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Time Taken to Retile a Bathroom: 4 Factors to Keep in Mind

Rolled up your sleeves to retile your bathroom? Only you find out that it might take a long time. But what does the time depend on? Something to think about, isn’t it?

How long does it take to retile a bathroom?

The time taken will depend on certain factors.  Firstly, it’ll rely on the person retiling it. Also, the bigger the size of your bathroom, the longer you’d need. If your tiles have special features, you’ll need more time. Finally, the type of grouting used will also influence the time taken.

In case you’re still confused, it’s fine! We’ll be explaining how each of these 4 factors will influence the time taken in detail.

How Much Time Do You Need to Retile a Bathroom?

The general idea is that a bathroom requires around 2 days to retile completely. However, it isn’t the same for everyone. For some, it’s better to take some time than rush things. Otherwise, there’s a chance of ruining your bathroom. You need to carefully remove the tiles without breaking them.

To figure out the approximate duration, there are some aspects to consider. We are explaining them below-

Factor 1 of 4: Who is Retiling Your Bathroom?

The person in charge of retiling will obviously influence the time it’ll take. Now, this is something you should choose wisely. 

After all, if there’s not much time, an experienced tiler can help you out greatly. However, if you don’t want to strain your budget, you can retile yourself. Doing the work yourself will cut a lot of additional costs.

So, let’s analyze the time needed for both a beginner and an experienced tiler. 

Is It A Beginner?

Working with ceramic tiles for retiling is the simplest method. So, as a beginner, laying ceramic tiles would take 16 hours for you. For other tiles like porcelain or cement, it’ll take around 3 days. You’d need an extra day or two since you’ll be retiling them.

Then comes the grouting process which would cost an entire day. So, the whole process of retiling, including trimming and flooring, would take 3-6 days. 

Is it A Professional?

Thinking of hiring an expert for retiling your bathroom? That would probably be the best move. Especially if you’re not confident about your own abilities. After all, retiling is an important process that would enhance the usage of your bathroom. 

A professional tiler would need 10 hours to lay ceramic tiles. For works like trimming them, attaching them with the floors and walls? Another day is definitely needed.

Also, see if they are using a straight edge. It will make your tiles straight.

Cement or porcelain tiles would take 2 days to retile completely. 

Now approximately one day is needed for grout to dry down. So, around 2 to 3 days is perfect for retiling your bathroom.

Factor 2 of 4: What is the Size of Your Bathroom?

It’s obvious that if your bathroom is large, it’ll take more time to retile it. The initial laying of tiles on the floor would consume more time. Especially for bigger bathrooms. Hence, it’ll increase the overall time taken for the whole retiling process.

The size also plays a part in weighing the tiles. Because if the size is big, it will need more tiles and more time.

So, let’s consider an average-sized bathroom first. Suppose the size of your bathroom is around 2m x 1.7m x 2.4m. Taking in another assumption that you have an average-sized window and door. If you’re using tiles of size 400×250, you’re going to need around 2 to 3 days. 

Now taking the overall structure of the retiling process into consideration. On the first day, try to tile the walls. Leave the bottom tiling, windows, and the grouting process for the next day. 

So you’ll be done with the whole project in around 3 days. That too for a bathroom of this size!

Factor 3 of 4: What are the Features of Your Bathroom Surfaces?

You see, not all bathrooms are going to have a typical structure. You should take note that the positioning of your walls will affect the retiling time. Similarly, the different types of tiles used, like accent tiles, will also influence the time.

After all, it’s natural for different bathrooms to have different layouts and features. So, let’s consider the special features of various components in your bathroom-

The Walls

What is the structure and shape of your walls? Are they plumb or curved? Technically, if your walls are completely even, you should take 3 days at maximum. Otherwise, you can take a little bit longer. Because the trimming of tiles needs to be done more carefully then. 

The Tiles

It’s a general rule that for bigger tiles, you’ll need less time to retile. This is because you’d need to trim the tiles less. After all, they’d fill up the space of your bathroom sooner! 

And it’s the complete opposite for smaller tiles. Remember to trim the tile edges after tiling to bring a proper finishing. It may take some time but it’ll be worth it.

The Windows 

Tiling certain parts of your bathroom requires special care and attention. These include tiling floor drains and window edges in your bathroom. As for the edges, you’d need to be very careful while trimming your tiles. 

After all, they have to be cut precisely. Otherwise, there’s a chance for them to stick out.

Take all the time necessary for this, as it is a crucial part of retiling. For each window, you need to trim 4 times. So even if each window edge takes 1 hour to trim, don’t hesitate.That is why consider your window structure in terms of design. Because you’d definitely need around 4-5 days to complete the whole retiling process.

Factor 4 of 4: What Kind of Grout are You Using?

Grouting is the final step to complete your retiling process. Now the type of grout you choose is important. You see, people often use grouts which are available in the form of an emulsion. 

Such grouts have properties similar to caulks used over sealed grouts. If you use grout of this sort, it’ll take longer to mix properly with the floor. Moreover, it will take an extra day to complete the retiling process.

Incase of powdered grout, the adhesives will mix with your tiles easily. Hence the grouting can both be applied and dried in 24 hours. 

Here are some of our tried and tested powdered grout adhesives. They will definitely cut down your retiling time:

Product 1


Product 2


Additionally, you can create different patterns with rectangular tiles. If you already have the color, theme and materials set in your mind; then more time will be saved on that as well.

Now that you’re clear on how to save time. Why don’t you go on and make your retiling process more efficient?


Question: Is black buttering tile necessary to be used?
Answer: It is a topic debated by many tilers. You see, black buttering tiles are tiles that are made of natural stone. So, its high quality makes it preferable by many. However, it’s not mandatory to use black buttering tile for your bathroom. Ceramic tiles are enough to serve the purpose.

Question: What is the advantage of retiling your bathroom?
Answer: It is an easy alternative to renovating the look of your bathroom as a whole. You’ll get to remove your old and damaged tiles. And replace them with new ones. Also, you’ll be able to add a new look to it as well!

Question: How much do tilers charge per hour?
Answer: The rate charged by tilers fall in the range of $40 to 100$ per hour. However, this rate is mainly for outdoor tiling. For retiling your bathroom, tilers will charge around $40 to $60 dollars per hour.

Question: What is a tile backsplash?
Answer: A tile backsplash is a type of material used on wall tiles. Which protect them from splashes of water. It has an easy installation process. And it’s especially useful for places like your bathroom!

Final Words

That’s it! Depending on these 4 factors, this is how long it takes to retile a bathroom.

Basically, an experienced tiler will take less amount of time. Similarly, if your bathroom is small in size, you’ll need less time. However, tiles and walls with special features will take longer. Finally, using powdered grout or adhesive reduces the time taken.

If you have any confusion regarding what to do, comment below!

Happy retiling!