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How to Remove A Tub Surrounded with Adhesive [4 Easy Methods]

It’s normal to take out the old tub surround after a couple of years to get a new one. You surely want to give your bathroom a new and fresh look periodically. But is it so tough? We don’t even know if we can do it or how to do it!

How to remove a tub surrounded with adhesive?

Removing a tub surrounded with adhesive is simpler than you think. First, you can try using vinegar to remove a tub surround. If not, then you can look for alcohol for this. To mention, you can also use heat if you want to go for the most natural and simple way!

I just have got a brief so far. But I got a lot more in the article that you need to go through. 

So, what makes you wait? Get started right away!

How Do I Take off Tub Surrounded with Adhesive?

Removing a tub surround is not that hard when you know the steps. You actually need to be careful which step to take after which one. 

In case you have a hot tub as well and were wondering if you needed a 6/3 wire for it. The answer is “yes”. The 6/3 wire is essential for the hot tub.

Here are a few simple methods which you may try to remove the tub. Take a look now.

Method 1: Remove with Adhesive Using Vinegar

Shut off the water to the bath. You may also turn off the main valve. Because it is always a safe option to turn off the water system while working in this area. 

But do it smoothly as the valve handle might break.

Take off the screws from bath handles and faucets. Use a screwdriver to remove these screws. Loosen the handles and knobs off the fittings. 

Now, take off the bath spout with the aid of using the cap at the spout to discover the set screw. 

Then do away with the spout. If you don’t see any screws there, you’ll simply have to unscrew the spout. 

Combine a cup of white vinegar with warm water. Spray the place with the combination.

Remember one thing! Vinegar can also help to give a quick clean for your bathtub. But too much exposure may damage the finishes!

Finally, you would be done removing the tub surround.

If you are anyway looking for a putty knife, count on the recommendation given below:

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Method 2: Remove with Adhesive Using Alcohol

Shut off the water first. Then take off the nuts from the handles using a screwdriver. Remove the tub spout by unscrewing and removing it with a screwdriver. 

Some spouts can be removed without removing a screw by simply unscrewing them. 

While doing this, check if any screws got rusted due to bathtub overflow. Because this is a good time for its replacement.

Then cut the sealant using a flat razor. To prevent your skin from getting in touch with alcohol, wear safety gloves. Because you wouldn’t like to irritate the skin. 

In a spray bottle, combine 1 cup of denatured alcohol including one cup of hot water. 

Take a pry bar and take the tub surround off the wall. Use as much bourbon as you require.

Method 3: Remove with Adhesive Using Heat

Removing the tub surrounded with adhesive using heat is quite an easy method. You may think this is not worth trying or not effective at all. 

But this turns out to be a great home method to remove a tub surround.

To begin, shut off your water system as usual. Then remove the screws from the faucets. While doing this, see if the faucets make noise. Fix it at the moment if required.

Also, do take off the tub spout. Then release the seal.

After that, take a heat gun and soften the glue that is surrounding the tub. Keep on heating the surround as much as it is needed. 

In the meantime, you need to pull off the surround smoothly. And this is how you can gradually take off the tub surround using heat. 

Make sure you don’t overheat it though. Because it can damage the finish in that case.

These are the methods you can try yourself to remove a tub surrounded with adhesive. Remember to remove the adhesive if needed. 

You may talk to the professionals though. But it is worth giving a self-shot as it is quite simple!

In case, you ever also need to remove a jacuzzi tub. The process is similar but you also have to remove electric wiring from it as well.


Question: How to remove bathroom wall cladding?

Answer: Take a chisel and put it at the panel corner. Then knock at the top of the chisel with a hammer or something heavy. This would let it slide under the panel. Then keep moving the chisel to loosen the panel. Finally, remove the wall cladding gradually.

Question: Is it better to remove wall cladding myself or by a professional?

Answer: Removing wall cladding is not as simple as it looks. But it is neither too hard to do. It consists of more than one step that you need to go through. But you would be able to do it with proper knowledge and the tools. Hiring a professional might also be a good idea for this.

Question: What’s the cost to remove a tub surround?

Answer: The cost of removing a tub surround would actually depend on a few factors. Primarily, you need to see what you are using to remove the surroundings. Your cost would also go up if you are hiring a pro mechanic for this. 

The Final Words

Now you know how to remove a tub surrounded with adhesive! I hope you find my information and instructions helpful to implement.

I believe you can remove the tub surround properly without any hassle. 

All the best!