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How To Remove Sticker Residue from Leather: Mystery Resolved!

You finally got yourself that leather jacket you wanted to buy for so long. You started to unpack hastily out of excitement and accidentally tore off an adhesive sticker tag from your jacket.

Now there’s sticker residue left on your beloved jacket and you have no idea what to do.

How to remove sticker residue from leather?  

Take a few drops of baby oil or olive oil on your finger and rub them on the adhesive layer. If the adhesive comes off, wipe the oil off with a cotton wipe or tissue. If the sticker residue still remains, apply baking soda paste to it. Using white vinegar can also help loosen up the adhesive. 

Don’t go yet. Because I’ve elaborated the steps below for you to effortlessly get rid of sticker residue from leather surfaces. 

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How to Get Rid of Sticker Residue from Leather? Unbeatable Methods!

If you’re still worrying your head off thinking it’s impossible to remove sticker residue without harming the leather, then calm down already.

It might seem like an impossible mission. But it’s actually quite simple, even simpler than getting gum out of a bedsheet.

I’m here to walk you through some super-simple, yet efficient steps of removing sticker adhesive without damaging the leather. 

Rest your head and let’s dive into the steps!

Rubbing Baby Oil/Olive Oil 

This is one of the oldest and most efficient methods of taking off adhesive layers. Most importantly, it’s safe to use on all kinds of materials. 

Now, for your leather item, take a good few drops of baby oil or olive oil, according to the size of the sticker residue.

Rub the oil on the adhesive layer with your fingers in circular motions. Keep rubbing patiently and at one point you’ll notice the sticky layer is disintegrating bit by bit.

Once the adhesive starts loosening up, use your nails to gently scrape it off. But you need to make sure to not put pressure. Or else you may end up damaging the leather.

Keep rubbing the oil for a good amount of time until the sticker residue fully comes off, or when you’re sure that the remaining of it can’t be tackled by oil.

Wipe off the oil using a cotton pad or soft tissue. 

Using Dish Cleaner/Handwash

Before applying any extensive cleaning method, it’s best to try all the common hacks using the most accessible things around us. 

Let’s try taking off sticker residue from your leather item using a liquid soap like hand wash or dish cleaner. 

But there’s something you must be cautious about before executing this method. 

You absolutely shouldn’t drench your leather surface with water. Because water can ruin the quality of your leather, making it look brittle. 

What you should do is, take a small amount of the hand wash or dish cleaner in your hand and make lather. Then dab a little bit of water with your fingers on the sticker residue and apply the soap to it.

Rub the soap on the adhesive layer, exactly like you did with the oil. Keep rubbing in circular motions to eventually find the adhesive coming off.

Soap usually works quite well at removing adhesive layers. But if your sticker residue is way too thick and intense, it might not be able to take it all off.

But don’t worry. In that case, I have some more effective solutions for you below. Keep reading!

Applying Baking Soda Paste 

Baking soda needs no introduction when it comes to using it as a cleaning agent. Be it burning stains inside a microwave or a thick layer of sticky mess, baking soda hardly fails to solve our problems.

It works as strongly as an abrasive cleaner. But it’s mild enough to take off the sticker residue without harming your leather.

How should you apply baking soda on a sticker residue?

For using it to remove the sticker residue, you need to make a paste following a 3:1 ratio of baking soda and water respectively. 

After making the paste, put a thin layer on the sticker residue and leave it on for about an hour. Any longer than that might cause discoloration on your leather.

After that, wipe away the baking soda putting pressure on the adhesive layer. With a few gentle rubs, hopefully, the sticker layer will come off.

Applying Vinegar

Vinegar is another popular cleaning ingredient used worldwide. It can be used to treat grime layers, remove flarp out of carpet, as well as adhesive layers.

Usually, the above methods are enough to successfully clear a leather surface of sticker residues. But if you still have some of that sticky mess left, you can apply vinegar to it. 

Take a cotton ball and dampen it with vinegar. Then rub it on the sticker residue. Keep on rubbing for a few minutes for the adhesive to disintegrate and come off. 

Applying Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish removers work wonders when used to remove stubborn grease layers or stains. But there’s a catch.

The nail polish removers mostly popular as a cleaning agent are the acetone-based ones. 

Acetone can severely harm your leather item if used for removing sticker residue. But there are non-acetone removers out there, which are gentler than acetone but still quite helpful.

In case you weren’t successful with any of the above-mentioned methods (which is quite unlikely) consider this your last resort. And with this one, you can undoubtedly get rid of every last bit of the sticker residue.

If you’re not familiar with the non-acetone nail polish removers, here are some of my recommendations:

Product 1
Product 2

Take a cotton ball and pour a sufficient amount of remover into it. Then rub it on the sticker residue until all the sticker residue is gone. 

That’s all!


Question: Is it okay to use commercial adhesive removers like Goo Gone on leather?

Answer: No it’s not! Commercial adhesive removers can be way too harsh and ruin leather objects.

Question: What does acetone do to leather?

Answer: Acetone ruins the structural formation of leather and dissolves every component added to it during the tanning process.

Question: Does cleaning with rubbing alcohol ruin leather? 

Answer: Yes! Using rubbing alcohol to clean leather surfaces should be avoided at all costs.

Final Thoughts

I guess it’s time to end our discussion regarding how to remove sticker residue from leather. 

I’ve tried to provide the simplest and the most efficient methods of getting rid of adhesive layers from leather surfaces.

Hopefully, you’d be able to apply these methods and get the expected results. And if this article has helped you, do check our other DIY content.