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How To Reset Electrolux Refrigerator: 2 Methods To Follow!

Electrolux refrigerators have numerous cool and additional features. Sometimes people even get confused about how to operate the functions. And one of the most common concerns is about resetting this freezer. This seems really confusing to some people.

How to reset an Electrolux refrigerator?

Resetting an Electrolux refrigerator is as easy as playing a game. You may follow 2 different methods for this. You may just unplug the wire from the source of power. Or else, you can follow the other method. Resetting the main control board of the fridge. Most users follow the first one in general.

This is the beginning of what you want to find out. Read along as I have got all the information in detail here!

Get started now!

Reset Your Electrolux Refrigerator Following These Methods

Resetting the Electrolux refrigerator is actually more than easy. You can’t even imagine how simple and easy it is. It’s similar to resetting the ice maker of a Samsung fridge.

Take a look to get started with your reset program now!

Method 1: The General Method

This method basically works with almost all the refrigerators to reset. To do this, you need to turn off your refrigerator.

For this operation, you might be better off using a pair of hand gloves. This would keep it safer while working with the electricity.

Because an eclectic charge comes out or bursts off at times while dealing with these.

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Hope this helps!

Coming back to the reset program:

Now, take off the power plug from the socket. Then keep it turned off for about 15 minutes like this. 

This enables your freezer to rest including all the parts of it. And eventually, your freezer would reset automatically.

But sometimes this fails to reset the freezer due to internal issues or other factors. In that case, you can do it in another way like the Westinghouse fridge

If you want, you may reset your Electrolux refrigerator with the help of an expert. But if you still want to do it yourself in another way, see the next method.

Method 2: Reset The Control Board

It’s also simple to reset the control board of an Electrolux fridge. Just unhook the fridge off the power source to which it is plugged in. 

Disconnect it for roughly 7 minutes before plugging it again. It would put the unit up and running properly once more. 

You wouldn’t require resetting the control board unless you’ve recently changed it. Almost every difficulty you encounter is not caused by the control board. 

This is the last thing for you to look at. And that’s when everything else appears to be in order.

This is how you can reset the control board of your Electrolux refrigerator.

How Can I Reset the Water Filter of the Electrolux Refrigerator?

On your fridge, press the reset button to reset its water filter. It’s right there on the monitor. It only takes around 3 seconds to push and hold it. 

The water filter icon will turn off when it is lit. The water filter would be reset, as indicated by this. You will also need to press the filter status button to reset for some models. 

Keep pressing for 5 seconds after that. This water filter is reset at this point.

What Happens If I Fail to Reset Properly

If you fail to reset your refrigerator properly, that’s okay. Because many people face this problem. But some of them get unlucky at times.

Because sometimes failing to reset the fridge properly leads to issues. Some are easily resolvable whereas others have an impact. 

Take a look here to know about the consequences of a failed reset program.

Problem 1: Freezer Settings

A bad reset program may sometimes disrupt the settings of your refrigerator. This happens while you try to reset your fridge. 

But this does not mean that you necessarily had a fault for this. Perhaps this is just an internal malfunction.

But the fortunate part is, you do not have to be worried about it. Because this is basically a simple issue that you can fix yourself. 

Just follow the manual guideline given by the company. You would then understand how to fix the settings. You can even do that yourself just by your sense.

But I recommend you not to do anything without having prior knowledge. 

Problem 2: Defrost System

This problem could be a bit serious compared to the previous one. Because this one is about the defrost system. 

If someone is unfortunate, he can experience a defrost problem due to a reset failure. But this one is not that common as per my experience. 

When someone faces this problem, they can understand it after turning the fridge on. The freezer would have a problem or even stop defrosting. 

And that might require one to replace or fix the current defrost system. But let’s say you do not come to experience this problem!

Fortunately, you can manually defrost the freezer like the Kitchenaid fridge for the time being.

Problem 3: Compressor

If you face this problem, you are too unfortunate. Because this one is too rare to occur for a bad reset program.

And more importantly, a bad compressor could be a vital problem. You would have no space to fix it yourself. But you need to replace it by contacting an expert mechanic.

A compressor is one of the main systems of an Electrolux refrigerator. As a result, you would need to spend a lot to replace this one.

Although this problem is quite rare to occur, it is not impossible. Thus, you must be careful and responsible to complete the reset program properly.

These are the main problems that may occur due to a failed reset program. I believe that you go through no issues while resetting your Electrolux fridge. Best of luck!


Question: Does my freezer have a reset button by default?

Answer: Yes, modern freezers generally have a reset button by default. Refrigerators contain many useful features nowadays. And this is one of these features. But not all the old freezers have a reset button. In that case, you can do it manually to reset your freezer.

Question: Why is my freezer not freezing?

Answer: Freezer failing to freeze properly is nothing uncommon of an issue. It may happen due to a number of reasons. Motor fan and seal issues are the major ones for this problem. In addition, imbalanced temperature settings also create problems for this. But you can resolve this.

Question: Can I fix the compressor of my refrigerator myself?

Answer: Fixing the compressor of a refrigerator is actually harder than you think. It is not fixable almost all the time. And you can not do it anyway if it is even fixable. A bad compressor usually necessitates a replacement of a new compressor. And it can cost you a lot most of the time.

The Final Words

Now you know how to reset an Electrolux refrigerator! I don’t think you have got any confusion about your freezer now.

But take a tip before I end. Always keep your ice maker clean. That is, clean the ice tray so that no water or ice cubes are leftover. That’d be good for the freezer.

All the best!