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How to Reset the Filter Light on Samsung Refrigerator [3-Step Solution]

It’s normal to not know everything about every electronic device we have at home. There are so many things that we have yet to figure out. One of those things could be confusion about why there is a filter sign lit on your Samsung fridge.

This is a pretty normal occurrence and we are here to help you out. 

How to reset the filter light on Samsung refrigerator?

The procedure to your question is very simple. The way to do it is to buy a new filter, then replace it, press some buttons and you’re done with the procedure! You can easily reset the light on your refrigerator in three easy steps. By following this you will have clean drinking water in no time. 

These may seem simple, and it is, but you still need to know a bit more to execute them correctly.

Look into the article further to get your clean water pouring!

3 Steps to Reset the Light

Keep in mind It is important to change your filter because your filter could affect the ice maker that you have. And if it does, you can easily remove the ice maker to fix it.

Don’t worry about changing your filter or your filter notification appearing. Because with the following steps you can make the light disappear.

Step 1: Change the Filter

The refrigerator’s bottom right-hand corner should have a snug fit for the filter. Remove the old filter by turning it 90 degrees counterclockwise. Put in the new one by rotating it clockwise by 90 degrees. 

The indicator will not identify a new filter if it is not properly seated in the housing. The filter is usually located between the two crisper drawers of the fridge. 

The filters for the Samsung refrigerators are very easy to find. But before buying know which ones are the best. Because if you don’t have the proper one your filter won’t fit.

To make it a little easier, we have listed down below two filters that might make your purchase worth it:


If this doesn’t work out, check the waterline by capping it off.

Step 2: Pour Out Water

Right after changing the filter, take a cup of any type of container and pour at least 2 or 3 gallons of water out. This way you are filtering out the water to make it cleaner. And you are also getting the air out of the system. 

Remember to not drink this water as it is contaminated. You will become sick if you drink this water. That is why purging or filtering the water is so important. 

Hence, this is the most important step. When you are done pouring out the water. Your water will at times look clean. And other times it could be a certain type of colour. Depends on the type of filter you are using. 

It feels bad to pour so much water into the sink and let it go to waste. What if you don’t have to waste it? Instead, you could just give it to your house plants.

You can now drink the water. Because the water is now pure and free from any contaminated particles. 

But this isn’t the only way to get clean water. You have to make sure to always keep the water lines clean.

Step 3: Resetting the Buttons

After you are pouring all the water out. Look at the panel of buttons. You will notice a red-colored sign. This sign will look kind of like a mosquito swatter. And have the word filter written underneath it.

And if the button panel is inside the fridge you will have the word filter which will be lit. And the light is usually the colour red. 

As a result, you will need to look for the button panel first to check if the sign is on. Start looking for the buttons of the fridge.

Different refrigerators have buttons in different places. Some have buttons on the inside of the fridge. For instance on the inner side of the two sides of the fridge. And others have it in front of the fridge. 

Once you have located the buttons, Look for the alarm filter reset button. Hold this button for about three seconds. Hold this to make the light that we mentioned above turn off. 

The above instructions are for the fridges with buttons on the doors. Instructions for the fridges with buttons inside are slightly different.

For the buttons located inside, press the “door alarm: for three seconds to unlock the “control lock”. After you’ve unlocked it, press the “ice maker” button for three seconds. And the red-lit sign will turn off immediately. 

Why Do You Need to Change the Filter

It’s very essential to change your filter. Some things that could happen if you don’t change are given below:

  • Water could taste bad. 
  • Could make the water smell bad.
  • Makes water contaminated.
  • Causes pipes to deteriorate. 
  • The refrigerator could expire sooner.   

That is all!


Questions: How often should you reset the filter in the refrigerator?

Answer: The average refrigerator filter should be resetted six months at a time in most cases. However, if the filter is subjected to excessive amounts of hard water, some of these filters may begin to lose their effectiveness sooner rather than later.

Question: Will Samsung water filters remove fluoride?

Answer: Yes, that’s correct. Lead, fluoride, and other dangerous impurities are all removed by the Samsung filter’s highly concentrated carbon filter. You can rely on the filter’s high-quality construction. 

Question: Will the water filter affect the ice maker of the Samsung refrigerator?

Answer: A clogged filter could be the cause of a Samsung refrigerator that isn’t creating ice because of water pressure concerns. The filter should be replaced every six months to avoid obstructions and boost pressure. Our recommendation is to keep your ice maker clean every time you replace the filter.


Hopefully we’ve cleared your doubts on how to reset the filter light on Samsung refrigerator. Because you will have to do this every 6 months. 

Since you have to do it every 6 months this article has got you set for all filter resetting in the future. And remember to not take the filter light lightly! As it will make your water bad.