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How to Remove Soy Sauce from Carpet: 6 Easy Steps

Soy sauce makes your food taste great. But let’s say you spilled some of it on your carpet while cooking. 

How to remove soy sauce from carpet? 

You can clean soy sauce from your carpet in 6 steps. First, bloat the extra soy sauce. Second, pour hot water over it, and apply a detergent solution. Then, use a vinegar solution and dry it out after rinsing. Finally, vacuum the carpet.

But there are some instructions regarding the process. That’s why we wrote an entire article for you.

How to Clean Soy Sauce from Carpet?

When you spill soy sauce on the floor, an ordinary rag is more than enough to clean it. Unfortunately, it changes when it’s on your carpet. 

As soy sauce is a liquid, it gets in your carpet fibers quite easily. So, a rag won’t do in this case. But don’t worry as this guide will show how you can clean soy sauce from your carpet in no time.

Step 1: Bloat Extra Soy Sauce

Bloat as much soy sauce as possible. This will make your job easier. You can do it with a clean white rag or a paper towel.

However, make sure to not put any excess pressure or rubbing on the carpet. Any extra pressure can spread it to other parts of the carpet. Keep bloating the soy sauce until the paper towels can’t soak anymore.

On a different note, you’ll want to do it quickly. Because once the soy sauce gets deep into the carpet’s fibers, there is no return. Then you’ll have to hire a professional carpet cleaner. So, try to do it as soon as you spill the soy sauce.

Step 2: Pour Hot Water Over the Stain

Hot water is quite useful in making a base for the cleaning process. You can use it for other stain removals such as antifreeze or beer stains.

Begin the process by placing paper towels or clean white rags around the stain. Then slowly start pouring hot water on the stain.

However, make sure you don’t spill all the water. That would make the mess even bigger. Continue to pour the water for 3 to 4 minutes and you’ll notice that the stain is lightening.

Finally, the carpet is vacuumed to dry out.

Step 3: Apply a Detergent Solution

Now that you’ve softened the area with hot water, it’s time to bring in a detergent solution. The detergent solution will dilute with soy sauce and make the stain disappear.

In order to make the detergent solution, you need a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap and 1 cup of water. But the amount can change depending on the size of the stain. Mix the two items in a spray bottle and you’ll have your own detergent solution.

But there’s only another thing you must keep in mind. Never use laundry detergent on your carpet. This can damage your carpet fibers pretty badly. So, stick to liquid dishwashing soap.

For applying the detergent solution, spray it on the stained area. Keep spraying until the area is dampened. Although don’t spray so much that it becomes wet with detergent. In this case, more isn’t better.

Let the detergent sit in for 5-10 minutes. Then, use a clean white rag to rub the detergent into the stain. You can also opt for a scrub brush. It’s up to you. After this, most of the stain will disappear.

Step 4: Use a Vinegar Solution

The vinegar solution will eliminate the odor of the soy sauce and the detergent. To make the solution, you have to use ⅓ cups of vinegar and 2-3 cups of clean water.

Clean water is enough for this solution. But if you have some distilled water lying around in your house, go for it. Distilled water is always better as it won’t interfere with any of the particles in the carpet fibers.

Now mix the water and the vinegar in a spray bottle and start spraying. Like before, only so much that it’ll dampen the carpet. 

Now, wait for 10-15 minutes for the vinegar solution to do its magic. 

Step 5: Rinse and Dry

Your work is almost done. Now it’s time to rinse out the detergent and vinegar solution. And all you need is water and some paper towels.

Fill up a bowl or spray bottle with plenty of water. Then, start pouring the water on the stain. Every time you pour water over it, bloat it with a paper towel. 

Guess you’ve figured out that this step will require a lot of patience. But trust us, it’ll be worth it. So, continue pouring water and bloating until all that comes out is water.

That’s when you’ll know that your job here is done. Finally, if you have a fan in the room, turn it one. That’ll dry it out quickly.

Step 6: Vacuum the Carpet

Well, you’ve reached the final step and it’s an easy one. You just have to vacuum the carpet. So, bring out your vacuum cleaner and start doing it.

After a while, you’ll see that your carpet is as good as new. 


Question: Can I use laundry detergent on my carpet?

Answer: Never use laundry detergent on any of your carpets. It’ll damage the carpet fibers and give your carpet a bad look.

Question: Can soy sauce stains be removed from carpets?

Answer: Soy sauce can make a light brown stain on carpets, making it look hideous. You can remove it with hot water, liquid dish-washing soap, and a vinegar solution. After that, rinsing and vacuuming the carpet will make the stain disappear.

Question: Are soy sauce stains permanent?

Answer: Similar to any other stain, soy sauce can become quite hard to remove after it’s been on the carpet for a long time. The best thing to do is, remove the stain as soon as you spill it.

Before We Go

So, that’s all we had about how to remove soy sauce from carpet. We hope this guide helped you remove soy stains from your carpet.

Good luck!