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Repairing & Fixing Damaged Wood With Wood Filler [The DIY Formula!]

A wide variety of cracks, holes, and gaps on the wood means many things.

Applying the perfect fix should encourage you to go for a solution.

The DIY of repairing and fixing damaged wood with a wood filler scene is easy!

The application of hardener to be mixed with wood filler is essential in the first step. You will be waiting for the mixture to dry after that. The following process is to fill in the gaps in the woodwork. This will make the sanding and painting process convenient in the last stage.

A usual Sunday evening should be the right time for you to do the job!

Easy Ways Of Repairing And Fixing Damaged Wood

Repairing and fixing damaged or cracked wooden surfaces are easy. Take some time from your busy schedule to do the job.

I will show how to repair and fix damaged wood with wood filler. This is for you to achieve the best results faster than you think.

Start by inspecting the damaged areas of the wooden surface. There can be holes all around. Probably, there are cracks and gaps all around as well.

Consider the aspects of fixing drywall anchors perfectly. The conditions are very similar.

I promise the entire wooden surface will be new and shiny. This is after the end of the whole process.

Step 1: Mixing Hardener With Wood Fillers

In the first step, you will need the hardener; make sure you have it. This should be accompanied by the purchase of a wood filler box. The instructions would help you understand how to use wood filler for large gaps.

As you have inspected the damage, crack, and gap areas, get ready! This is because you can figure out the volume required for the mixture. You will fill all the gaps and holes in and flush them.

You are going to need a scraper in this step. Ensure that the scraper is a small putty one. The use of a metal scraper will be suggested in the last step as well.

Take a small mixing bowl and pour some wood filler with the scraper. Then apply the hardener to the wood filler on the bowl.

The filler products should be the best wood filler for furniture repair. They dry very fast when the mixture is applied with the hardener. Using the scraper, keep mixing the stuffing until the white hardener disappears.

According to the instructions, you have 15 minutes to apply the mixture. After that, the liquid solution will dry and get hard.

Step 2: Applying The Mixture

You will apply the mixture to the wooden surface in the next step. This means you are going to make the cracks and holes disappear.

In the next step, you will make any cracks or holes disappear. The process involves the application of the mixture to the wooden surface. This is done by applying the right volume of mixture onto the surface.

You are on the right track if you know how to fix gouges in wood tables! The deeper the holes, the more mixture you apply. The standards for fixing gaps between boards and floors can be used here.

In this context, you can explore what to do when the wood filler dries fast.

When the filler dries out, pour some amount of acetone on top of the dried mixture. This will fill the surface area where you can use a stick to poke around. You will create some holes for the acetone to mix into the filler. Stir the putty scraper as long as the solution becomes fluid again.

You can therefore take some time to fill in the gaps and holes.

Step 3: Filling In The Gaps And Holes In The Woodwork

When filling the gaps, holes, and cracked areas, layer them. Adding two to three layers on the top will allow the mixture to settle. This means the bonding would be more robust.

You can discover that there are many edges around the wooden surfaces. The areas that connect the doors to the house have more edges. To apply proper fillers, you must know how to use wood filler on the trim.

The amount of mixture depends on the depth of the holes. When you apply acetone, you have a new platform for a new mix. This will keep it from drying out fast when exploring broader areas.

Make sure you go heavy on areas around pillars. Put more than three layers onto the surface. This is because the gaps are wider.

Step 4: Waiting An Hour For The Mixture To Dry

You can consider it to be an unusual step. This is because this step involves doing absolutely nothing. When you have layered all the mixture, you have to do absolutely nothing!

Take an hour’s break to rest while the mixture dries. You may know how to fix damaged wood floors. Here you will succumb to the attributes of epoxy wood filler.

You could have been busy doing a lot of things. This means having the option of cleaning the filled spots of vinyl flooring. Here, such hard work is not needed.

After an hour, you should start getting busy with a handful of tools.

Step 5: Running The Orbital Sander

When the mixture settles in, it is time to shape the wooden surface. This will make the combinations perfectly blend in with the wood. The whole idea is to make any color of the mixture fade away.

You will need some time to run the orbital sander around. Ensuring a firm grasp of the tool is essential. Such attempts would prevent any injury.

With the sander, you can easily cut down uneven wooden surfaces. You will be learning how to fill large gaps in exterior wood. It is similar to sanding over the filler to apply paint.

Step 6: Painting The Woodwork

In this last step, you will need a paint sprayer. You will ensure a fine finish by spraying paint over the wooden surfaces.

This is to hold the orbital sander perfectly. This step is easier to do, and it is fun as well. The effort needed is minimal.

The painting should be accompanied by the best wood filler for large gaps. In case of large openings, use a general suggestion for wood fillers. The fillers that go deeper into settling down must be used.

After spray painting all over the wooden surfaces, you can also use a brush. A paintbrush can help you apply the perfect finish. Certain areas of your home should look fresh and new at this time.

You can also paint your entire house. This is to ensure that the whole place is as good as new!

My product suggestions to complete the entire job are here:

Product Feature
Minwax Wood FillerHigh Performance and easy to mix
Putty Knife SetThe package includes metal putty scrapers and putty knives
Black+Decker Orbit SanderBest performing electric sander
SATC Adhesive SandpaperRandom orbital sander grits

Some Advice For A Durable Woodwork

You have completed the complex, complicated working process in the last stages. To make things better, some tips and tricks are required for ultimate satisfaction.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Use high-quality and the best-rated sandpapers for sanding.
  • Make sure you know how to use sand grit properly.
  • For painting purposes, get clog-resistant sandpaper for more durability.
  • Inspect the amount of moisture in the area.
  • Employ proper cleaning with white vinegar more often.
  • Clean and remove excess glue stains.
  • Make a light paintbrush painting more often.
  • Avoid any drywall screws.

Being passionate about woodwork will help you achieve better results. You can brag about it with your friends and family with perfect finishing and better care.


What is the best way to repair wood with wood fillers?

The best way for the repair work is to apply filler mixtures. You can use a stick to smooth it down to make it look good. Apply the best sanding procedure after that.

Why is extra attention needed for the edges of the woodwork?

The edges get damaged more often while also leaving wider gaps. That is why more layers of filler mixtures should be applied there. Extra attention is also needed while sanding and painting the area.

What are the best substitutes for wood fillers?

As the best substitutes, you can use the best brand of wood glue. The glue should be used with sawdust to incur perfect bonding. The use of hardeners in this aspect cannot be avoided.


Learning the art of the process of repairing and fixing damaged wood with wood filler is essential. This is to make you feel free and satisfied.

I hope you do well in your journey. Leave a comment below for any questions!

Bye for now!