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A Complete Tutorial About The Rooms In A House

House is the most important means of habitation to us. But often, while selecting homes, we get confused about their layout. Also, we’re unsure about how many rooms and which we should have.

What are the types of rooms in a house?

Well, to be exact it depends on several factors that you should consider. In general, it includes a  kitchen, bedroom, washroom, living room, and a foyer. It depends on your personality, family size, usage purpose, etc. 

Still didn’t get what to do? No worries. We’ve got your back. You’ll get detailed explanations about rooms and their usage.

Got some minutes to spend? Then dive into the article and find your queries answered!

Types of Room in Houses

The number and type of room depend upon your personal choice and other factors. In this section, we’ll discuss the multipurpose room facility that a house can have. 

We have all possible combinations of rooms irrespective of the type and choice of your house. So, make sure to go through all of the points that we’ve mentioned.

Let’s start the discussion!


A space that is partly or entirely below the ground it’s called a basement. It’s generally connected through a wooden staircase from the ground floor. It’s important to use the best wood for basement stairs. After all, you want the best for your house. 

It provides good protection against earthquakes. As it provides a much stronger foundation than a non-basement house does.

You can also use the basement as an alternative to other rooms. It may include the laundry room, storage room, storage room, etc. 

Entrance Hall

It’s a room that almost no one cares about. But it’s one of the most significant parts of a house that we should consider.

This is the first room we encounter when anyone enters the house. It connects the inner and outer parts of a house. It’s commonly found after the entrance gate.

Its other name is Foyer. A foyer generally stacks up the shoes, keys, umbrella stands, and many more. Most of these are essential when you leave the home or enter into it. 

Sometimes a mirror is also noticed in those rooms. It helps people to judge their looks instantaneously. 

Living Room

One of the most common rooms that almost every house has. 

It’s the place where people spend their time watching tv or passing their leisure time. Its position and alignment in the house are quite important. As it needs to 

be comfortable for those in the room.

These rooms are found on the first floor of a building. It’s a central point to meet with the people who live in the same house.

As it’s a meeting place, you may attempt to decorate the living room to attract others. Aesthetic flower vases, colorful portraits, paintings may be good options for you. Also, you have the option to set up a fireplace in case you need it.

Guest Room

By name, its purpose is to serve the guest with the adequate facility they need. 

This room can be addressed as an extension of a Bedroom. Sometimes it contains an attached bathroom and a balcony for maximizing guests’ comfort. Besides, it provides adequate privacy that a guest deserves. 

Sometimes you can make temporary use of your living room for gossiping. But for long-term accommodation, a guest room is a must. 


It’s necessary to have separate rooms for children and parents when they grow up. These rooms are commonly known as a bedroom.

You would find these rooms on the first floor or above. The single or double bed along with the bedside table is good. Also, an attached bathroom and balcony make a perfect combination. The room can also have four string blinders.

Depending on your family members, design and layout should be chosen. It can be alternatively used as a guest room in case of emergence. 

If you’re aesthetic minded then you won’t mind having colorful lighting in your bedroom. It will feel like you are in a fairyland. 

Lighting might make you confused about whether to put lights and outlets in the same circuit. But we recommend you to call on a technician, as it will reduce your risk instantaneously. 

You might be confused about which lights to choose. Don’t worry. We have got a great choice for you. 

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These lights will surely make you feel like surfing in your dreamland.  


It’s a room that’s commonly used for preparing our meals. Starting from chopping to cooking everything takes place in the kitchen.

A kitchen is found by and large on the first floor, near to the dining room. 

All types of cooking utensils, fridges, ovens, blenders take their place in the kitchen.

As the kitchen is related to our health, it should be kept neat and clean. It’s quite important to ensure good health for everyone in the house. You can have a different layout depending on your choice and preference. 

Dining Room

It’s a room where the house members gather together for their meals. So, its importance is worth mentioning. 

Commonly we found it on the ground floor and also, near the kitchen as we mentioned. Generally, a dining table and chairs cover the space.  

The allocation of space depends upon the number of members a house has. One can also use the pendant light as a means of decoration. 

Storage Room

A storage room is a great way to make the best use of free space. It accumulates utensils and regularly used products decently.

We can place it on the top floor or ground floor depending on your priority. Most of the time the spare room is known as a storage room.

It’s commonly an empty room having no definite furniture. Also, it has nothing to do rather than storing our frequently used materials


Bathroom, a place where people take their baths to freshen up themselves. 

It can be found attached to any bedroom or guest room. Or sometimes a big and single bathroom for each floor of a house. Multiple bathrooms are a good time saver especially in times of emergency.

Some bathrooms may have a big bathtub along with an attached basin and mirrors. Well, you can even install the bathroom vanity and sink to make space for bathtubs. 

