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How to Replace the Rusted Toilet Flange: Do It in 5 Easy Steps

A rusted toilet flange can be smelly other than being odd in appearance.

It can actually start spreading out rusting marks around the flange.

And it gets visible over time, making the washroom look dirty. Thus, you may want to take it off!

How to replace the rusted toilet flange?

First, you must turn off the water system to avoid a mess of water. Then remove the oil flange. After that, you need to get the perfect-sized toilet flange. Once you get it, you can start installing the toilet flange. Finally, you need to remount the bowl and turn back on the water system.

The heads-up is what you needed initially. But you must read along to get started and carry on the operation. We got every detail about it!

Get started now!

How Do I Replace The Rusted Toilet Flange Myself?

We know how necessary it becomes replacing the old toilet flange from time to time. And we most often do it when the toilet flange becomes rusted.

As this operation seems a bit complex, many of us go for assistance. And professional assistance can be a bit expensive for this.

Thus, we sometimes think of it again even if it is an emergency. But today, I got here the complete process of how to do it myself.

Get ready to do it yourself without any expense for the plunger! Here you go with the detailed process given in a few steps.

Step 1: Turn off The Water Supply

First, you should turn off the water supply. Because it saves you from a watery mess when you do this work.

You just have to turn off the main water shut-off valve. But ensure you turn off the valve slowly. Because the water valve might break off if you go hard.

If you turn off the water supply, you get started with the operation. Now, get started with removing the rusted flange of your toilet.

Step 2: Remove The Old Toilet Flange

This time you take off the current toilet flange that is rusted. Do not forget you might need to think of a few measures for this now.

Make sure you use eye protection and gloves prior to starting this operation. Now, start spraying with penetrating oil around the flange.

Then let it rest for like half an hour to become soft. Once the oil goes inside to loosen it, the process becomes easy.

After you wait for a while, you can get started to take the flange off. Take a socket wrench to start loosening the bolts.

Be patient and go gradually when loosening the bolts. Because sometimes bolts tend to not loosen when you try to do so. In that case, you can apply a bit of the spray again.

And then wait for minutes for the oil to soak in and loosen. Do not forget to take the appropriate size of a wrench as it matters.

Once you remove the rusted toilet flange, you can start replacing it.

Wondering what to do about not having a socket wrench? Well, you can get a new socket wrench very easily. Look at our favorite pickups to get one!

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Hope this helps!

Step 3: Get A Perfect Toilet Flange

Remember that choosing the right toilet flange is very important. Because not doing it would cost you a lot. You may need to replace the flange again for this mistake.

To get the right toilet flange, you can take the current flange to a hardware store. And if you do not want to do it, you can consider a snapshot of it.

But a better idea would be to measure the diameter of the outflow pipe. This would be appropriate and precise to get the right toilet flange.

After that, you need to get a wax ring for the flange. And the ring has to be compatible with the diameter of the flange you buy.

Step 4: Install The New Toilet Flange

Now, you need to take the new toilet flange that you just bought. Then remove the nuts that are included there. After that, you need to place the flange on the toilet floor.

You would find 2 spots to fix the nuts of the flange. For this, you just have to be very careful and put the nuts. 

Then tighten the nuts and get in the bolts gradually. Remember one thing. Bolting up the toilet flange is one of the essential parts of its installation.

After that, you need to push the flange to the outflow pipe. But do not be hard while pushing the toilet flange. 

You need to make sure the toilet flange sits properly on the pipe. To make this sure, see if the nuts are aligned straight. If yes then the flange sits properly.

With the flange, there is a gasket included. It seals the flange so that no waste from the outflow pipe gets out. This helps the toilet floor to keep it clean.

Now, you put all the screws into the flange. But make sure you do it one by one to avoid any disruptions.

Remember that going slow is necessary as this process might damage the floor. And any damage to the toilet floor can be costly to repair. Thus, you must be careful with it.

Step 5: Mount up The Bowl

Raise the toilet back up when replacing it. Because the fresh wax ring must be installed at the bottom of the opening. 

Give a light touch to the wax ring to ensure that it is securely attached to the toilet bowl bottom. Put the toilet on the flange that was just installed with care. 

Double-check that both side holes are exactly parallel. This helps to keep the screws properly in place. To hold the toilet bowl in place, clamp down using a wrench. 

Then attach the toilet tank to the detached water supply hose. The main water supply line can then be switched on. Just go and turn on the water valve at this point.

Because you are done with your toilet flange operation. And finally, you can go ahead and use your toilet without fear. 

That is how you replace the toilet flange successfully!

A Few Tips for A New Toilet Flange

We know that tips are always helpful. I wanted to share a few tips with you. So that you have the knowledge of it too. Here you go.

Tip 1: Putting Multiple Wax Rings

Sometimes, a few people or plumbers consider putting multiple wax rings in the flange. This is done without a purpose. 

But rather, it can be really safe for your toilet. That is, your toilet flange is more secure so that there is no leakage. Thus, you may consider multiple wax rings too!

Tip 2: Working on Another Part

Your toilet might have other issues too. The issues could be small or significant. Thus, when you are replacing the rusted toilet flange, utilize the time.

Say, your toilet is clogged, so you can just start working on it now. Because this can be a good time to do it. 

It would be more efficient as you do not need to do the basics again. Thus, I recommend you consider the other issues to fix at this time too.

Tip 3: Use A Spray

Once you remount the toilet bowl, you can use a bit of spray. This would prevent your toilet from letting out any stink from the outflow pipe.

In fact, this would give a fresh aroma in your washroom too!

These tips that I find very useful might come in handy for you too. Thus, I tried to share these with you too!


Is it worth it to replace the rusted toilet flange oneself?

Yes, it is worth replacing the rusted toilet flange oneself. This is mainly because you can save a significant amount of money doing it yourself. You can expect a plunger to fix this issue at a very reasonable price. And doing it is not that complex either actually.

Can I put a new toilet flange on the current one?

Yes, you can put a new toilet flange on your current one. But this is not a must to do so though. If you do it, you need to put on a bead. It needs to be a full silicone bead covering up the old flange. And then you may put on the new one.

Do I caulk around the new toilet flange?

Yes, it is better to caulk around the new toilet flange. Because it can help the toilet flange to remain good. No water or substances can go inside the flange if you caulk around it. But if you do not plan to caulk around it, water may go inside. And this can damage the flange.

The Final Words

So, that is how you can replace the rusted toilet flange yourself! We hope every instruction is clear to you now.

And here’s a bonus tip! Once you replace the flange of your toilet, get an air freshener. Spray a bit of it on the cistern of the toilet. This would feel like the entire washroom is new!

All the best!