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How to Remove Shower Handles Without Screws [3 Easy Ways]

Your shower handle isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. You’re thinking of replacing it.

But turns out the shower handle doesn’t have screws in it. Looks like dealing with it is gonna be different than other shower handles.

How to remove shower handle without screws?

Most shower handles got hidden screws beneath the cover. First, you need to remove the cap or button from the handle. Once you get rid of them a hidden screw will be visible. Turn off the water supply and get rid of the hidden screw. Pull or twist the handle to get it removed.

Sounds a bit complicated? Then read my post until the end and follow the detailed guideline.

Let’s begin!

Ways to Remove Shower Handle Without Screws

Shower handles come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. The modern ones mostly don’t have visible screws in them making them look more pleasing. 

But the problem arises when you’ve got to remove them. How are you supposed to remove a handle that doesn’t have a screw? 

If you’re facing such an issue today, you’re at the right place. Because I’m gonna show you how to remove different types of shower handles without screws.

Way 1: Removing Shower Handles With Invisible Screws

You might presume your shower handle doesn’t have any screws. But the truth is it may have one hidden behind the cap or button. 

Don’t get surprised if you see it after locating the cap and removing it. Usually, it’s located on the top. The items you’ll need to do this job are-

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Hex key/ Allen wrench
  • A pair of Pliers/faucet handle puller

Got them all? Then let’s start.

Step 1: Remove the Cover

Remove the top cover of the shower handle. Use a flathead screwdriver as a lever between the cover and its body. Be careful not to damage anything while doing so.

If the cover comes off the hidden screws will be visible to you.

Step 2: Shut Off the Water Supply

Before dealing with the screws you need to decide on the water supply. The best option would be to keep it turned off. Otherwise, not only you may get drenched but also lose small parts in the process.

The water supply can be kept open when you’re removing the cartridge with the handle. Otherwise, don’t bother to keep it open.

Step 3: Remove the Screw

To remove the shower handle you need to remove the screw first. For that, you’ll need an Allen wrench of the right size. If the sizing isn’t correct then removing the screw will be troublesome.

That’s why we recommend you get a whole set of Allen screws. Don’t have one yet? Grab one of these-

Product 1
Product 2

If you have the whole set the size of the screw won’t be an issue. Withdraw the screw for moving to the next part.

Step 4: Remove the Handle

To pull off the handle from the wall you’ll require a pair of pliers. Use them to detach the handle from the wall. It may require more than one or two pulls. 

Once it comes off your job is done. You should now be able to just pull the handle off with your hands. In case you wanna reinstall it, keep the parts safe. 

Reinstalling is just the reverse process of what you’ve done above. This method works on lever, cross, and twist shower handles.

Way 2: Removing Shower Handles With Double Faucet

Shower handles without screws but with double faucets. Not sure what to do with this one? Don’t get worked up. It’s easier than installing a two handle shower faucet

But first, you’ll need these pieces of equipment-

  • A screwdriver
  • Nose needle pliers(for removing cartridge)

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Remove the Handle

First thing first, turn off the water supply to your shower faucet. After that, let’s work on the base of the shower handle. You’ve to hold the handle and spin the base counterclockwise.

Twisting it clockwise might break off the handle. After twisting the handle a couple of times it should come off. 

Step 2: Remove the Screw

There’ll be a screw underneath the base. Use a screwdriver to detach it. Once you remove it you’ll see the faucet cartridge underneath. You have a choice to remove the cartridge or not.

Step 3: Removing the Cartridge

Removing the cartridge isn’t necessary if it’s not broken or damaged. But if it is, you’ll have to replace it with a new one. Otherwise, you’ll face issues like the Hydramax shower leaking problem

To remove the cartridge you’ll need a pair of needle-nose pliers. Once you pull off the cartridge the job is done. But know that this step is only applicable for a damaged cartridge. If you are in good shape, stop at step-2.

Way 3: Removing Lever Style Shower Handles

Lever-style shower handles are quite different from the other two types mentioned above. To remove them follow the guidelines given below. 

But before that make sure you have these tools with you-

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Allen wrench/Hex wrench
  • Faucet handle puller

If you have them at hand we’re ready to start.

Step 1: Removing the Button

Lever style shower handles come with two buttons. One is the hot water button and another is the cold water button. To remove the handle you’ve to take off these buttons first.

For that, you’ll need help with a flathead screwdriver. Insert the flathead metal part of the screwdriver in between the gaps of the buttons. Press it upwards carefully.

Lever-style shower handles are rather delicate than other types. When dealing with them you’ve to be extra careful or they might get damaged.

Step 2: Removing the Allen Key

Unlike other shower handles, lever-style handles have an Allen key inside instead of screws. It’s usually located on the downside of the handle.

First, twist the handle to a favourable position from where you can see the key. Use an Allen wrench to twist the Allen key. After twisting it a couple of times it should come undone.

Step 3: Detach the Shower Handle

Once you remove the Allen key, detaching the handle is easy. But don’t put too much pressure on it. Or the shower handle can break off like how the shower pull switch breaks.

Pull-on the handle to separate it from the body and the job is done. The cartridge of the faucet will be visible once you remove it.

Shower Handle Stuck?

Following the steps closely yet no luck with the handle? This can happen if the shower handle is stuck. But the question is why is it stuck?

The reason could be a hidden screw attached to it that you missed. This is why give another check on the shower handle. If that’s not it then is the handle affected by corrosion?

Corrosion can be a reason why it’s gotten stuck. Corrosion also gives a hard time while removing shower riser rail. If that’s not it either then is the handle out of shape? 

Sometimes shower handle gets stuck if it isn’t in proper shape. So, what can be done in such situations?

In order to unstick the shower handle, you may require a handle & sleeve puller kit. All you’ve to do is put the equipment on the handle and spin it.

They are safe and easy to use. Thus, you won’t have to be worried about damaging the parts by pulling too much. But if you don’t have the kit with you screwdriver or wrench may also work.

If you’ve got a wrench, put it on the handle of the shower. Try to make the handle turn with it. But be careful not to dent the handle by putting too much pressure.

If the option is a wrench, then look for the central screw on the handle. Also, look for any additional screws. If these methods don’t work, then you’ll need professional help.

Need Professional Help?

Looking for expert help comes after you’ve tried all methods in your hand. After all, calling a plumber for the job will cost you more money.

Call in a professional only after you’ve tried the methods yourself. If it’s futile or you don’t know how to do it then get expert help. Sometimes people overdo stuff and get the shower handles damaged.

Don’t be one of them. Because the feature gets damaged, even the professionals might fail to revive it. Also, it’ll cost extra money to buy new parts. 

That’s why I know when to call it quits and get expert help instead. Wishing you good luck!


What kind of shower stem do I have in my shower faucet?

To figure that out look into the trim plate’s centre of your shower handle. It’s usually located behind the shower handle. There you will find the manufacturer’s symbol or the brand name. 

How does the cross handle work?

Cross handles are shaped like a cross and thus got this name. Although the shape is unique it works like a knob handle. Except it is not shaped like a circle and easier to hold and spin. It works great for people who have impaired movement problems.

Can a shower handle be replaced without changing the valve?

Yes, it can be replaced without changing the valve. The shower handle is only a part that’s connected with some screws. Once the screws are removed the handle can be detached from the main feature. The valve has got nothing to do with it.


By now you know how to remove shower handle without screws. Doesn’t seem like so much of a critical task now, does it? If you have the tools go for it. 

Sometimes you may find some mineral deposits on the shower handle. Remove them with white vinegar or soap water. That would be the final tip for today.

I hope you succeed!