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How to Remove Wooden Fluorescent Light Covers [In 5 Detailed Steps]

Fluorescent light is the popular choice for long-lasting and stable productive lighting, but it still needs to be fixed up or removed at duration. 

In that case, you will want to remove your wooden fluorescent light at your home. 

How to remove wooden fluorescent light covers?

Secure the cover in place over a lip at the top. This cover is composed of a stiffer material with sides that wrap up and around the light fixture. Push up on one side to bring the panel over the lip, then draw it down, while supporting the panel’s long sides with both hands. Repeat on the other side.

Little bit confused to read this? No matter! We’ll express in detail about it. 

Just move into the following segment!

Removing the Cover

Wooden fluorescent light cover is designed of better stiff elements with aspects that wrap around the light fixture and lock in place at the top. This light is very well known. But sometimes it is not working or the cover can be removed from light. 

Similar to the fluorescent light, the outdoor light might not work. Whatever! Now we will discuss removing the wooden fluorescent light cover. 

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Check if Light Turns Back On

To switch off the light, flip the light shift to the off position. If the platform’s light is plugged into the wall, unplug it to disconnect it from the room’s electrical supply.

Now, check if the light has turned back on or not. Allow one or two minutes for the light to calm down before touching it if it is running. To reduce the cover or alter a bulb, you do not require to utilize the circuit breaker.

Step 2: Reach the Light Fixture

Take a step ladder. Or use your stairwell to reach towards the light fixture. 

The majority of your  fluorescent lights are located on the top. Sometimes in the ceiling, far up and out of range. From the ground phase. Be sure to check the strength of the step ladder and then climb up it. Now check the light without difficulty.

Step 3: Remove the Cap

If your light fixture has a cap or tab, open it. Check the metal elements. These are keeping the fixture together in place. Twist the end cap. 

Now, lock the nut counterclockwise. You can try it with pliers. Do it until it pops off. 

Hold the cover carefully in place. Now use your free hand and remove the cap or tab.

To assist you with the whole process we have suggested some pliers here:

Product 1
Product 2

Although light fixtures vary slightly from one category to the next, most of them aren’t too tough to work with. If you have any questions about how to change the bulb of the ceiling light, it is a similar method.

Step 4: Take Out The Cover

Now, open the cover from the light fixture. 

Try by pushing it up. Use your thumbs. Carefully hold the top edge of the cover. 

Grasp the bottom edge as well. Pull the cover down softly. Compress it down.

If the cover does not come off easily, then redo the process. Try it a few times. The full length of the shell must loosen after it.

Start at one end of the light fixture. The cover will be more willing to keep connected on the other end, allowing you sufficient time to collect it and securely lower it.

If the cover is fixed in by metallica tabs and nuts, use pliers. Use it to press the tabs upward. Now pull the cover away from you to detach it.

Step 5: Lose the Lid

If your fixture is round, turn the lid counter clockwise. Carefully hold the cover, especially the outside edge. 

Try to loosen the lid to the left by rotating it. Flip it over and over until it falls off. 

Now it will detach from the base. The same way as the cover of a traditional fixture.

Circular bulbs are encased in circular encasings. If you need to replace the bulb, make sure you buy replacements that are similar.

This method is quite similar to removing fluorescent light cover. Such as, firstly cleaning the surface beneath the light fixture whose shield you would like to take off. 

Then to get to the light fixture, put up stairs. Lower that side of the cover and lift the opponent side of the fixture away.


Question 1: What is it about fluorescent lights that makes them endure so long?

Answer: Emission paste starts up to flow from the cathode every moment a fluorescent tube is turned on. The tube burns out when the emission paste in the cathode is depleted. As a result, the lengthier the tube is turned on, the less emission paste darts off and the tube lasts much longer.

Question 2: Without screws, how do you remove a light cover?

Answer: Firstly, flush with the wall. Next, find the final. Then to loosen the finial, turn it anticlockwise. Keep holding the dome all the time. The dome should begin to separate from the base as you spin the finial.Open the finial. The dome should come off. 

Question 3: What is the typical existence of a fluorescent tube?

Answer: Typical average rated for various types of bulbs, like Hours of incandescent light (750-2,000). Hours of fluorescent light (24,000-36,000). LEDs have a life expectancy of 40,000-50,000 hours.


This is our discussion on how to remove wooden fluorescent light covers. We tried our best to create this guide as skillfully as possible for you.

Hence you don’t ignore any issues while keeping it up to date. And, never use a metal ladder since this might exacerbate the issue if you are electrocuted.

Thank you for continuing with us. Wishing you luck on resolving the problem!