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Replacing And Installing A Deadbolt And Door Knob Handle!

Replacing or installing a home alliance is tiring, isn’t it?

It’s like every other day a new problem appears.

In that case, you should look for a solution that is long-lasting for any kind of problem.

Here I will talk about replacing and installing a deadbolt and door knob handle.

To replace and then install the deadbolt and door knobs. First, you need to remove the previous handle set, Then, extend the bolt and rotate it. After that, insert the deadbolt latch and put out the handle set’s lever. Then you start installing the new one.

I will briefly talk about a few steps, but not all. You need to read till the end to know about it all. It will help answer all of your questions and provide you with some pointers in the end.

Let’s get started!

8 Steps to Replace and Install a Deadbolt and Door Knob Handle

Replacing or installing deadbolts and door knob handles is really easy. You simply need to take some concrete measures. You can accomplish it if you can do it once. So, just follow the steps one by one, and you will be good to go! Let’s discuss the steps now-

Step 1: Pull Out the Old Handle Set

Remove the previous handle set, including the grip. Then deadbolt components, as well as the latches and strike plates.

Step 2: Rotate the Deadbolt Latch

Extend the bolt and rotate the front to stretch. The deadbolt latches suit the rear of the door.

Step 3: Insert the Deadbolt Latch

Using the little Allen wrench, insert the deadbolt latch into the top hole of the door. The direction of the slant in the latch has to be on the side where the door shuts.

Step 4: Remove the Internal Lever

Remove the handle set’s internal lever section and the cover from the lever assembly. Insert the handle set by pushing the latch bolt in. Place everything in order in the same alignment.

Step 5: Install the New Internal Lever

Install the internal lever assembly by attaching the base and properly aligning the spindles. To accept the screws, turn the mount counterclockwise. When the mount is flat against the door, remove it and spin it clockwise. Then attach the screws and snap on the lid.

Step 6: Place and Tighten the Lever 

Put the lever on the mount and make sure the set screw is tight. You need to do it with the wrench included in the package. Similar to the way of repairing the door jamb.

Need a new pair of screws in the same size? Here you will find whatever size you want:

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Step 7: Install the Lock

Install the lock by holding the outside in place and inserting the inside component. Before mounting the final cover, enter and attach the long screws.

Step 8: Replace the Old Jam

Replace the old jam stabilizing and hitting bars with the new devices included in the kit. Remove the old hardware by unscrewing it. Then, in the reverse, they put in the new equipment.

If your doors need repairing, you can do it with a wood filler. It’s fast and durable.

4 Methods to Take Good Care of a Deadbolt and a Door Knob Handle

This has an expiration date if you don’t take care of it. Then, it will lose its temper way too soon. Also, replacing and installing a new one every 1/2 year is taxing. 

Now, this part will cover the methods for taking care of them.

Okay, let’s begin!

Method 1. Keep Your Locks Clean

A daily cleaning schedule is one of the best ways for homeowners. To maintain their door locks and deadbolts appropriately. Cleanliness is a crucial part of maintenance, and it should be said for locks.

Door locks come into contact with a wide range of substances during the day. This makes them prone to collecting dust, dirt, and grime. If locks aren’t maintained regularly, filth accumulation will cause the lock to freeze.

At a minimum, households should wash their clothes every couple of months. Ensure that the buildup of grime and trash is prevented. This can be achieved by blowing lubricant into the keyway.

The other way is by wiping the lock’s body with a gentle washcloth. The most secure locks will require maintenance to remain in good working order.

Method 2. Avoid Using Excessive Force

Locks, like any other household item, require maintenance and treatment to preserve their longevity and use. Many people do not look after the locks so they regularly inadvertently destroy them. Extreme pressure is one of the most significant threats to any lock.

Door locks, while strong, are not unbreakable. Owners should ensure that they are not applying excessive force to their locks. Excessive force may extend from banging the door shut to pounding on the lock with hard items.

These seemingly insignificant activities tend to compound until all the subtle damage produces one big break.

Method 3. Make Use of Proper Cleaning Supplies

As many readers are aware, using the wrong tools for the job nearly invariably fails. It is also applicable for the care and maintenance of the locks. In certain cases, homeowners understand the need for lock maintenance. But they go about it incorrectly. It happens when you install floating shelves too.

A simple recommendation that many people overlook is one of the most important. It’s constantly critical to use the proper cleaning products while washing and maintaining your locks.

For example, if you use the incorrect lubricant in the keyway of your lock. You will damage your key and jam the keyway. This will very probably harm the lock. And you will quite likely have to pay to replace the lock.

Method 4. Take Note of Additional Parts

When I mention the additional parts, I assume you’re not scared. The words are not difficult to understand. It relates to the different elements that work together. To keep your door lock operating properly.

Maintaining these additional parts will guarantee that your lock keeps working as intended. One of the elements that helps ensure the optimal operation of door locks is the door itself. Make sure that the blades are clean and always clear the dirt.

In addition, your door must be properly fitted. This is to make sure the locks cannot be obstructed from their operations. There are several door lock and door handle characteristics that homeowners should constantly check for. And each of these pieces should be carefully cared for and maintained to ensure a lifetime.


Is it less expensive to change locks or rekey them?

Rekeying your lock is nearly always less expensive than replacing it. Because the key pins within the locks are less pricey. However, when you change a lock, you must pay for all the new parts.

Should you replace your locks after purchasing a home?

When you relocate to a new home, you should change the locks. Because you have no idea how many replica house keys are floating around from previous owners. Changing the locks will keep your new property safer.

Is it possible to break into a deadbolt lock?

Lock and deadbolt all of the home’s external doors. You will have the peace of mind you want when leaving your house. Since deadbolts are one of the greatest methods to safeguard your home. A crowbar cannot be used to break through or pry open a lock. Ensure the safety and security of your house.

Is it simple to install keyless door locks?

An electronic keypad entry method solves all of the missing key difficulties. Input a four-digit number on a digital keypad to unlock your front door. This electronic lock is simple to install; all you need is a screwdriver.

Summing Up

I hope now you understand the way of replacing and installing a deadbolt and door knob handle. It’s not that difficult if you follow the steps one by one.

You can do it alone or with help from a family member or friend. You can also ask for a professional’s help. If you’re confused. It won’t charge too much. If you want your doorknobs to last a long time. Then you need to take care of them as well.

I hope you find this information useful and that it makes your job simpler.

Till next time. Best wishes to you!