an hour. 

Take the ice off an ice machine using this method. You may also quickly defrost the ice using a hairdryer.

But I do not recommend this one because this heat would be enough to damage the plastic of your freezer.

Step 2: Disconnect The Ice Maker

Now, you must detach the ice maker from the power supply. Take off the plug from the socket safely. If you want, you may also turn off the power supply. 

Turning off the Samsung refrigerator is easy.

By carefully holding the ice bucket under the entrance and pulling it slightly, you can detach it. Leave the freezer door open for a few minutes when removing the bucket. 

Any remaining ice would be defrosted even more. You ought not to take a hairdryer in this situation. 

Because these can be permanent and can destroy the material. 

The Samsung ice maker top may be removed by lifting the refrigerator door. With a screwdriver, remove the nuts that hold the housing in line. 

Then raise the ice maker’s wrap with a little push. To avoid injury, don’t press or push it too hard.

Step 3: Take Out Ice Maker Tray

It’s possible that the freezer lacks an ice maker tray. In that case, you’ll need to defrost it, letting the ice melt. It can be defrosted in one of two ways. 

You may do it manually or use the force option. Take off the ice duct tray, which is held in place. Take a flat-bladed screwdriver for this. 

With your fingertips, carefully pull it off. Take off the cooling coils from the bottom of the ice maker. Then pull the coil down using. It’s vital to keep the coil from being punctured.

While removing the tray, do not forget to use hand gloves because a pair of hand gloves would help you keep out of the cold.

Not sure about what type of gloves to get for this? No worries! You may count on our pickups:

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I hope these recommendations help!

Step 4: Remove The Ice Make it off The Freezer

Finally, take the ice maker from the freezer. Move the coil clip a bit forward and click to click on it gently. After a while, release it to draw back again.

You can follow these steps to remove the ice maker from the freezer. You get here the steps broadly stated in the easiest way to follow. 

Any steps not followed properly may hamper its freezing quality.

Thus, it would help if you were careful enough. Good luck to you!


Question: Is it too tough to remove the Samsung ice maker?

Answer: No, it is not hard at all to remove a Samsung ice maker. It is easier. If you follow the steps correctly, it will be easy. You can do it yourself without any problem. But if you want, you can take help from an expert too.

Question: Why are there ice cubes on my freezer’s bottom?

Answer:  There is nothing to be stressed about if you see ice on your freezer’s bottom. Because this happens commonly and has simple solutions, this primarily happens due to a wrong door. In addition to that, poor ventilation can also be responsible for this. 

Question: Where do I find the test button of the Samsung ice-maker?

Answer: On the side of the ice maker facing you, you would find a square button. You may see a signal where it is written ‘test’ or ‘examine’. If not, then you may locate an arrow indicating the test button. Just click on that to get started with the test. If it doesn’t start, hold on to that until you hear a sound.

The Final Words

That was all about how to remove a Samsung ice maker! I believe you are no longer confused or wondering about your concern.

Before I end, I’d like to share a tip. Always keep your freezer’s bottom clean. When you see any ice there, clean it off. This would keep your freezer better.

All the best!