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How to Remove a Stuck Drill Bit from Wood [3 Effective Methods]

Getting the drill stuck in wood white cutting can hinder your workflow. There’s also a chance of the drill breaking if it is not done carefully. 

How to remove a stuck drill bit from wood? 

You can use a plier to pull the drill bit out. That works if the drill bit is broken. Also, you can use a screw extractor to pull the drill out of the wood. And finally, you can drill from the opposite direction to push the drill bit outwards. 

Sounds easy enough? Well, it actually is! However, you need a more detailed explanation to perform the task properly. And I’ve done just that to help you out!

What are we waiting for then? Let’s jump in!

Why Do Drill Bits Get Stuck? 

Before getting into the procedure, you need to know the reason behind it. There can be plenty of reasons behind the drill bit getting stuck. 

The first reason behind the drill bit getting stuck is the lack of lubrication. If your drill is not sufficiently and properly lubricated, then it gets jammed. Hence, it gets stuck. 

Lubrication is one of the essential procedures in terms of maintenance. It can help machines to function smoothly. You can also use lubricant products for PVC dry-fitting.

Also, frequent lubrication makes the drill much more easily usable. The drill inserts and extracts more efficiently if it is well lubricated. 

Another reason behind the drill bit getting stuck is over-tightening the chuck. You might need to over-tighten the chuck in some circumstances. But if it is constantly over-tightened, it will cause a problem. 

The vibration that the drill produces can tighten the drill even further. It can be extremely tight if not loosen frequently. 

Finally, do not use the right drill bit for the right work. It is essential to use appropriate drill bits catering to the circumstances. Whether it’s M7 or M42 Drill-bits.

Some drill bits are catered towards drilling metal. And some cater towards the wood. You should always pick the right one for the right job. 

3 Methods to Remove the Stuck Drill Bit from Wood 

There are plenty of methods that can be used to remove a stuck drill bit. I have gathered three of the most efficient and common methods for you. 

You can easily use them catered to your specific cases. Now, let’s have a look.

Method 1: Using a Plier 

If your drill bit is broken, pliers are the best material you can use. But there are certain steps you will need to follow to extract the drill bit. They are:

Step 1

For extracting the drill, spread the plier as wide as possible and grip the spindle tip. Pliers with toothed jaws or any sort of locking feature will be the best for this job. 

Make sure to take sufficient precautions. Because the broken drill bit can be razor-sharp. This can lead to some lethal injuries if not handled carefully. 

Step 2 

Turn the pliers attached to your broken drill bit counterclockwise by pressing the handles. It should loosen the drill bit. 

If the drill bit does not loosen up or move, pour some lubricating oil. 

The oil should be poured onto the hole for instruments to seep in. This will help the drill bit to release easier.

Step 3 

Pull the drill bit carefully so that no one gets injured. 

Method 2: Use a Screw Extractor 

Using a screw extractor is a bit annoying if the drill bit is damaged. Also, it can get difficult as well. The challenging part would be to drill a hole in the damaged drill bit. 

The primary challenge to using this method is to drill a hole in the breaking point. The breaking point often is sharp making it immensely hard to start drilling. Another issue that may arise is the toughness of the broken drill bit.

This method generally works if the drill bit is neatly broken. And also if the bit is a medium-hard substance. Now let’s go over the steps 

Step 1 

At first, you will need to determine which one would be the correct extracting tool. If it.s a thin drill bit, this method won’t work. 

Step 2 

Install your extractor tool into the drill. Make sure that your drilling head protrudes. This is because the screw extractor operates in the other way, reversing your drill. 

Step 3 

A small amount of oil needs to be applied to the breaking point. The oil will cool the drill bit. 

Then drill a quarter-inch deep hole in the broken drill bit.

Step 4 

Disconnect the extractor from the drill. After that, replace the extractor inside the drill with the end. 

Also, you will need to constantly maintain the drill’s rotation. 

Step 5 

Continue pressing inwards. Start by drilling slowly. It will rotate out the broken bit. 

If you’re thinking about buying lubricating oil for your drill. You can give these lubricants a try. They are really good at their job:


These are some of the really good lubricating oils. Also, they are really long-lasting. That is why they last for a long time. 

Working with lubricants can leave a bad smell on your clothes. Use a vinegar and water mixture to expel oil smell from clothes.

Method 3: Drill from the opposite side

Another way of getting the broken bit removed is to drill from the opposite end. If another end is reachable to the drill bit, this method can be really useful then. The procedures are: 

Step 1

First locate the exact opposite point of the broken drill bit. If you drill perpendicularly on the wood, use graph paper to measure the appropriate point. 

Step 2 

Attach a smaller bit than the broken one in the drill. Then start drilling slowly. Stop when your attached bit reaches the broken drill 

Step 3 

Push the drill bit with a metallic rod so that It comes out. 

These are the three methods you can use to extract broken drill bits from wood. Try them out. 


Questions: How to remove a drill bit stuck in a wall?

Answers: You’ll need to clamp the plier to the drill bit. Clamp it as close as possible and rotate the pliers counterclockwise. Your drill bit should come out.

Question: why is my drill bit stuck in wood?

Answer: If your drill bit is not well lubricated or well maintained, it might get stuck. Since, due to the lack of proper lubrication, it gets rough and rusty.

Question: How to get a drill bit unstuck from a drill?

Answer: Locate the chuck at the end of the drill. Rotate the chuck counterclockwise. It should remove your bit from the drill. 


So that’s all from our end. I hope you’re now clear on how to remove a stuck drill bit from wood. 

It’s a task related to electricity. So, do follow safety measures when you are working with electronics. 

Good luck with your drills!