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How to Remove Shower Wall Panels

It’s natural to be furious if you break your bathroom tiles while removing the shower wall panel.

How to remove shower wall panels?

Removal of shower wall tile is a systematic process. You must remove the panels in pieces by using an angle grinder or oscillating tool. Remove shower components (faucet trims, tub spout, etc). Remember, you must remove the panels exactly the way they were installed.

Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Still, the more you know, the better.

That’s exactly what I am going to do. In this article, I’ve elaborated on the removal process of the shower panel for you. Sit tight! This is gonna be nerdy.

How to Remove Shower Wall Panels: The Battle Begins!

Normally, the easier shower wall panels are to mount, the harder to remove them. It might even result in retiling your whole bathroom if you make any mistakes.

These wall panels can be attached in many ways. It can be either glue-up or direct-to-stud. 

Ready your arms. Time to get rid of shower wall panels.  

Act 1: You Vs Glue Up Shower Wall Panels

Since it’s round 1 it’s pretty simple, at least compared to direct-to-stud wall panels. Still, let’s not be clumsy. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your own bathroom walls.

Step-01: Select Your Weapon

Some general instruments you might need for the removal process.

  • Utility knife or razor blade cutter. 
  • A piece of cloth.
  • Adhesive remover.
  • Groove joint plier.
  • A Spackle knife is also known as a stiff putty knife.

Step-02: Removing Plumbing Trim

  • Dismantle, then carry out the faucet handle, tub spout, showerhead, and shower arm. Removal of shower arm is not mandatory. Do it unless it’s required. It is not necessary to add up a shower-arm problem to your panel mess! 
  • Use the razor blade to cut the caulk. You can even use a simple box cutter as well.
  • Before using the plier to remove shower components(the spout, showerhead, shower-arm), cover up the shower area. You can use a piece of cloth.

Step-03: Cutting the sealant around

  • Take a utility knife. Cut the caulk around the panels. 
  • Cut off the caulk around the joint of multiple panels.

Step-04:  Pry Off Any Molding

  • Take a spackle knife.
  • Pry off the molding placed outside of the surroundings.

Step-05: Removing Corner Panels and End Panels

  • Keep an eye on the top outside corner.
  • Now tap the putty knife to the corner panels to pry it up.
  • Keep tapping until you get a grip of the edge.
  • Continue to press and pull to make the panel come off.
  • Once it is done, Move on to later corner panels.

Step-06: Removing Back Panel and Miscellaneous

  • Give force to withdraw the back panel. 
  • Now clean up the glue residues and fix paper tears as well. Use adhesive removers if necessary.

Final Countdown: Removal of Direct-to-stud Shower Panels

It’s time for removing direct-to-stud shower panels. It’s a bit complicated. Be systematic to avoid excessive damages.

Step-01: Select Your Loadout

For the direct-to-stud removal process, these things you’ll need.

  • A simple box cutter.
  • A Sketch Pencil.
  • 4-foot level
  • An Oscillating multi-tool.
  • A thin bar.
  • A crowbar
  • Mason chisel.
  • A Hand drill.
  • Screwdriver bit.
  • Nail Puller.

Step-02: Sketch A Cut Line

  • Use a 4-foot level and a pencil to scribe a level line.
  • Sketch vertical lines on each side of the enclosure.

Step-03: Cut Along The Line

  • Take an oscillating multi-tool for a clean-cut on sketched lines.
  • Remove the drywall chips between the line and panel. You’ll need a hammer and a flat bar for that.

Step-04: Exposing Nailing Flanges

  • If the walls are tiled, cut the tile backer for any leftover tiles.
  • Pull out the pieces you’ve cut. This will uncover the studs.

Step-05: Loosen The Panels from Studs

  • Use a drill and screw bit to back out screws.
  • Or, take a cat’s paw pry bar.
  • Tap it behind the nail.
  • Take a crowbar. Use it to give force against the stud. The heads will get off then.

Step-06: Release The Sealant

  • Take a box cutter.
  • Cut caulk bind at the bathtub rim or shower pan.

Step-07: Get Rid of The Panels

  • Simply take out the panels in reverse of the setup process.
  • Begin with corners, then move to sides.
  • Ultimately end with the back panel.

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Phew! Finally, you’ve removed the wicked shower panel. Now, you have to be cautious while working.

Else, you might get into more trouble.

Here’s a list of safety you should follow:

  • If you are using adhesive removers, try to be eco-friendly. Conventional adhesives often can be toxic.
  • Avoid giving extra pressure while praying. It might break the wall. The same goes for using chisels. Do not point the chisel directly towards the wall.
  • Cover up the shower floor with thin plastic sheets. This guarantees’ no repair of the shower.
  • Use basic safety kits such as masks, goggles, and gloves while working.
  • If you are a man of allergy, Stay away from harsh chemicals or adhesive removers. These chemicals often trigger allergic reactions.

Do make sure you follow the warnings! 


Question: Should I panel the whole bathroom or just around the bath?

Answer: Shower panels are very user-friendly. Easy to clean, no grout to mold, and no maintenance! More area bounded with panels means less trouble.

Question: Can I use wall panels for the floor or ceiling?

Answer: Shower panels can be very heavy. In fact, they are not slip-resistant as well. In the end, you should use wall panels for neither floor nor ceiling.

Question: Can I apply wall panels directly to tiles?

Answer:  Yes you can apply them directly to tiles. The tiles are sound and suitable for covering old bathroom tiles.


This is the end, warrior! This is as far as I can guide you on how to remove shower wall panels.

As a failsafe, try to communicate with experts in case of any difficulties.

Till then have a good day.

Don’t let the shower wall panels defeat you!