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How to Remove Wallpaper from Paneling [6 Simple Steps!]

A lot of us have wood paneling on our walls. And it’s only normal to have attached wallpapers over those panelings. But the problem occurs when we feel like changing those wallpapers, we have to remove them. 

How to remove wallpaper from paneling?

To remove wallpaper, clear your panelings first. If you see any corner that has started to come off, pull on that next. Then apply wallpaper remover and keep it for 10 minutes. Remove the wallpapers using a putty knife. The glue residues might be harder to remove at first, so use a grill scrubber. 

This is just the basic idea of the whole process. The detailed idea is in the article below. 

Interested in knowing about it? Let’s scroll down and read the article!

6 Simple Steps to Remove Wallpaper from Paneling

Using wood paneling is a pretty common way to design your walls. This gives the interior of your home a very artistic look. 

But a lot of us use wallpapers over those panelings to make the walls look more attractive. And when we feel like we’ve grown old from those wallpapers, we change them. 

Removing wallpapers from wood panellings isn’t much of a big deal. But if you’re not careful enough you risk damaging the paneling and your surroundings. 

Now, we don’t want that to happen. To avoid damaging your surroundings, you should follow this method. This method will teach you how to take off wallpapers from wood panelings smoothly. 

Without any further ado, let’s get down to business already- 

Step 1: Clearing The Area

Before you start taking down those wallpapers of yours, you need to clear some things out first. Things like furniture and hanging picture frames among other things. 

Furniture like sofas is always up against walls. So they definitely need to be moved aside. Make sure anything that’s close to the walls must be moved. 

Cover your windows so you don’t mess up the windows. You even need to open up switchboard covers. Pretty sure you didn’t see that coming. 

This means you might be confused as to why you need to take them off. Well, wallpapers go under the switchboard covers usually. While taking down the wallpapers, you risk damaging the cover. 

I’ll suggest you go at it one wall or one room at a time. You can start clearing out all the rooms at the same time if you want. But your entire house will be a mess. 

Step 2: Taking Off The Wallpaper (Dry)

There’s a common idea of wetting your wallpaper when taking it off. It’s not a misconception or anything. But you need to try something else first. 

Try checking out all the corners of your wallpapers. You might find one that has come off slightly. If you notice anything like that then your work is almost done. 

If you pull on those corners, the wallpaper will come off. If the wallpaper comes off completely then your work is almost finished. 

But that rarely ever happens so don’t get your hopes up. But you’ll feel very satisfied if you can take down the whole wallpaper at once. 

Anyways, once you’ve taken off as much as possible, glue and backing paper. Taking them off is actually pretty easy. Let’s get into that in the next step. 

Step 3: Preparing Wallpaper Remover

Preparing wallpaper remover is pretty easy actually. You can get your work done using plain water. Just plain water can get the job done if you’re lucky. 

You can try that first. But if it doesn’t work out, you can move on to using different appliances. 

There are wallpaper removers made specifically for this purpose. There are one’s that can be sprayed. And there are ones that need to be poured on a cloth and then rubbed off. 

You can use a fabric softener mixed with water for this. And if you want to use vinegar, mix it with water in a 50/50 ratio. 

The process is kind of like how you clean pavers with vinegar. But not exactly the same. 

You can even try using Ammonia. That is if you can take the smell of it. 

You can use any of the following for accurate results:

Product 1
Product 2

I hope these products will help you.

Step 4: Taking Off The Wallpaper (Wet)

Once you’re done preparing a remover, you can start applying it. Do in small sections to make the work easier. 

You’ll have to spray the remover 10 minutes before you start taking off the wallpaper. It helps to soak up the wallpaper and make it easy to take off. 

When taking the wallpaper off, use a putty knife to have clean wood paneling. Once you’re done with all that, spray the remover again and rub using a sponge. 

Step 5: Removing Glue

The use of glue is a must when you’re putting on wallpapers. And if you’re putting on glue, you’ll most likely have residues of glue. 

Chances are high that you won’t be able to remove with vinegar or wallpaper removers. You can use a BBQ grill scrubber to remove them. 

Before you go and scrub the whole wall, test on a small portion of the wall. If you don’t see scratch marks, you’re good to go. 

Step 6: Bring Back The Shine

Now that you’re done with everything, you can remove all the plastics and paper. Their work is done, you can throw them away now. 

You might want to bring back the shine of your wood paneling now. We suggest you use Murphy’s oil for this. 

Spray the oil on the surface and give them a rub with a piece of cloth. Your work is done. But if you plan to paint the wood paneling, you don’t have to apply Murphy’s oil. 

Don’t get confused while choosing between ceiling paint and wall paint when buying. They might look the same but they’re not the same. 


Question: How does a Steamer Machine help in removing wallpaper?

Answer: A Steamer Machine boils water inside it and sends out the water vapor. This steam loosens the wallpaper and its glue making it easy for you to take off. 

Question: Can wallpapers damage wood paneling?

Answer: No, wallpaper or its glue can’t damage wood paneling. If you damage the paneling while taking it off then it’s on you. 

Question: What is the best wallpaper remover I can make at home?

Answer: The best wallpaper remover you can make at home is a mixture of the solutions. You can do vinegar and water or fabric softener and water. 


Now you know how to remove wallpaper from paneling. Follow our instructions thoroughly and you won’t damage anything. 

If you don’t have a putty knife, use something blunt like the putty knife. 

Good Luck!