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How To Revitalize Corian Countertop: 3 Step Solution

Watching your once magnificent Corian countertop lose its radiance over the years can be very upsetting. But don’t worry! The Corian countertops can be easily revitalized with proper measures.

How to revitalize Corian countertop?

You can revitalize your Corian countertop by carefully cleaning, removing scratches, and finally, polishing the countertop. Each step requires specific types of cleaners and polish to help your countertop regain its glow. 

Ready to restore the glory days of your old Corian countertop? Why not help yourself with this quick read!

How To Revitalize Corian Countertops: Step-By-Step Procedure

The Corian countertop is a very popular countertop in many European households even to this day.

Built with various natural minerals and polymers, it adds an element of garnish to your kitchen. Its low price also plays a great factor in its popularity.

It’s a highly durable countertop that can last for generations. Unfortunately like everything else, it too is bound to lose its luster with passing time. But the best thing about the Corian countertop is that you can revitalize its old glow.

Here is how you can revitalize your Corian countertop:

Step 1: Cleaning The Countertop

Corian countertops require regular cleaning to enhance their longevity and keep it durable. Regularly cleaning the countertop surface reduces stain build-up and keeps up its glossy finish.

Depending on the color of the countertop, you might need to adjust your cleaning preferences. Countertops with darker colors tend to reveal more visible scratch marks compared to lighter ones. So you need to invest more time and care after cleaning countertops with a darker tint.

Let’s take a look at the details of cleaning up your Corian countertop!

Ammonia is a good option when it comes to removing dirt, stains, and grimes from a surface. So cleaners containing ammonia are popular pre-cleaners used in households. Ammonia-based cleaners offer the best service when it comes to cleaning Corian countertops. 

Start off by spraying the countertop with the ammonia-based household cleaner. You can also use other cleaners sold in the market that are dedicated to cleaning countertops.

After applying the cleaner, wipe the countertop using a microfiber cloth. Wipe the countertop in a circular motion for better cleaning. 

Now rinse the countertop with clean water and wipe the top until it gets completely dry.

Keep in mind that in no way should you use window cleaner or similar non-ammonia-based cleaners. Such products can leave your countertop with a dull surface and waxy build-up.

A great substitute for spray cleaners can be warm soapy water. With very little effort, you can whip up your own soap water solution.

Take a bowl of warm water and add 2-3 drops of liquid dish soap to it to make the mixture. Soak a sponge in the solution and wipe the countertop surface with it.

Rinse off the surface thoroughly with clean water. It’s very important to do so as soap residue can form a scum on the countertop.

Scrub the stained area on the countertop using an abrasive cleaner or a scrubber. You might need to apply a bit of pressure while wiping to clean off the stain.

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface before rinsing it with clean water. Dry the wet countertop by wiping it again. 

Step 2: Buff Out Fine Scratches and Scrape Marks

After you have finished cleaning the countertop surface, it’s time to remove scratches from the countertop. It’s very easy to get rid of scratches and scrape marks off of the Corian countertop. You can easily sand the countertop surface and maintain its beautiful finish.

Do not wipe the surface dry after cleaning it as mentioned before. To buff out the scratches, you need to have them clean and wet.

Take a look at the things you should follow when buffing out scratches from your countertop.

Grab an abrasive pad and pour any abrasive cleaner on it. Rub the pad on scratched and stained spots that didn’t come off from earlier cleaning. You can also use sandpaper to scrub off the fine scratch marks.

Adapt a back-and-forth and side-by-side stroking motion to buff up the surface. Keep alternating between the two motions. 

Cleanse the countertop with clean water after buffing out the fine scratches. Remove all the abrasive soap residue by wiping the surface with a sponge or microfiber cloth.

If you still have visible scratch marks, repeat the process again until every mark is removed.

The scrubbed part of the countertop might look different from the rest of the countertop. If that happens, scrub the entire countertop in a circular motion to blend in the surface.

Step 3: Polish The Countertops

This is the last step to revitalize your Corian countertop. Polishing the surface of the countertop will bring out its old luster and gleam.

For this, you need a commercial countertop polish. You can find a number of countertop polish brands out in the market.

We have saved you the trouble of looking out for countertop polish. Here is some top countertop polish that we have picked for you after careful observation:

Product 1
Product 2

Don’t go out buying just any countertop polish that you can get your hands on. Look out for the ones that are recommended for polishing Corian countertops.

Purchased the Corian countertop polish? Great! It’s time to move on to the next step of the operation-

Spray the countertop polish on your countertop and rub the surface with a microfibre cloth. Rub the surface in a circular motion.

Keep rubbing the surface until every corner of the countertop is polished properly. Change the clothes when it gets too dirty from polishing. 

Your countertop will start emitting its old glazing look. You can fasten the process by using an orbit-electric sander instead of using hands.

Things to Consider For Your Corian Countertop

Corian countertops are known for lasting for generations and are countertops requiring low maintenance. Proper maintenance and cleaning up can reduce damage and increase its durability in the long run. Here are some suggestions you should consider following to keep your countertop in top shape:

  • Try cleaning the surface daily with household cleaning spray.
  • Thoroughly dry out the surface after cleaning to make sure the surface does not stay wet.
  • Remove any form of spills immediately by wiping them.
  • Get rid of the fine scratches every 2-3 months..
  • Polish the countertop immediately after buffing out the scratches to maintain its shiny look.
  • Make sure to avoid operations that can damage the countertop surface. Use a cutting board instead.
  • Don’t let water sit on the countertop for too long. Especially hot water. You should never leave your countertop wet for too long. Doing so can only give rise to harmful microbes that can cause health hazards. So completely dry it soon after rinsing the surface using a microfiber cloth.

Finally, the Corian countertops can be vulnerable to bacteria infestation if exposed to external elements. So we advise you to disinfect your Corian countertop. Use diluted household bleach to clean the countertop once in a while. This may not help to reinvigorate your countertop but can keep you and your household safe.


Question: Is Corian cheaper than granite?

Answer: Corian is indeed cheaper than granite. But only by a small margin. While Corian costs around $40-150 per square foot, granite can cost anywhere between $40 to $200. The cost might rise up if you consider the installation charge.

Question: Is Quartz better than Corian?

Answer: Quartz outshines Corian when it comes to durability. Quartz is also more scratch-resistant compared to Corian. But these advantages over Corian makes it more expensive too.

Question: Which one is the most sanitary countertop?

Answer: Quartz is the most hygienic countertop surface. It’s held together by using resin and polymer and is made of natural minerals. This makes the quartz countertops non-porous which makes it impossible for bacteria to hide.


And with that, you just finished this quick guide on how to revitalize Corian countertops.

Corian countertops are long-term assets for your household. So it’s better to make sure that it stays damage-free. Regularly cleaning your countertop will make it easier to clean tough stains and maintain its shine.

We wish you the best of luck in polishing your Corian countertop.

Have a great day!