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How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator Within 5 Minutes

No one can deny the smarts and style of Samsung refrigerators. But if you’re having problems, don’t panic! 

There’s a simple answer to this problem. Many issues can be resolved by simply performing a factory reset on your Samsung refrigerator. You may don’t know the proper reset process, that’s why we’re here to help!

How to reset the Samsung refrigerator?

Samsung refrigerators can be reset by pressing the power freeze and cool buttons at the same time. If it doesn’t work, unplug the fridge for 30 seconds and re-initialize it. Resetting is essential when the touch screen is frozen, display of temperature is incorrect, etc.

For more detailed information read the following article. Let’s get started!

What’s the Point of Resetting a Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung refrigerators are well-known for their smart features, but they can also lead to errors. Resetting a refrigerator is necessary then. 

Everything with a computer chip can be infected by computer bugs. The more parts of your fridge that are automated, the smarter it is.

Loops are a common cause of freezing failure. Programs may get stuck if they receive too many conflicting commands, or if they receive unintelligible commands. 

The program becomes irrational and stops responding to any inputs. Your fridge may display a “Blue Screen of Death” as a result of this issue. 

You also need to reset your refrigerator for the capping of the waterline. You might see a blinking control panel display reset, a non-responsive ice maker. Also, it’s seen on a black touch screen in your refrigerator.

This is a simple answer. This will allow the problematic program to be closed and reopened. As long as the issue is only temporary, normal operations can be resumed.

Fortunately, most Samsung refrigerator problems can be solved with a simple reset.

The following is especially relevant if:

  • Shop mode is still active in your fridge.
  • Temperature readings appear to be erratic or flashing.
  • An outage struck your area recently.
  • An error has occurred.

Samsung Refrigerators: How Do You Reset Them

They are some of the most intelligent refrigerators available today. You’ll be able to make smarter decisions. Thanks to features like a touch fridge and freezer controls and digital displays!

French door refrigerators from Samsung are amongst the most intelligently designed products on the market today. A touch-screen refrigerator and freezer, as well as digital displays, will make life easier.

Samsung’s fridge filter may need to be reset from time to time. We’ll go over each and every one of the possible explanations in detail. The ice maker may need to be reset separately in order to function properly.

Samsung refrigerators can be reset in two ways. Switching off the power outage breaker and then turning it back on takes two minutes.

Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons can be held down for a few seconds. Press them until you hear a click to reset the refrigerator’s main control panel board.

Process 1: Power Off 

To perform a factory reset on a Samsung fridge that has stopped working properly, follow these instructions:

The main control board of the refrigerator must be turned off. Flip the circuit breaker after unplugging it from the wall and reattach it.

For unplugging the refrigerator from the control board, you need to take some safety measures. 

You can use the following testers for avoiding unwanted accidents through electricity:

Product 1
Product 2

Always keep those near to avoiding circuit shock.

In order to restore power, you must first wait for 10 to 15 minutes. During the outage, you can use this method to restart the reset Samsung fridge control panel. 

If the power goes out again, plug it back in and perform a hard reset. Ask professionals if this doesn’t work.

Process 2: 2 Button Press

In some cases, Samsung refrigerator models may require two buttons to be pressed to reset. In the event that you press two buttons at the same time, there’ll be no sound.

If you hear it, pause and restart the fridge. Press and hold the buttons simultaneously to get at least two or three blips.

If the Samsung fridge fan has trouble codes, you can read them by following the instructions below. After a few minutes of beeping, your Samsung refrigerator will restart and go back to normal.

Different Reset Instructions for Different Issues

In the event of a power outage, you may encounter problems with the unit operating at the wrong temperature or acting strangely.

The following times may necessitate a reset:

The Display of the Temperature is Incorrect

The first step is to find out what’s causing your fridge’s temperature display to flicker. Give out inconsistent readings, or not give out any at all. 

Food should be completely cooled down before being stored in the refrigerator. It can help you avoid condensation, mould, and possibly expensive refrigerator repairs. 

To avoid condensations, clean the refrigerator water line. It is possible to change the temperature by using the touchscreen panel. 

A refrigerator’s position may differ depending on the model. You must press either the Fridge or Freezer button to see the current temperature.

Reset Process 

Simply tap the Fridge button to adjust the temperature of the fridge. The temperature setting is lowered by one degree for each press of the button.

Do it until the fridge reaches its lowest temperature setting. Repressing the button will reset the temperature to its highest setting.

In order to set a new temperature, press and hold the button for a few seconds. When the temperature reaches the required level, release it.

Make sure the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons are pressed for five seconds. Then let them go. This will reboot the entire system.

Disabling the Demo Program

As long as the fridge is in Demo mode, it will appear to be running. Resetting your Samsung refrigerator if it’s stuck in Demo mode is the only way to fix it. 

Sometimes your refrigerator trips breaker if you reset it in the wrong way. Your fridge’s age could dictate how you execute this procedure.

Reset Process 

You can deactivate Demo mode on older models. For about 10 seconds, hold down the Energy Saver and Freezer buttons. Then let go and let them go.

After that, let them go. This method will change the temperature and turn off the lights. You can start over.

Try again and again if that doesn’t work. On-screen temperature readings will be displayed once demo mode has been disabled.

Fixing a Freezing Touchscreen

A reset is usually all that is needed to get a frozen touch screen working again. 

Reset Process 

The right-hand door of the refrigerator has a red switch hidden behind it.

You can use it to turn off the screen and turn it back on if it doesn’t work.

A few seconds later, turn the red switch off and back on. That’s all there is to it. The display should work as expected.

Some people may need to reset their Samsung refrigerators for a number of reasons. Whatever the case may be, we’ve already addressed the majority of them.

In the vast majority of cases, a simple reset will take care of the issue. Double-checking is essential.

After your refrigerator has restarted, you should keep an eye on it for a few days. Make sure it is working properly. 

You need to ensure that your refrigerator runs normally, with no temperature fluctuations or error codes. If everything appears to be in order, you’re good to go.


Question: How do I restart my Samsung double-door refrigerator?

Answer: The “power freeze” and “power cool” buttons can be held together for five seconds for most Samsung logos. These buttons can be found on all Samsung fridges.It will start up again if you push and hold both buttons together for a few seconds. Some refrigerators come equipped with reset buttons.

Question: Are Samsung refrigerators equipped with a “reset” button?

Answer: To start over, there is a button inside the Samsung refrigerator. In either case, it can be found behind the ice bucket.

Question: Please tell me what’s wrong with my Samsung refrigerator?

Answer: Samsung freezers have a common problem with ice maker buildup. This occurs as a result of heated air coming into touch with cool evaporator coils.On the coils, the air first freezes, then condenses. As a result, the defrost cycle will not be able to fix this issue because of this problem.


Additionally, this article can help you dispose of how to reset Samsung refrigerators. If you’re still concerned about your refrigerator, you should consult with a trained mechanic.

Thank you for your patience, and we’ll see each other again soon!