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How To Reset Haier Refrigerator [3 Simple Steps]

Resetting a refrigerator sometimes becomes the only option to undo settings. Although it’s a very simple procedure, many may struggle to do it. Luckily, it’s super easy to do. You can do it yourself without hiring a technician. 

How to reset Haier refrigerator?

Due to not having a reset button, you’ll have to reset it manually. For that, simply unplug the cord from the outlet. Afterward, wait for a minute and it’ll reset most of your settings. Plug the cord back in and check for the changes. For a full reset, wait 40 minutes instead of 1 minute. 

Anyways, the above-mentioned solution was just a glimpse of a bigger process. I have further elaborated on each step and made it easier for you. 

Keep reading if you want to know more about resetting Haier refrigerators. 

Resetting Haier Refrigerators: Everything You Need To Know 

Although refrigerators usually don’t prove to be bothersome, that’s not always the case. Sometimes resetting becomes the only solution for solving problems. 

For example, LG refrigerators have beeping noises where resetting solves the issue. But that’s not always the solution. 

But luckily for you, resetting a Haier refrigerator is extremely easy. 

Resetting A Haier Refrigerator: Quick Reset 

Most recent refrigerators are usually equipped with a reset button. This makes your job easy as the button will do everything. It’s necessary to undo all the settings you’ve changed. 

Simply put, something that users can really benefit from.

But unfortunately, Haier refrigerators do not come with a reset button. This makes it super confusing for the Haier users. Especially, if you’ve used a reset button before.

You can also look into the user manual to find some specific instructions. If you’re lucky, maybe there will be some direct commands. 

For example, user manuals are super useful in fixing freezing problems in LG freezers

Because of that, you’ll have to improvise accordingly. Luckily, I have already listed what you need to do in easy words. 

Step 1: Turn Off The Haier Refrigerator

Turning off acts as a reset when it comes to the refrigerators. To do this, simply locate the outlet which is connected to the fridge. 

Afterward, unplug the cord or just turn the switch off. 

Step 2: Leave The Haier Refrigerator Unplugged for A Minute

After unplugging, don’t replug it just yet! To make the reset work, you’ll need to wait at least 1 minute. You can keep it off for a bit more if you want to be thorough with it.

This will reset most of your settings back to the default settings. But remember that, some settings may remain unchanged even after this reset. 

On top of that, resetting doesn’t fix some of the specific problems. For instance, the condensation problem in the refrigerator can’t be fixed by doing a reset. 

Condensation problems occur because of a faulty or torn gasket. For those problems replacing the gasket is the best option. 

To help you out, I have recommended some of my top picks:

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You can now choose whichever you prefer more and get the old one replaced. 

Step 3: Connect the Haier Refrigerator to The Outlet

Anyways, after a minute of waiting, it’s finally time to replug it. Connect the cord to the outlet. 

Wait for your refrigerator to boot properly. When that’s over, check if the settings have been reset to default or not. 

If not, you can try it all over again. As there can be some issues with trying it for the first time.

In most cases, quick resets solve the issues completely. 

Resetting A Haier Refrigerator: Full Reset

This is exactly the same as the method I just mentioned earlier. But there’s a difference in the waiting time. 

Instead of waiting a minute, you’ll need to wait about an hour. A general rule of thumb is to wait at least 40 minutes. 

Full resets can solve many problems of the refrigerator. One such example would be the cooling problems of Kenmore refrigerators

If doing both of these didn’t solve your problem, don’t worry. Because it’s probably a technical fault that isn’t your forte. 

For that, it’s best to contact the experts from your nearby area. They’ll do a thorough inspection and quickly identify the problems. And fix the issues themselves.


Question: Why is my Haier refrigerator not cooling?

Answer: If your Haier refrigerator isn’t cooling properly, it’s probably because of a bad condenser. Sometimes, the coils of the condenser can get super dirty and can become nonfunctional. To solve this, you’ll have to clean the coil fans. After that, you should check the motor for any potential damage. 

Question: How do I reset my Haier refrigerator compressor?

Answer: Resetting a Haier refrigerator compressor can seem complex at first. Start by unplugging your refrigerator from the outlet. When you’re done, reset the compressor settings. And you’re not done yet! Wait for at least 24 hours to stabilize the temperature. After that, turn on the refrigerator.

Question: How do I reset my Haier freezer?

Answer: Resetting a Haier freezer is the same as resetting a Haier refrigerator. But there are some slight differences. You can start by turning off the freezer by either unplugging or turning off the switch. Let the freezer stay like that for at least 30 seconds. Reconnect the freezer back to the outlet. 

Question: How do I increase the cooling on my Haier refrigerator?

Answer: Haier refrigerators have 7 settings for cooling. There’s one more setting which is labeled “0”. Here 0 means off, 1 is the warmest, and 7 is the coolest setting. For the optimal setting, set it to 4 and wait for a day before checking. Afterward, adjust the setting according to your need. 

Final Words

That was all I could gather on how to reset Haier refrigerators. Hopefully, these were enough to solve the problem; at least get rid of your confusion.

One last bit of advice, though. If you’re trying to reset the temperature, you’ll have to wait at least 24 hours. Fortunately, Haier has a temperature reset button. Simply press it and wait for a day to take effect. 

Finally, have a nice day!