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Round vs Elongated Toilet: Which One to Pick?

Different types of toilets have different features and attributes. A toilet that suits you doesn’t necessarily mean it will suit your children. That’s why you’ve to take everything into account before making a purchase. 

What are the differences between round vs elongated toilets? 

Elongated toilets are the best option for adults. But it’s not comforting enough for children. Elongated toilets are also pricier than round toilets. On the other hand, round toilets are super-sufficient. But elongated toilets are easier to clean. Plus there are more options to choose from. 

Anyways, that was the short summary of the entire comparison. We’ve discussed each of these aspects with more details below. 

Let’s not wait around any longer and jump right in- 

Round vs Elongated Toilets: Primary Differences

Knowing key information about both products can help you compare them easily. That’s why it’s a necessity to understand complex comparisons. 

Even something simple as faucets may require prior knowledge about them to compare properly. For example-

To understand differences betweenfister faucet and Delta, you’ve to know about them.  It’s the same case for round and elongated toilets. 

That’s why here’s a small comparison table consisting of all the provided features- 

AspectsRound ToiletElongated Toilet
ComfortComfortable for kidsComfortable for adults
Price RangeCheaperSlightly expensive
Space ManagementSpace sufficient Less space sufficient 
Buying OptionsLessMore

After taking a look at the table, which one are you liking more? 

Round vs Elongated Toilet: Detailed Comparison

If you haven’t made a decision yet, that’s absolutely fine. Because we’ve taken each aspect and compared both of them. 

Sit back and keep reading to know more about these toilets and their benefits. 


Comfort is always the first priority when buying toilets. It is super important. Because otherwise, the experience will be poor. Nobody likes that, do they? 

Round toilets are very comfortable for kids. They have small legs so the round shape compliments them. It’s easier for them to sit on round toilets than elongated ones.

It’s also uncomfortable for them width-wise. Elongated toilets are bigger and wider. As a kid, sitting on an elongated toilet feels like you’re falling inside. 

If you have kids, definitely consider a round toilet over an elongated one. 

But on the contrary, elongated toilets are best for adults. For an adult, a round toilet feels smaller. This is why a longer toilet gives more space to rest the thigh upon. 

The width of the elongated toilet also compliments an adult person’s sitting experience. You can rest easy and read a magazine just fine. 

The legs are less likely to get sore and it’s perfectly parallel to the human body. That’s why if the toilet is going to be used by adults, do consider elongated toilets.

Winner: Elongated toilet wins this round. 

Price Range

After comfort, price point becomes the next major concern. A product can be very attractive but poor pricing can ruin the overall impression. 

The average price of a round toilet is between 225$ to 310$. Of course, with more money, you’ll find better round toilets. 

But most of the toilets in that range can last years. They are comparatively cheaper than elongated toilets. 

But elongated toilets can be found between 275$ to 400$. Some of these toilets can cost twice as much. But considering the level of comfort they provide, it’s justifiable. 

The elongated toilets can also be found in the 1000$ range. They are widely appreciated so you can find them everywhere. 

Winner: Round toilet takes the crown in this round. 

Space Management

You can’t just buy any toilet you want to. You have to consider the overall space of your bathroom first. 

Small bathrooms aren’t good for elongated toilets. Because they take a lot of space. That’s why you have to tweak the rough-in dimensions of the toilet

Round toilets are super space sufficient. They take less space and it can give your bathroom a breathing space. 

There will be a minimal distance between every fixture. This is a necessity if kids are going to use it. 

But you can install elongated toilets just fine if there’s a lot of space. They may not be as sufficient as the round toilets. But they are still beneficial. 

Nowadays, many elongated toilets take the same space as round toilets. This has been possible thanks to ambitious toilet manufacturers. 

Winner: Round toilet takes this round for being more space-sufficient. 

But you’re welcome to buy any toilet that you want to. To help you with that, we’ve handpicked some of the best-

Round Toilet 1
Elongated Toilet 1 

You can now choose whichever you prefer more and get started! 

Designs & Buying Options 

After meeting the price range and comfort level, people try to look for designs. A well-designed toilet will compliment your bathroom. 

More buying options give you the freedom to choose anything. If there’s a lot of designs, the more chances to get the best one. 

The round toilets generally have an old design between the two. Round toilets have been on the market for the longest time. They are mostly available in traditional designs. 

Since most of them use an old set of designs, choices are really limited. But you can rest assured that they are decent-looking in general.

On the other hand, elongated toilets are fairly new. Because of that, there are a lot of modern designs available. 

Because of that, you’re going to see more options when shopping for elongated toilets. They are quite popular too. That’s why most toilet brands mainly focus on elongated toilets.

Winner: Elongated toilet wins this category. 


Your responsibility doesn’t end with buying and installing a toilet. You have to maintain that too. Luckily, the method to keep toilets super clean is always the same. 

But maintaining a round-sized toilet is actually harder than an elongated one. For example, inserting a brush and touching the underside is harder in round toilets. 

It’s because the diameter of round toilets is shorter than most brushes. But it’s not that big of an issue. 

On the contrary, brushing is easier if the toilet is elongated. They can reach any spot easily thanks to the oval shape. 

It’s also easier to check around the toilet and reach the spots. 

Winner: This round goes to the elongated toilet.

Both toilets are quite easy to install. But always do your prep work if you’re going to install it yourself. Otherwise, you’re bound to run into various problems during installation.

For example, toilet flange being higher than the floor requires adapting and replanning. These problems require quick improvisations. 

That’s why don’t hesitate to call service if needed. 


Question: Do elongated toilet seats fit round toilets?

Answer: Elongated toilet seats can fit almost every round toilet. But that’s not really a good thing. Because the seat may feat, still, it doesn’t provide any comfort.

Question: Why would I want an elongated toilet bowl?

Answer: The elongated toilet bowls are considered to be more hygienic than round ones. It’s because there is more space and it helps create fewer problems. 

Question: What toilet height is best?

Answer: The proper height between the floor and the rim should be 17 to 19 inches. This height also includes the seat. This is also a requirement set by ADA.

Final Words

That was everything we could cover on a round vs elongated toilet. Hopefully, the comparison was informative to clear your confusion. 

Finally, best of luck and happy shopping!