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Time Needed to Retile a Shower: 4 Factors to Consider

Let’s suppose you’ve begun retiling your shower. But it’s taking way longer than you expected. And now you can’t help but wonder if you’re making any mistakes.

If that’s the case, we completely understand.

So, how long does it take to retile a shower, exactly?

There are some factors to be considered at first for this. Whether the tiler is a professional or not is one of them. The size and special features of your shower also matter. Lastly, the tools you use for retiling will also affect the time you need for retiling.

Based on these 4 factors, we are discussing how long it should take for you to retile. So, read on to find out!

How Long is Needed to Retile a Shower?

Projects just like wall tile to baseboard transitioning take time. Similarly, retiling your showers will also take time. The rule of thumb is that retiling generally takes around 2 days to complete. 

While retiling is a fun DIY project, it’s time-consuming as well. At one point, you might feel as if the whole process is becoming too tedious. So, you need to decide how you’re going to do it efficiently. 

Want to get an idea of the time needed for retiling a shower? There are some factors to consider that you need to consider then. They are discussed below along with the time needed.

Factor 1 of 4: The Tiler’s Experience

The experience of the person retiling is one of the major factors to consider. For example, a professional tiler will need less than a day.

For ceramic floors, it might only take a pro around 3 to 7 hours to retile. They might need a longer time for bigger showers, though.

However, are you planning on taking on this DIY project and retiling yourself? 

It might take at least 2 days for smaller showers. That is if they have cement or porcelain tiles. For retiling ceramic floors, you need around 16 hours. 

Is your skill at an intermediate level? Then, you need around 12 hours to retile a ceramic floor.

In fact, there’s a common and simple rule for retiling. This is that on the first day, you will attach the tiles and allow the mortar to dry. Then, on the second day, you’ll caulk the tiles with silicone to join them. It’ll take around a day for the caulk to fully dry.

So, overall, you’ll need a total of 2 days, as stated before.

Factor 2 of 4: Size of Shower

The size of your shower is one of the most crucial aspects you need to consider. Because it greatly affects how long you’ll need to retile it. Remember, the size of showers can be as small as 32×32. It can also extend to be the same size as your room!

For instance, we are assuming the time for a shower of the size 3’ x 5’. The walls are 8’ high and are 11’ wide. This will take around 2 days to retile completely. We are also assuming that each tile used here is 12 square inches in size. 

Factor 3 of 4: Features of Shower

Remember that not all showers have regular features. Sometimes, we tweak certain aspects of the tiles and shape of showers. Because these make them look fancier. 

As we’ve mentioned before, if you use ceramic tiles, it’ll take less time. For a beginner, the time might extend to 16 hours for retiling. And a professional would only need around 3-7 hours. 

Also, does your shower have extra benches, shelves, and corners? Then these will greatly influence the time needed to retile. After all, these would get in your way while you’re retiling. 

Similarly, different features of your wall like retiling the ceiling will extend the duration needed. Furthermore, are your walls not fully plumb and upright? Then make additional measurements of the different tiles as needed. 

Here, you need to take different measurements of each tile for this. So, a greater time will be needed.

Factor 4 of 4: Usage of Tools

You’ll need less time if you use advanced tools for your work of retiling the shower. For instance, a very important tool needed for retiling is a good saw. 

It’ll take less time for you to work on the tiles if the saw is 10 inches in size. Because with a larger saw, you can finish cutting the tiles faster. If you use a smaller saw, it might take around a day to adjust the size of the tiles. 

Additionally, in the end, you need to grout between tiles. For this, you’re going to need tools like a trowel or a grouting float. The availability of these will also influence the duration needed greatly. 


Question: When can you walk on tile after retiling it?Answer: The time when you can walk again on your newly re-tiled shower depends on some things. You need to consider the brands of grout and sealants that you used for this. Usually, it’s safe if you give it 3 days after the retiling. 

Question: Are smaller or larger tiles more preferable for retiling?Answer: Larger tiles will most likely make your shower look smaller. So especially for smaller showers, medium or small-sized tiles are better options. They tend to be more affordable too. 

Question: How long does waterproofing a shower take?Answer: Waterproofing ensures a tight seal so your shower doesn’t leak in the future. So, it takes at least 24 hours to dry completely. And it needs to be coated 2-3 times. That’s why you might need 2 days to fully complete the process.

Bottom Line

That’s it! Depending on these factors, the time needed for retiling will vary. 

Just keep in mind that the experience of the person re-tiling will influence the time. Not only that, but it also depends on how large your shower is. The extra features of your shower and tools used will also influence the time taken.

Tell us how long retiling took for you in the comments below!

Good luck!