Make sure you have enough space to accommodate materials like bathtubs in bathrooms. 


It’s such a room that is adorned with washing and toilet facilities. Its importance is worth mentioning.

Sometimes we found it attached to the bathroom. Or sometimes dangled to particular bedrooms.

One should keep it neat and clean as it’s frequently used by people. 

Home Office

Nowadays, the home office has become a common phenomenon for every progressional.

This room contains a table, chairs, book of file shelves, lamps and many more. People should find a peaceful and silent environment for concentrating on their tasks.

It can be settled nearer to the living room or bedroom. Besides, it should be medium in size with minimal elements one needs to work.  

Reading Room

As a student, you’ve no alternative to study rooms. It’s the best solution to have a quiet and peaceful environment for study. 

You can spot the place beside your bedroom. But try to be far away from any crowded spaces like living or home theatre rooms. Otherwise, your purpose will not meet according to your planning. 

A study table with a comfortable chair and light will be enough to cover the space. You may also include a whiteboard or a laptop to ease your study purpose. 

Home Library

We know the importance of the library we have in our life. But if we possess our home library then it becomes the perfect match.

Here one can read his preferable books by concentrating on minimal interruption. They also can have their own personal book collection in-home library. 

Bookshelves, narrow tables, and chairs are enough to adorn home libraries. 

Some use their study room or a living room instead of the home library. Whereas some may be short of space to accommodate a home library. 


To enjoy a sound and healthy life, there is no alternative to physical exercise. And, the gym can be the best place to go with our daily exercise. 

It hoards all the necessary equipment needed for your exercise. We can place it on the ground floor. Sometimes the basement is replaced with a gym area. 


To enjoy the bewildering nature of being inside the home, the sunroom is the best. 

This room is surrounded by glasses and you can enjoy plentiful daylight from home. You’ll feel like nature is beckoning at you. 

It is also known as a conservatory or solarium. It is commonly occupied with hanging chairs, sofa sets, or a tea table as well. Someone prefers to have orchids as a purpose of decoration. 

Also, you may like to turn your sunroom into a bedroom. As it’ll feel like having a nap in the lap of nature. 

Factors That Determine The Rooms In A House

While building or buying new homes, we might take some facts under consideration. Among those facts, how many rooms we should have is a crucial one. 

Here, we have discussed 4 prime factors that determine rooms in a house. So, let’s get into the discussion- 


Your lifestyle is the best reference to determine your rooms. Whether you’re a traveler or an athlete, your personality will affect the layout of your house. So, first and foremost, identify your persona and define your lifestyle accurately.

Like, as a researcher, a study room, home library, or a home office is a must. Or if you’re an athlete then a gymnasium can fit your choice. 

A bedroom, kitchen, living room, guest room, bathroom, the washroom is common in all cases. So, make sure you count these in while considering your persona and lifestyle. 

Family Size 

It’s a quite important factor to think of. Depending on your family type, you need to customize your rooms’ layout. Being a bachelor, a single bedroom is enough. But being in a joint family, you’ve to maintain separate bedrooms for each adult.

When you have children, you might consider a playroom or game room for them. So, you should determine your family type and size to get a clear idea of rooms. 

Work at Home

Nowadays, it’s become quite important to have an office room at home. Almost everyone is accustomed to offline activities. Having a home office adds an extra point to your choice. 

Depending on your job, you should resize your office territory. A storage room might be helpful to store extra documents or elements you often use. 


Last but not the least, your money will decide where you’d live. If you possess enough money to build your castle or mansion you should go for it. You can employ cleaners, drivers, guards, caretakers, and many more.

If you’re short of coins, you should be confined within your limit. You should consider the following three points that we’ve discussed earlier. It’ll help you to make the right decision about the rooms you need.

That’s all we have for you. If you complete the whole article, you should master the idea regarding rooms in the house. 


Question: Is the Entrance room and Hallway the same?

Answer: No. The entrance room means the room that we found first after entering the house. Whereas, a hallway means a corridor that connects the rooms. These rooms are found on both sides of a hallways

Question: Are the game room and playroom the same?

Answer: No. A game room means where all types of gaming gear are available. Contrarily, the playroom is organized with toys, cartoons, and many attractive features. Usually, children make use of the playroom whereas the game room is used by teenagers. 

Question: Does Conservatory or sunroom add value to your house?

Answer: Sure. It’s proven that a sunroom may increase the value up to 7% of the total worth. But it also depends on how well you’ve settled it down with perfect surroundings.


Congrats! By now, you should have a clear concept of rooms in a house. We tried our best to batch up every single point you need to know. If you find it helpful, then our effort is rewarded. 

We wish your new territory to become new heaven in your life!

Best of luck!