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Remove Stains From Vinyl Siding: 3 Simple Solutions

Having stain marks on your beautiful vinyl siding can be really infuriating. What’s worse, is if it doesn’t come off easily. That’s why we’ve come to your rescue. Our little tricks will make your day better.

How to remove stains from vinyl siding?

Applying a solution of bleaching powder and water is a popular technique to clean vinyl stains. A little rubbing alcohol can get rid of oil-based paint stains from the sidings. Wiping the stained area with water-soaked clothes after cleaning will clear out the chemical residue.

These are only the basic guidelines. We brought you 3 different methods for 3 different types of vinyl siding stains. If you want to know more, why not take a look yourself?

Vinyl Siding Stain Removal: 3 Easy Solutions

Vinyl siding offers the best durable solution to protecting the exterior paint of your house.  It can hold its color well and is easy to clean. Thorough washing once a year can make it look as good as new. For that, some prefer vinyl siding over aluminum siding.

Despite its durability, the vinyl siding is still not immune to getting stains or discoloration. After all, it’s always exposed to the constant harsh environment for years. 

Over time, the vinyl siding will eventually collect dust, droppings, and other elements and become stained. Spilled paint or wood stains can also damage or discolor your siding, making it an eyesore.

Regular cleaning can help you clean off most of the filth and dirt. But some stains are harder to get rid of and require extra work. If not cleaned properly, the stains can damage your precious sidings.

We’ve gathered some very useful methods of cleaning stains from your vinyl siding. These methods will show you the proper ways to remove vinyl siding stains. 

Solution 1: Powdered Bleaching Solution

Oxygen bleach powder doesn’t use chlorine or any other substance that harms your vinyl. So you won’t have to worry about damaging your vinyl while removing stains and dirt. In case you don’t have powdered bleach, you can use natural soda with hydrogen peroxide.

Start by mixing one cup of powdered oxygen bleach with a gallon of clean water. Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon and put them in a sprayer.

Spray the mixture in the stained area and let it sit for 15 minutes. After that, use a damp cloth soaked in clean water to rinse the stain. This should be enough to eliminate the moderate stains.

If you still have residing stain marks, spray it again with the solution. Use a soft brush dipped into the bleach solution and scrub the siding gently. Wipe the scrubbed area with a piece of cloth soaked in clean water.

Bleach will clean up the stained part of the siding and get rid of all the dirt. But it might end up looking cleaner than the rest of the vinyl sidings. So it’s best to clean the entire area.

Solution 2: Rubbing Alcohol Treatment

This is a very useful method for removing oil-based paint from your vinyl siding. Rubbing alcohol helps to thin out the paint and makes it easier to come off.

Take a soft cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol and start rubbing the stained spot directly. Keep rubbing the stained area until it comes off from the siding. 

Wash the siding with clean water to remove the paint and alcohol residue. Try avoiding any abrasive cleaners as it might damage your vinyl sidings.

Solution 3: Pine Oil Cleaning 

This is a highly effective solution to cleaning wood stains off your vinyl siding. 

Wood stains are the worst kind of stain for vinyl siding. Not only is it hard to remove, but it can also damage your sidings. One has to be very careful while dealing with such kinds of marks.

Thankfully, there is a solution for removing tough stains like this. Cleaners containing pine oil can easily soften the stains and don’t harm the sidings.

Make a solution of ¾ cup of oxalic acid granules and a gallon of hot water. Apply the solution on the stain using spray bottles and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Take a soft sponge and scrub the wood stain from the vinyl siding.

Soften the stain by soaking it with hot, soapy water. Try scrubbing it again with the sponge. 

Apply pine oil cleaner, or a cleaner containing pine oils on the stained area. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub off the stain after 10 minutes of pine oil application.

You can try out the following pine oil brands that are currently dominating the market:


This should be enough to get rid of the wood stain on your vinyl siding. Now wipe the cleaned area with a cloth soaked in clean water. 

That covers 3 very useful solutions for removing vinyl siding stains. They are very easy to follow and take less effort and time. 

If you are having smelling issues from the chemical usage, try using non-staining deodorants. You can try using low-pressure hosing to clean out the sidings to get rid of chemical surplus. Be careful when hosing so that the water doesn’t get inside the siding. This could wet the plywood underneath and leave you with rotten plywood underneath.

Your vinyl siding should look good as new after properly washing them. It’s best to remove the dirt as soon as possible instead of letting it sit properly.

Safety Measure Before Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Dealing with stain cleaner and bleaching powders unattended can be hazardous for your skin and health. So it’s best to make sure you are properly prepared for such a task.

Wear rubber gloves and a protective suit before continuing the cleaning operation. Don’t let anyone around the cleaning area. After you are finished cleaning, make sure to wash the protective suit to remove chemical residue.

Any spot, no matter how insignificant, can make your vinyl siding look bad. So make sure to follow this guide to keep your vinyl siding clean and beautiful.

On a side note, you can also hang heavy things on your vinyl siding. It’s not impossible, you just have to be careful and look into the steps.


Question: Can power washing damage my vinyl?

Answer: Pressure washers can crack your vinyl siding with a high-pressure stream. Too much water pressure can make the water sneak past the vinyl siding. This can soak the wood panels behind the siding and damage the woods.

Question: How often should I clean my vinyl siding?

Answer: Vinyl siding is known for durability and lasts for generations. So, a thorough clean every 2-3 years is good enough.

Question: How do I soften old vinyl?

Answer: The vinyl siding can get stiff and harden due to exposure to heat, dirt, and grease. Using a mixture of vinyl cleaner and mineral oil can help you soften the vinyl.

Final Words

That’s everything we can offer you on ways to remove stains from vinyl siding. Hopefully, we have covered the solution you were looking for. Follow the safety precautions while cleaning the sidings yourself. Seek professional help if required.

Good luck with cleaning your vinyl siding!

Have a great day!